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Client Feedback

  • I know this is out of the blue, but you did a reading for me in June. Your readings are always awesome and I like to revisit them. I read this today from your June reading:“Seven is a lucky or sacred number, which to my mind lends itself to that social fun feeling. Happy, lucky energy. I think that is the message, but look for anything else significant to you that might be trying to get your attention. It might be talking about July, the 7th of any month, an address or phone number or a birthday with lots of 7s in it….of course you can look up meanings for 7.”Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I almost fell over reading this today because totally out of the blue and unexpected to us, I married my partner of 5 years on 7/17/17. Not that you needed any validation of your work, but I’m so stunned! You are amazing! Thanks!
  • (about InkMagick style reading) “Thank you so much for another beautiful reading.  I love the purple (ink) – regal, mystical, and one of my favorite colors.  I’ve always enjoyed your format of handwriting a reading – there is indeed something special about that in this digital age.  I also enjoyed the sigil as a beautiful message and confirmation of spiritual protection.  I am indeed connecting with spirit through action – thank you for confirming that.” – Z
  • Oh my goodness i love it! i dont even know if thats an appropriate response but it gave me chills. it feels very…me. i havent really been doing anything…career oriented but i suppose my ‘career’ could also be considered me taking care of my grandma.  i’ve also signed up for some things to make a little money, but this has encouraged me to really get out there and try and make money with my crafts! is it possible that the older male mentor figure could be a dead relative? the only one ive really ever had is my grandpa and ive been dreaming of him lately. again this is all just, its so much for me. i wasn’t really expecting anything like this it’s brought tears to my eyes  and im not sure why. thank you so much this is all so overwhelming and just, im in awe thank you – B.
  • “Like getting a letter from a friend” – B.
  • “I really like the new video. It is like meeting in person, because I like hearing the way you say things and the tone of your voice” – S.
  • “Thank you. This is such a positive way to interpret the cards” – A.
  • “Hello I just got done with my video. I will be honest I was a bit nervous of a reading in which I was not present but I was very pleased with this. It hit true on a lot of things. I do make wreaths and garland. I don’t currently sell them but I have been playing with the idea. Thank you again I think I have my answer now. I will definitely be getting another reading.” – N.
  • “I always enjoy your insightful and caring reads!” – S.
  • “Very accurate and lengthy response to exactly what I am going through right now. Thank you. Telling my friends about you!” – N.
  • “You’ll be seeing me again” – A.
  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading for me. It has been very helpful and makes so much sense. Thank you also for replying so quickly.”  – D.
  • “You blew my mind with how insightful, guiding and accurate you are! ” – B.
  • “A lovely sensitive reading he [sic] certainly captured my thoughts at the moment” – E.
  • “Thanks sooo much. So accurate and helpful. Peace and blessings to you.”  – S.
  • “your reading to me is 100% accurate, you list all of my past and it was all accurate. Thanks” – K.T.
  • “Very detailed and insightful. Enjoyed it. Thank you so much!” – C.A.
  • “Thank you, It’s my first ever reading and I am stunned, absolutely wonderful!” – C.
  • “the best tarot card reader i’ve come across with so far! she combines tarot reading with her psychic prowess which DIRECTLY relates to what I have in mind. Does not give time frames but I can relate to the person that’s appearing on my reading. Very helpful and i feel like she really cares.” – H.
  • “thank you so much for your insights. Very detail reading as well as accurate. I will take your advises. thanks once again” –  J.S.
  • “I have to say, you are always balls on accurate!” – J.M.
  • “I am speechless…thank you for wonderful insights” – Y.
  • “Thanks a lot! Your reading is very helpful and so detailed, you couldn’t have given me better advice” – S.
  • “Great reader, kind and analytic. Thank you for the light Baihu” -M. (I used to work online under the nickname Baihu and this client knew me then)
  • “Very, very knowledgeable with a quick reply too! Thank you so much!” – D.
  • “Thank you! I’m really impressed…you seem like an old friend”  – M.O.
  • “Thank you for the excellent reading. Very detailed and helpful!”  – D.B
  • “Thanks a lot for your kindness, support and help. I really will think about what you said.” – A.
  • “Thank you for your honesty. I really appreciate it. Best wishes to you” – S.P.
  • “Excellent Reading. Clear, in-depth – wonderful!!” – J.A
  • “What a comprehensive and inspiring reading! Your thoughtfulness toward my question is greatly appreciated” – P.T.

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