Sunday #Short Tarot Turnover: Strength

With these videos, let’s flip the #interactive script. Instead of you choosing the card, and I give you an interpretation, this time I’ll choose the card….but YOU choose the meaning that best fits you: Today’s Card is Strength from the major arcana

  • Be strong – someone around you needs somebody to lean on
  • Be strong – Take the high road. The best way is almost never the easiest
  • Be strong – “just do it” is sometimes the best way to discover just how strong you really are.


Think of these Sunday videos as a way to strengthen your relationship with your own intuition. If you want to improve your Tarot skills watch these “Tarot Turnovers” every week and practice the techniques and exercises in my ebook PeaceTarot available for download HERE


New stuff announced on the equinox includes: “Reiki and Relaxation” (my doctoral dissertation) is available for download is the newest item in my NEW ko-fi shop. Watch form more updates to come. ZOMBIE CAT IS BACK on the home page and yes/no readings are $5 off until Halloween ’21.

Sunday Short: Tarot Turnovers

Turn interactive Tarot upside down.

In “Tarot Turnovers” instead of you choosing a card and me interpreting it, I choose a card at random and YOU use YOUR intuiting to CHOOSE the interpretation that best suits your instincts for today.


  • acknowledge, process and release the things that give you remorse
  • admit sadness and loss so it can, only when you are ready, begin to release and heal
  • Learn to deal with giving unfortunate news
  • It’s OK to indulge in a good mopey goth dark mood every now and then
  • Grief must be given its time
  • Revisit old issues that have had time to settle. With emotional distance and time-distance, they may be ready to be made into something new and useful, like loosening soil in the spring after a winter rest to plant new seeds.

Interact with Zombie Cat

ask a yes or no question, get a yes or no Tarot answer

Let’s do this a little differently. Instead of starting the video and choosing a card based guided by your intuition, think of a question BEFORE you start to watch. It has to be in a yes-or-no format (general topic or questions with “or” won’t work in this particular exercise) but it can be about any topic. Keep in mind this is like every Zombie Cat reading – it has 100% chance of containing words, but a solid 50% chance of being dead wrong. This is one of those once in a blue moon times where I can’t think of anything to add to the video card interpretations. So roll that beautiful card footage

My side of the Table? I’m not convinced this is anywhere close to working. The energy is just too dilute. This layout is brilliant and a load of fun when you add in the Zombie Cat persona AND when you have a specific question for specific person. YouTube is a weird energy environment on the intuitive level. That’s why I really, REALLY hope that you all will leave some feedback. I’m a good writer, a VERY good Tarot reader, but not exactly a video media maven. But if you are kind enough to tell me the topics and content that YOU want to see, I’ll learn how to create it. If worse comes to worst, I’ll write about it instead of film it, but I will get your requested content out there in one form or another.

Tarot, Cyberpunk Style

Cyberpunk is probably my favorite book and movie genre, despite the fact I am currently on a huge Dune kick. I’m re-reading the whole enchilada, both the original series and all of the Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson books. So far, I’m only up to “Sisterhood” but if you want to dive into the deep end before the new Dune movie hits theaters in December, check out the book list in the authors suggested order on Tor Forge. Perfect timing for the coming (pumpkin) spice season.

Being gen X, I am also a huge William Gibson fan. The idea of working all online feels like native territory, perhaps more than my actual native state. Distance Tarot comes as easy as breathing (especially the email written ones.) As much as I love the energy of a conversation and electricity of interaction that can only come from a live reading, part of my brain is putting on sunglasses, swallowing the red pill and donning my old duster at the prospect of working 100% online.

I’ve been watching the local covid case numbers. I’ve read about the weird blood clots they’ve been seeing with the virus (I have a genetic blot clot thing to begin with, so that part caught my attention big time) Much as I hate to admit it, face to face readings are just too big of a medical risk. Even though we may be “open” and “green” I’m putting in-person readings and party readings on hold until further notice. Further notice meaning until I have a trustworthy vaccine in my arm. I’m shifting the time that otherwise would have been set aside for individual and party sessions to phone readings and creating extra, upgraded blog content.

I’m pleased to announce the new subscription TaoCraft Tarot extended blog. The basic blog won’t change, and it will remain FREE to follow and read. It will still contain one “Today’s Tarot” card reading each week, the basic version of the weekly “YouChoose Interactive Tarot” Reiki, Meditation and all of the behind the scenes, how-to, “my side of the table” content that it has now.

I’ll be adding extra subscription-only content to the blog during the rest of 2020, perhaps permanently. Subscriptions are only $5 per month and gives you access to Digital mini InkMagic readings by email (1 per subscription per month) at no extra charge. These readings alone are a $5 value if purchased separately in the TaoCraft Tarot Shop. In addition, subscribers will be able to access extra “Today’s Tarot” blog posts each week, the expanded version of the “YouChoose Interactive” weekly Tarot Readings, and subscriber only special offers and giveaways. To subscribe, please visit the Subscriber Benefits page and follow the prompts to access the members only portion of the page.

This is a new feature, and I’m learning how it works right along with you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I appreciate your patience while I’m on one of life’s little learning curves.

Thank you all so much! I appreciate each and every one of you, no matter which subscription you choose!

Best Wishes to everyone,


YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Plant

Pick a card. Pause the video if you need some time. Restart to seee the reveal, then you can scroll down to get your reading below. OR you can do you own reading. PeaceTarot ebook download can teach you how. (


Left: Ace of Pentacles. “Bloom where you are planted.” The energies are a wind at your back, the near future is an opportune time for productivity and creativity in a very tangible way. Both the muses and the maker’s energies are with you. Be on the lookout for inspiration and opportunity to make or do something tangible.

Middle: Seven of Pentacles “Let the planted seeds grow.” In the 27 years that I’ve been reading cards, I’ve never seen a pattern so repeated, so loud, so clear as the energies have been for the past couple of months of the global pandemic.

Now is not the time for big innovation, change or being overly high-minded, or woo woo spiritual about things. Let the seeds that were sown grow. This is one of those time to leave well enough alone. Sit with what is and what has happened so far. This is very different from the major arcana Hanged Man energy. It isn’t stagnation…this is a needed, necessary quiet. We aren’t stuck, the best thing to DO is nothing, is to wait. Being at peace with that will reap harvest in its time. Finding out that you are not at peace with quiet and your own company is important too. Both are needed now in order to move forward at harvest time.

Right: Queen of Wands “Tend to your garden.” Again this is a clear, repeated message of the times. Take care of yourself and those near to you. Do what needs done. Protect yourself. Do the right thing to protect those around you. The Tarot is on the experts side. Again, just like with the Seven of Pentacles, no is not the time to push or innovate or be overly woo woo spiritual, Tend to the physical. The spiritual will come back in its time. Your endurance is needed. Sleep. Eat. Get outside when you safely can.

Social Distance is my Tarot specialty! I write Tarot as easily as speaking it face to face. A keyboard is a hotline to intutition for me. The connection comes from information, not physical presance. Spirit and energy exists everywhere, so I can get your message and send it anywhere. Order on the home page. Prices reduced through at least the end of April to help out during the pandemic.

My Side of the Tarot Table: YouTube

Whenever I take a break from thinking about the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been thinking about the YouTube channel. It is harder to transition to speaking on video than I thought it would be. To be honest, I HATE the way I’ve been sounding this past week. I’m not always like that, I swear. Co-hosting on David Dear’s Menage A Tarot podcast with he and Kate was one of the most fun things I’ve ever, ever done! The clumsiness lately is a lesson for me. It will get better, I’m sure, now that I’ve figured out the what if not the why of what’s going on. I am hugely grateful to all of you who have watched the videos for coming on this bumpy start with me.

It’s not like my goal is to be the Markiplier of YouTube Tarot world, and I have no intention of trying to compete with speech-to-camera pros like Benebel Wen or Theresa Reed. If you are looking for polished, articulate, edited, or high production values…I can’t help you there. Writing is my forte, but I had the thought that the videos would give you a taste of what a live in-person reading would be like, but that isn’t happening right now either. It’s an energy thing. Let me explain.

I can connect to energy and spirit with a keyboard as well as anyone and (in my less than humble opinion) better than most.  I can type your message from spirit to you with all the power and clarity of speaking to you face to face. Maybe more, because live sessions don’t have spell check, and grammar hints. I love to read and a writer by nature. I connect to your energy seamlessly just by reading your name and question (or permission for an open session) on a screen. It’s like turning on a light switch.

When I write blog posts like this, it isn’t with a particular person in mind, but the switch trips just the same. I send these out with the intent that whoever needs it will find and that the message helps someone somewhere. I’ve gotten enough feedback from readers over all of these years to know that it works. YouTube may not capture that, but here, now, this blog and these words, this time with you captures every bit of it.

I can connect to your energy during your live session very easily. We chat and talk a little bit at the beginning, and that brings the connection clear and bright, just like lighting a candle.

YouTube, is a different energy animal. It’s like trying to do a reading during a middle school dance in a giant gymnasium. There is a megaton of energy, lots of connections to be made and, I suspect, some folks that are interested in Tarot. Maybe YouTube isn’t the best place for me to be…that’s why I decided to not sweat it or pour a lot of editing and production effort into it. YouTube for me is instructive, it shows the mechanics of Tarot more than the message of it. It shows that each card draw is random and genuine and the real thing. Raw and down to earth is just fine. I think of the “YouChoose” videos as a hand scrawled poster board taped to the wall of the gymnasium free-for-all that lets everyone know that there are some Tarot readings over here if you are interested in one-to-one, affordable, quiet, calm, zen like time with the cards. “If you build it they will come” is a thing. It’s an intention and manifestation thing. It’s a I’m here for you thing, in all kinds of cyberspaces.

But again, thank you to everyone who reads the blog, watches the vids, and follows along with social media. You all are the BEST and you are the ones that make this kind of work worth doing.

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or just want to say hi…PLEASE click HERE for the easy contact form.

Hang in there everyone. Weird times and complicated energies are afoot. We’ll get through it. If I can help by listening to the howling winds of intuition … I’m right here and will do my best for you. Y’all got this. All of you.

You Choose Interactive Tarot: Cautiously Prepared


Left: Nine of Wands. The feeling around this card is battle weary, battle hardened, keeping watch. Wands, as always, have to do with the inner realm, and the nine today has a feeling of baptism by fire. Fire, of course, is also appropriate for the suit of wands. We’ve survive so far, but there are battles to come. It is the darker side of keeping watch where where your own fatigue and pessimism is as much of an adversary as the threats you guard against. Rather than give up hope, use your experiences so far. You may be exhausted, but let that make you still, and listening. Settle into a still watching that lets your bones rest and your heart be still while you are cautiously prepared for what may come.

Center: Six of Pentacles. Coins once again bring us to the earth element and the physical realm. Energy has been dwelling with this, as it should. This is precisely where out attention should start. We have been called on to do practical things and this continues. There is a shift, a settling in. Now that we’ve had a couple of weeks of this, it is time to dig in for real, do what needs done for the long term, and that includes carving out spaces of generosity. It is time to see the new rhythms of supply and demand. Let go of what you don’t really need – it is ok to stop hoarding toilet paper and let the elderly in need have some. Act out of love and pragmatism in spite of the fear. There are real problems to deal with. Deal with them, yes, but do from a place of caring more than fear just as much as you can muster.

Right: Three of Wands. This is the lighter side of watching, the lighter side of being on guard. Keep an eye on the horizon. Conditions are right for a storm but one is not guaranteed. Watch, be on guard, but do so with confidence. You are battle hardened, just like the 9 of wands, but with greater resources. The danger here is overconfidence. Now is not a time for rose colored glasses any more than it is time for overly fearful ones. Temper your hard won preparedness with a tinge of caution and practicality. You are a hero…you can do this…but keep your wits about you and see reality as you do.

YouChoose Interactive Tarot: What goes down must come up.

Left: Ace of Pentacles. Take a factual inventory of your resources at hand. You might be better off than it feels. Think MacGyver reruns.

Center: Eight of Pentacles.  Literally make something. That’s how the species has survived since time immemorial. Make something real with your full attention, and feel the survival instincts of your ancestors seep through. Think Joss Whedon quote “Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, saute it, whatever. Make.”

Right: Wheel of Fortune. Change is the one thing that doesn’t change. Things changed to get us from the way things used to be into how they are now. They will never change back to exactly the way things were…they may change into somethjng even better. If ‘what goes up must come down’, then what is down will eventually come up again.

You Choose Interactive Tarot 24 March 2020

Left: Nine of Pentacles. Stand up for your truth. Just do it six feet away from everyone else.

Center: The Devil. There are bad actors out there. Watch your back. Watch each other’s back. We are talking Jabba the Hutt sized corruption from the rich and powerful, like Jabba. Be careful. Stay safe.

Right: King of Pentacles. We’ve read this card together before. Shrewd, clever, cunning and above all pragmatic ways of thinking will be your friend. Like I’ve said before with this card, “Make friends with your current situation. Then you and your resources at and can begin to shape each other into what you dream of being.”

You Choose Tarot Reading

Left: King of Swords. Who has had your back? Who has taught you useful things? Who gifted you with your best life hacks? Why not send them a thought of gratitude right now?

Center: Four of Wands. Celebrate the steady. If everything around you is chaos, find your inner calm and make that the guest of honor at the steadiness party.

Right: Seven of Wands. Taking the easy way out leaves the door open to “what if…” Take on the challenge, and then you’ll know.