Email Tarot – no appointment needed

Pro Tip: Scroll the whole list! Find a reading for any question…and any budget.

Prices from $5 – $45

All readings include:

  • a photo of your real-world card layout
  • card-by-card interpretation
  • psychic summary with crystal energies and intuitive aromatherapy.
  • See an example email reading HERE.

Choose from:

  • Power of 3 (9 cards) Set of three yes/no questions for complex “this or that” questions but with the clarity of a simple yes/no answer. Question or topic required. If you describe what you need, I can adapt it to this unique yes/no format for you – $45 * only available to Ko-Fi members
  • Seven card extended layout: The same layout used in live readings in-person and online. Shows the 3 card path you are on, advice, alternatives, helping energies and potential challenges – $40
  • Five Card layout: Written by me and in use since 2003, this layout empowers you and your choices showing the path you are on, advice, alternatives – $30
  • Year Ahead (5 cards) Gives a theme for the four seasons coming up and a card to symbolize the entire year ahead. Great for New Year, birthdays and more – $25
  • Triage Tarot (4 cards) Get organized. Get ideas how to “Let it rest, let go, que it up, and let it flow” – $20
  • Pathway (3 cards) A modernized version of the classic past-present-future layout with a focus on navigating your path, not predicting the future – $15
  • Zombie Cat’s Yes/No (3 cards) reads ANY question with 100% guarantee to contain words, and at least a 50% chance of being dead wrong – $15
  • Short Sip Contemplation (1 card) – Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. General advice or a focused follow-up to a longer readings we’ve done together – $5

All readings are advice oriented, not predictive. Intended for art, entertainment, personal enrichment and spiritual expression. Contacting me or placing an order indicates agreement with all policies HERE.

Fulfillment times vary depending on the time and day that the order is placed. Most arrive in your inbox within 8 – 12 hours. Please allow up to 48 hours for orders placed on nights (US eastern time) Sundays or US holidays.

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