Drink from the Flow

Sage’s Short Sip is Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee

Zen teaches us that only an empty cup can be filled.

So what do you do when your cup is full, when things are good?

That CAN happen, by the way. It’s probably  happening right now. Check it out. Shift your attention away from your screen in 3, 2, 1 – NOW. Pay attention to what is around you. 

Are you at work? Cool! You have a job and some degree of income! Are you doom scrolling? Cool! You have a device and internet access to scroll with! Are you in physical danger? If you are, get off your phone and do something about it for cryin’ out loud. Have you had something to eat today? Did you get a little bit of sleep last night? 

I’m not saying that you don’t have anything on your mind. I’m not saying that you aren’t struggling with anything or that your health is perfect or you have no emotions or emotional pain. Everyone deals with something sometimes. Call it the price of admission to this brief and shining spark we call life.

​Pay attention to just this minute for a minute.

Paying attention to right here and right now is what we call mindfulness. 

What fills your cup right now?

If you spend your life waiting for champaign, you are going to miss the clear, cool, clean, life-giving water that is there right now. If things are good, drink up. 

If things are good, drink it in with gratitude, and make room for more to flow in. 

What if the water in a cup is stagnant, or bitter, filled with dirt or germs? Drinking from that would be a bad idea. Instead do what you can to clean out the cup and find a better drink. That requires emptying the cup to make room for more to flow in, too.

How do you know where the good things are to fill your metaphoric cup once there is room in it?

Today’s card is the King of Cups. It symbolizes emotional maturity, emotional protection and healing, mentors, teachers and spirit guides. 

Cups and water are timeless symbols for exactly this kind of spiritual, intuitive, emotional learning. Going back to cups and water as an example. 

How do you know where the clean, healthy, flowing water is? We don’t necessarily know. We don’t have to know that alone. Teachers, mentors, students and mentees all have a way of finding each other when the time is right. When you are thirsty and your cup is empty, ask for directions to the nearest water fountain. If you know where the clean safe water is, it is up to you to give directions to the empty-bottle thirsty people. 

Knowledge and guidance and life flows like water. We all have cups. Drink from the flow even as you help others to do the same.

Thank you for reading and listening! I appreciate each and every one of you.

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Weekend Tarot Turnover: Stable

TaoCraft Tarot Weekend Tarot Turnovers are a unique intuition building exercise that can help you learn to read Tarot cards with more depth and meaning than a “little white book”

public domain

Hi and welcome to the weekend Tarot turnover. This is a fun little intuition building exercise where we turn our usual weekday Short Sip Tarot readings upside down. This time, I sip the coffee and you read the Tarot card.

It works just like a “YouChoose Interactive Tarot Reading” that we usually do on Sundays or Mondays. It’ll be Monday this week by the way. But in any case, read or listen to the list of potential interpretations to the card and use your pure, raw intuition to pick the one that is right for you. There is nothing else for it. Muscles only get stronger when you use them. Same for neurons, brain elasticity and all of that. I count intuition as one of those use responsive varieties of brain function, but that’s just me.

So follow your gut. Go with the meaning you know in your bones to be the right one. But more importantly, if the card sparks a different idea – go with that. If it brings a personal experience or memory to mind, pay attention to that. If it triggers the memory of a song or movie or tv show, that its a legit meaning too. Use the ideas and memories the card triggers to find a message or meaning unique to you. You are welcome to use the best of both. Combine old accepted meanings along with your own spontaneous brainwaves to find your meditation message for today.

Today’s Card is the Four of Pentacles. Different decks have different names for this suit. Pentacles, coins, disks, orbs, it all has the same root meanings and associations. As far as elements go, these cards are associated with the classical element of earth. As far as how they relate to life as a whole, I think of them as connecting to our relationship to the physical world – or more traditionally as symbolizing wealth, money and career. Four has a variety of meanings. My attention is drawn to numerology and also Chinese superstitions about the number four being bad luck because it sounds like…but HA! I’m going to let YOU research it if that idea is talking to you because this is supposed to exercise your intuition while I stand over here drinking coffee like baby Yoda sipping soupy soup out of his cuppy cup. Here we go. Four of Pentacles:

  • Stability
  • protecting something
  • secret treasure
  • hoarding or being a miser
  • careful saving
  • setting and enforcing boundaries
  • stubbornness
  • self reliance

What do you think? Feel free to comment about the meaning you chose or ask any questions about the card or meanings. Have fun!

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See you at the next sip…or in this case, the next YouChoose Tarot reading.

Oracle’s Toolkit: Pendulums

Learn to use a pendulum in this new TaoCraft Tarot series “Oracle’s Toolkit”

Thank you for reading the TaoCraft Tarot blog and listening to the podcast. I’m glad you are here.

This behind the scenes style post originally appeared in my old Tarotbytes blog on the Modern Oracle website in January of 2018. Caught up in re-branding everything from Modern Oracle to TaoCraft Tarot, the Oracle’s Toolkit series fell by the wayside. The series is returning with this edited reprise, but brand new posts will follow. I’m keeping the “Oracle’s Toolkit” title as a nod to the Modern Oracle days.

Working with oracle tools like Tarot cards or pendulums turns up the volume on your own intuition. Working with an oracle tool plus a professional who is an expert at using that tool turns the volume up to 11. Still, your energy, your message, and your knowing lies at the center of it all.

A client once asked “I’m thinking about X, should I do X or not?” This is the perfect kind of question for a psychic reading. Like I’ve said dozens of times, “Tarot doesn’t predict what will happen in life, it helps you to figure out what to do when life happens.” The same is true of any type of psychic reading or divination method.

As a professional reader, I always feel I’ve done my job well when a client sits back, their shoulders relax down a bit and they say “that’s what I thought.”

The tricky part of this particular reading was that their “X” involved something that really needed concrete logic, not intuition. It involved a subject that I don’t know at all and that a non-expert really shouldn’t spout off about. Fortunately, the client had already talked to someone and had qualified advice in hand. They were looking for inspiration and validation for a decision they had to make based on that advice.

Some decisions can’t be made for you, by expert advisors or spiritual advisors either one. My instinct at the time was to teach this person how to use a pendulum so they could apply their own intuition to a potentially life altering decision. This situation needed deep inner connection, not more outside input.

One of the arguments against pendulums is that they are actually controlled by small, subconscious “ideomotor” muscle movements. Skeptics object to pendulums because they aren’t any sort of outside guidance at all. Skeptics say that the person is simply projecting their subconscious desire onto the pendulum through the minute muscle movements.

EXACTLY! That’s the WHOLE POINT of it!

Using a pendulum cuts through self doubt and second guessing to get at an honest preference. The end result is functionally no different from someone who flat out makes the decision they want from the start. Using a pendulum may not change the end decision, but it can make a qualitative difference in the decision making process. Using an oracle tool can lead to a decision that is less impulsive and more thoughtful, made while engaging both logical and creative thinking. If using a pendulum adds an element of confidence to a difficult decision, then the pendulum has served a good purpose.

The same is true whatever kind of oracle tool a person might use. By oracle tool, I mean any physical object or method that helps us to access our innate wisdom with greater ease and clarity. These tools simply amplify our connection to the natural intuition that we all posses.

Think of actual sound amplifiers and microphones. Using an amplifier doesn’t have an outside influence or give any special outside information to the musician who is using it. Equally, pendulums don’t don’t have any influence or offer any special outside information. Both actual amplifiers and pendulums help bring something inside you out into the world in a more definitive way.

Using a pendulum is astonishingly simple.

First, get a pendulum.

I’ve noticed a lot of online how-to videos show people using beautiful crystal and gemstone pendulums. Crystals and gems enhance and beautify the experience. They are a welcome addition to any reading, but they are not by any means necessary. There is no reason to invest in a high end fancy pendulum until you work with the technique for a little while and see if it really is right for you or not. Any weight will do. I did my first pendulum work with a an old necklace. Now I use a purpose made metal pendulum but you could use a hex nut tied to a piece of twine for all that it matters.

The actual pendulum matters much less than your clarity of mind.

Probably the most important step in all of this is putting your concern into a single, concise, yes-or-no format. Pendulums are not chatty. They give you yes. They give you no. That’s it. That’s all there is. You can build more complex guidance with a series of questions, but each individual questions must be in a clear, specific yes-or-no form.

After you have your question clear in your mind, you have to be equally clear about how the yesses and nos are represented. Swing the pendulum on purpose and say firmly “this means yes”. Most people pick backward and forward (toward you and away from you) for this answer. Swing the pendulum on purpose and say firmly “this means no” Most people choose a left and right, side to side motion for this.

Once you’ve done the deliberate swings, dangle the pendulum in a way that lets the weight swing freely. Stop the pendulums movement with your free hand. Then just ask your question, wait watch to see what happens. If it starts to swing, there’s your answer. If the pendulum doesn’t move or goes in circles that means the answer is unknown, or hasn’t been decided. Try again later, as the pool ball toy says.

We will add details and expand on the whole process in the Oracle’s Toolkit ebook.

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See you next time on TaoCraft Tarot blog and podcast.

The Oracle’s Toolkit: Introduction

Introducing a new blog post series about ways to help improve intuition

I was talking with a really interesting, insightful, lovely person last evening (you know who you are … and I still think your intuitive light shines more than you realize.)

One of the things that came up in conversation is learning to read Tarot cards.

I can teach you how to do that, and have offered small group workshops on how to do one card meditation Tarot readings for a long time – until covid came along, anyway. My ebook PeaceTarot is the basis for the workshop. The book is a basic how-to guide for DIY daily Tarot. My hope is to bring the book and workshop to live, online, private one to one sessions this year. If you’d be interested in that kind of private zoom-meeting lesson, drop a comment below. Knowing that there is an iota of interest in private Tarot reading lessons will bump them up on the ever growing list of sh*t I want to do to make TaoCraft Tarot better for you.

BUT, as was also part of the conversation, Tarot isn’t for everyone. It does have layers and lots of moving parts and can get very confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we pros are here. You don’t have to juggle all of that if you don’t want to. We are, you know, professionals at sorting the cards out for you.

That is what makes Tarot so useful. It has the depth and complexity to encompass all that life can throw at us and still reflect each person’s unique energy message.

Even with all of that, get right down to it, Tarot is a tool. It is just one of dozens and bunches in an oracle’s toolkit. When you get down to the root essence of it all, the only oracle that exists is human intuition. All the rest of it is just bells and whistles, hammers and wrenches of the heart and mind.

Tarot cards, oracle cards, playing cards; you could do an intuitive reading with uno or old maid cards if you wanted to.

Tarot cards, rune stones, pendulums, black mirrors, crystal balls, palm lines, star patterns, head bumps, chicken guts, random songs on the radio or what-have-you; all of them are just tools. I call them oracle tools, and they are simply just that. All of these things and more are simply things that help us access and communicate our innate intuition. They are like microphones that amplify the quiet whispers of spirit and energy. For the deep and sometimes hidden well of human wisdom, your intuition is the pump that brings the wisdom to the surface and these oracle tools are the cup of water that primes the pump.

The best thing is that you don’t need a single tool to unlock your intuition. With a little time and mindful attention, intuition is right at your fingertips quick as a thought. Think of TV psychics who just say way they see (or hear or feel or know) with no tools, props or drama required. That isn’t to say that they are better psychics than those of us that use these oracle tools, they use a different microphone. We all have something good to say. Not everyone is a good direct speech communicator. Oracle tools give us a way to put the non-verbal intuitive message into useful verbal form.

We may not need oracle tools, but they do make the whole process easier and a bit more fun. In that sense they are oracle toys as much as oracle tools.

Back on my old ModernOracleTarot.com Tarotbytes blog, I started a post series called “The Oracle’s Toolkit” It didn’t get very far before the whole re-branding to TaoCraft Tarot process kicked in. Inspired by the conversation last night, I’m bring that back too. We’ll start with the original first for parts about pendulums and pens, then move on to other oracle tools like scrying objects, rune stones and more.

I won’t make any promises how long the posts will be or how often they will happen. I hope you’ll follow the blog so you can see them whenever they do happen.

Short Sip Tarot returns in the morning. See you at the next sip!

Just looked at the latest new case count and deaths for our county for January 9-15. Yikes! Guess that sticks a fork in in-person readings for a while. Party Tarot is closed until further notice.

Please stay tuned to reputable news sources for up to date information. Avoid whackadoodle conspiracies and make good choices to stay as healthy and well as you can.

Being healthy and alive are the best oracle tools of all.

YouChoose Interactive Tarot : Practical Passions

Letting the video speak for itself today.

Merry Monday everyone!

In-person readings are on hold again. I take my guidance from CDC community transmission rates for Allegheny County PA USA.

E-mail (no appointment needed) and live online readings (by appointment) are OPEN. I’ll be keeping them open throughout the holidays, although delivery times might flex a little bit depending on how many cookies are in the oven

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Wherever we run into each other online, please say hello! Your questions and comments are always welcome. (but moderated to keep the energy in a good place for everyone) Thanks!

A Sip of Tarot: nourish

Today’s card is the Lovers from the major arcana

Just like the Death card, The Lovers has a TV & movie reputation apart from the card’s actual, traditional meaning. Everyone loves the Lovers. But it isn’t always about finding the love of your life or a grand romance.

The Lovers card is about any deep down desire, not necessarily the torrid romance novel kind. Often in a reading this card will advise figuring out what you really want in order to take steps toward it. Choice is less popular as a card meaning, but it has been associated with the Lovers across many decks and references.

Not only do you choose who and what you love, you choose TO love at all.

There is a quote attributed to Sitting Bull*: “Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins I answer, the one I feed the most.”

Put that with today’s card and you get the message to, metaphorically speaking, choose the dog you feed.

If you have followed the blog over the past year or so, we’ve talked about general zeitgeist cultural energies, and how all those stresses had affected energy sensitive people. The fear surrounding the pandemic and political upheaval here in the U.S. had been ringing a lot of peoples bells so to speak.

That general energy resonance is still fairly strong, but it has changed. It’s been shifting for a while now. The resonant bell-ringing among clients seems a little less widespread. The focus has shifted from the collective to the individual, from external to the internal, from practical physical realm survival to internal emotional and spiritual quality of life. It is a time for choosing the dog we feed.

And I have to emphasize the part where Sitting Bull describes it as an internal struggle. If it is projected as anything but a personal internal choice, the adage can go entirely off the rails.

My mind is also drawn to the Tina Turner song “We Don’t Need Another Hero” from the 1980s movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome . We’ve survived the energy and emotional thunderdome of 2020-21.

We have a once in a lifetime chance to choose how we step out of the dome and move beyond it. Every moment of every day we have a chance to choose which parts of ourselves we nourish. Today’s card suggests that we choose love.

Today’s Tarot: Low Pressure System

I like anime.

I watched the one and only season of Cowboy Bebop for the first time surprisingly recently. Funny how all of that adulting can get in the way of your TV watching time. The whole thing was as awesome as I’d always heard.

Spike Spiegel came to mind with the Two of Pentacles this morning because of the episode on Venus where he was teaching the kid in the airport how to fight. I was all about being relaxed which gives you clarity, control and speed.

That’s a real thing, by the way. Staying relaxed and breathing was my biggest nemisis in my brief spin through martial arts sparring back in the day.

Spike pretty much summed up the classic Bruce Lee “be water my friend” interview:

If Taoist influenced Jeet Kun Do isn’t your cup of water, then a weather report captures the same idea.

Storms are driven by low pressure. The most destructive hurricanes have the lowest atmospheric pressure at the center.

Beware the quiet ones. Relaxed fighters are the ones in control. Like the figure on the Two of Pentacles, you might have to juggle your way through a life that is a circus on the outside. If you can find SOME way to find your calm, find your low pressure center, then you aren’t just another circus act. You are, as the popular internet meme says, the storm.

source unknown, presumed public domain

The Niggles: Means to an End.

“The Niggles” series of blog posts is about ideas that prickle the psyche. It’s that nagging dry hangnail feeling that intuition puts in the way whenever I haven’t understood a message or if I haven’t given a message that needs to be heard by someone.

Today, the niggly thing is gratitude.

I think it is a misunderstanding, really. Or maybe it’s the toxic-positive version of gratitude. There is a sense in some parts spiritual social media that gratitude is a pathway to achieving something that you want.

“Being grateful for what you have” as a means to an end perverts gratitude. It turns being thankful into something artificial even if the end goal is something very good like happiness, a healthy romance, a feeling of abundance or what have you.

I worry that some things I’ve said or written about so-called soulmates may have been misunderstood. When I said that the best way to attract the love of your life is to be happy with your life as it is right now, I never meant that you have to be grateful for being alone.

But when I said be happy, I meant precisely that. I meant to deliberately find the good stuff in the present moment rather than go through life laser focused on something you don’t have. Think about it. Who would you rather have as your soulmate, a person wrapped in the joy of living, or a person wrapped in worry about the future?

There is a difference between a social convention and a genuine emotion. Yes, by all means, say thank you and be polite even if you don’t feel all that. appreciative. If you spontaneously, naturally, authentically feel that way, then by all means live that. BE grateful with gusto.