Meet Your Reader

Hi! I’m Sage.

I’m also a Tarot reader and author of the Sage Words Tarot blog & Sage Sips on Substack.

I’ve been reading cards since around 1992 which adds up to 30 years of experience with Tarot and intuition development (!)

I didn’t originally start out to be a Tarot reader (who does?) At first I did readings for friends (why PAY for it when you can DIY it?) then a close friend suggested I go online with my readings. I offered professional psychic Tarot readings through Keen, Advice Trader and AllExperts under my old internet handle, Baihu. After doing hundreds of online readings (I stopped counting after 400) I opened my own Tarot practice in 2003 which grew to include, the Tarotbytes blog and the now-defunct Quirk & Flotsam shop on Etsy.

It was all good, but had become a hodge-podge of names and images over the years. Then along came the Covid pandemic and changed things even more. After a five year interim as TaoCraft Tarot, I’ve been working as and writing Sage Sips on Substack.

The TaoCraft name lingers as book titles and Layout names. TaoCraft was drawn from my love of Taoist philosophy. My work will always be guided by the principles of simplicity, authenticity, and kindness. It was also drawn from my affinity for a solitary eclectic witchcraft. The Taocraft name means a lot to me, but not so much to anyone else that sees it and that’s a problem because these Tarot readings aren’t about me – they are about YOU.

Sage is a pen name, which protects privacy a little better for you and me both these days. Christian nationalism and evangelical bigotry is a very real thing here in America. I want this to be a safe space for Tarot and magick folk, my fellow atheists and the lgbtquia+ community that I love so much.

The herb sage has a comforting, familiar scent and flavor that most of us know from home cooking and holiday turkeys.

In aromatherapy, Sage incense and smudge sticks can clear negative energy, calm anxiety and promote a feeling of general well being.

The word sage also means something or someone who is wise. The word sage describes the wise advice Tarot can give.

Safety, comfort, calmness, wisdom and a feeling that things are going to be alright are all qualities that I hope you’ll experience if we do a Tarot reading together. All of these are qualities I hope you’ll experience when you read the blog or listen to the podcast.

The private readings, blog, shop & socials are all the same as before except with a new logo and a new name.

Party readings are closed – my focus is on you, the individual.

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