The Layouts: Something for Every Question (and budget)


Short Sip Contemplation: This reading is good for both extremes of focus. It can offer a wide general view to serve as an open meditation for the day…OR it can be a laser focused quick follow up to a recent larger reading. Similar to the short sip readings in the blog and podcast, but with more depth and detail, personalized just for you.

Three Card Energy Path: Inspired by the classic “past-present-future” reading, this layout takes you beyond old style predictions into the realm of energy flow and the power of choice. Includes “energy moving away from you,” “energy around you” and “energy moving toward you” to show the path you are currently on and suggestions for the best way to navigate the energy flow.

Zombie Cat Three Card Yes or No: Tongue in what’s left of his cheek, Zombie Cat style readings do just what the name says and answers ANY yes-or-no question with a little snark and lighthearted humor. If your question isn’t yes or no, Zombie Cat will make it into one. Buyer beware – after all it says zombie right there in the name. Zombie Cat’s readings are 100% guaranteed to contain words and have a 50% chance of being dead wrong.

Five Card TaoCraft Layout: This is a great all-purpose reading with the best balance between depth and detail, simplicity and clarity. This layout is clear enough for a first-ever reading but still advanced enough to inspire those who know Tarot well. I has the three cards of the Energy Path latyout plus advice/choices and alternative path cards.

Seven Card Expanded TaoCraft Layout: Has all of the same cards as the 5 card reading, but adds ‘helping energies’ and ‘potential challenges’. This is the largest, most detailed layout that I offer. This is the layout used for live online and in-person individual sessions.

The Year Ahead: One card for each of the upcoming four seasons no matter what time of year the reading is done. Jump right in, and get a guiding them for the next 3 months and each of the seasons beyond plus another card to symbolize the coming year as a whole. Available at New Years, and randomly on the special offers page.

Triage Tarot: A tool for managing time and getting organized. Helps you “let it rest, let it go, que it up, and let it flow”

Five Card Cartomancy Same layout as Five card Tarot, but uses modern playing cards. A lighter, less intense reading, good for evaluating if we are a good match or for people unfamiliar with / unsure about Tarot cards.

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