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ElfCon 5 2018: Bring it

This is the most low stress, laid back downright holiday season in years. My daughter is adult now, the Terry’s oranges are already in the cupboard, it’s a jewelry not knitting year for gifts (less time intensive by a loooong shot)

This year, instead of straight up closing for the holidays, I’ve decided to keep distance Tarot and Sending Stones Reiki open. In-person and party sessions are cut back December 15 – Jan 15 but I have lots of time for Distance work, which suits my introverted eggnog loving, cookie baking, knitting, and mala making holiday plans just fine.

My gift to you was easy to make this year too: use YULECRAFT18 at checkout to get 10% off everything in TaoCraft Tarot Shop except e-books.

The holidays are spookily in hand this year. I’m here to help you deal with your holiday stress with Distance Tarot, Distance Reiki, and handmade mala and other surprises for out of the ordinary gift ideas. I’m only at ElfCon 5 so all of you hectic Santa’s Helpers…bring on the readings and the relaxings 🙂

Don’t forget: If you contact me and don’t get a reply of some kind within one business day PLEASE try again. I’m closed Sundays and US holidays so please be a little extra patient during those times.

I’m on Telegram now (@TaoCraftTarot) if you want to text privately.  The phone only answers daytime business hours (eastern usa time zone) IF I’m not with a client. Otherwise, please leave a voicemail. I get voicemail notices all the time, and that is a pretty reliable way to get through. Ditto for email.

Let the ElfCon Days begin!





3 Card (Pathway) Tarot Reading

Q: You drew a card for me on Halloween which was (and still is!) really meaningful, so lovely to connect with you again. I saw your Instagram post and would love to have you pull a few cards for me if the places haven’t been filled, but no worries if not! Happy to have a reading via the blog 🙂 


For ******

November 23, 2018

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words!

I’m always so happy to hear when a reading is helpful….after all, that’s why we do these things! But the same is true as the last reading: If you have any questions, complaints or need any clarification with the reading please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Since you didn’t specify a topic, I’ll just move ahead with an open-to-anything point of view.

Your Cards Today Are:

  • Background & Context: King of Coins (Pentacles)
  • Current Situation: Three of Swords
  • Moving Forward: King of Swords

General Pattern

All cards are minor arcana, which in a layout this small is no real statistical surprise. Intuitively it feels like a bit of reassurance, that nothing really major is stirring the energies for you right now. It is all pretty business as usual more than it’s not. It has a feeling that business as usual for you entails being really good at what you do. Business as usual is kicking butt and taking names from the feel of it. In that vein, it feels like a very plain-talking, no nonsense kind of reading. It also feels like most of the reading energy is pointing toward work and career thoughts, which would go right along with having a coins card right off the bat like that. The repetitions are asking for attention. You have two swords, which connote action, the element of air, intellect and logic, authority, or your connection with society and culture at large. Knit all of that together and my attention is pulled to using cold, calculating intellect when it comes to work, especially when dealing with the authority structure, or any vying for promotions or power within the structure of the workplace. “Power Play” comes to mind along with an old episode of M*A*S*H where the Colonel accuses someone (Frank? Hotlips? Klinger?) of “going over my head so many times I’m getting athletes scalp” I guess the shorthand for that would be watch out for power playing brown nosers at work. The other repetition is the two kings. Kings connote leadership. It feels like the situation may be asking you for leadership, confidence, self-starting, standing up for yourself….even if you are already good at that, it feels like the skills you have will be put through their paces, and you may even be pushed a tiny bit outside your comfort zone in that respect. I ‘hear’ (meaning the intuition comes as words instead of feelings or images) to “Hang on and be brave” There was a great meme about spirit guides (the lady) you (the boy) and a life lesson. Here is the photo part if you want to take a peek: Your guides feel like they are reminding you they won’t lead you anywhere you are not ready to go, but since you are ready…buckle up baby!

Background & Context: King of Coins

This part is the reminder of competence you have, and that you are more than ready to meet leadership challenges at work, or any other part of life, really. The King of Coins as a card connotes wealth and success, so a note of reassurance there again. I hear “build on past skills and successes” I’m not clear whether that means use your skills and knowledge that you have in hand to fullest advantage, to build new skill and expand your knowledge and experience…or both. It doesn’t feel like a job change as much as an expansion of the current situation.

Current Situation: Three of Swords

Classically, this tends to be a bit darker, more dire card across all of the decks and references that I have. Often it will set me off on maternal lecture mode about be safe, keys out, park under lights, and all that usual lecture….but not so much for you today. This feels more petty than malicious. It isn’t the devil or dark side card for good reason. This feels petty, and small, and contained to one aspect of life, like office politics. “Watch out for petty backstabbers” comes to mind. Very office politics, but also heavy on the petty….like an annoying mosquito that can drive you mad if you let it, or just brush it away. The more calm, detached, intellectual and swords / mental-focus the better.

Moving Forward: King of Swords

You know how I read cards…the cards have suit, element, layout position, and general card meaning. But each card, based on all that other stuff, can have a different spin or ‘flavor’ of message; advice (something to consider doing) caution (something to consider avoiding) or validation (acknowledgement, encouragement, cosmic thank you) There has been a lot of validation energy so far. This has a little more of an advice spin. The card feels less like it pertains to you and more like it represents an ally…someone in the hierarchy at work who you can cultivate an working relationship with, who can be a mentor of sorts. “Have your back” comes to mind. Like someone who knows your skills, sees your potential. It feels like it might be literally a male figure of some sort. Does any of this ring a bell for you? I’m not sure how else to understand the card, because it has a not-you but someone who can help you sort of symbolism around it. Beyond that it is dark – meaning no signal, not evil or bad kind of dark. It feels like that is the card or energy telling me that is a singular message from this card….seek out a mentor or ally at work.


This part is like a psychic “cold reading” where I free form give you any impressions that come to mind. In readings that have a topic or question, this part might connect to that or the cards….or it might not. In an open reading like this one, it just stays in the open frame of mind.

Often it starts with colors, or crystals or both. In this case I see citrine. It associates with the solar plexus chakra, and therefor confidence. Wear or carry it for confidence at work. It also resonates with the King cards, and the coins suit because the golden color has to do with wealth, career, luck and to some extent leadership.

I taste butterscotch, with lemon scent in the background. That might be a continuation of the golden color associations. Butterscotch may symbolize comfort, while lemon in aromatherapy is very cleansing and energizing. Lemon may be important relevant to work, as diffusing some lemon fragrance, lighting a lemon scented candle, or using anything lemon after work might do two things…first it would be a clear transition signal. It could remind you work is done, clear any annoyances or negativity from your day, and let you know to shift into family/home/private life mode. It will also lift your energy…stress or pettiness at work can put an extra drain on your energies. Lemon could help neutralize that and lift your energy after a long day. Don’t use citrus oils on your skin if you will be in sunlight within the next 12 hours…it can cause sun sensitivity. Also don’t put it on your skin if you have autoimmune diseases as it enhances immunity (a good thing in cold/flu season for most people)

And there the energies step back. I hope this helps!

Best Wishes,


Thank you

On a day of thanks, I want to thank a friend for their help….

_/|\_ gratitude to friend S. for finding a glitch in the Sending Stones Reiki form!

I updated some settings, and hope that fixes the problem….but as a general rule of thumb, if you contact me through a website contact form, email, voicemail…any way at all really….and you don’t get a response in 24 hours, PLEASE by all means try again. I may not turn around longer readings within hours, but I always return phone calls, emails and such as soon as I possibly can.

My hope is that TaoCraft Tarot will be a full time venture at some point, but the moment it is still part time, and I truly do appreciate all of you and your patience with my schedule. Triple that given the whole adventure in re-branding that has been going on the past couple of months. All gratitude and good thoughts for sticking with me. It is noticed and appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving all….enjoy your evening

Gratitude Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA, but anyone can claim one of these three giveaway readings. Merry Thursday to all!

Free Three Card Pathway Tarot reading to the first three people to email all of the following to

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Entertainment only. No monetary value. Contacting me indicates you agree to the policies listed here. Only 3 available  – while supplies last.

Quick Start Users Guide

Old cities have odd streets.

Here we have old cobblestone neighborhoods, streets that don’t exactly line up across the intersection, streets that don’t connect with every cross street…it can be charming, it can be annoying, but it is organic. That is just the way cities and suburbs grow over time. Not everything can be planned from the ground up. Nor should it be. But sometimes it is fun when you can sweep the debris off of the front sidewalk and re-do some things.

Over time, websites get a little wonky too. This brand spanking new-build is a TON more user friendly than the first version of Modern Oracle. Everything about online shopping and selling is easier, better, more secure. Remember when it took one email to ask a question, a separate email to send payment, a third if there is questions or follow-up, not a lot of clarity about all of the options, formats that came and went. I hope you think this new set – up is easier to use. I think it is awesome by comparison. Here is the new deal:

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“Sending Stones” Distance Reiki

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Meditation Tutorials

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Easy right? Let me know what you think

Policies: as always, contacting me indicated agreement with all the usual fine print policies

Introductions Are In Order: Reiki (part 2)

Introductions Are In Order: Reiki (part 1)


Reiki is beautiful in its simplicity.

The practitioner uses their hands, intentions and life energy (Reiki) itself as a tool to improve your connection to universal energy.  The practitioner doesn’t change or control anything. The session is guided by your own inner physical and spiritual wisdom. The session is a booster shot of energy to clear and repair the connection that you already have in place just by virtue of being alive. The Reiki session simply helps your natural living connection to do what it does just a little bit better. Like upgrading your internet service, Reiki works to improve your connection to the source of life and healing…not magically change anything that is within you already.

Reiki, like Tarot, can happen in person or at a distance. Distance Tarot can happen because I’m not reading you, I’m reading energy flows or listening to spirit messages for you. The connection to your message comes through a bit of intent, through hearing or reading your question, or hearing / reading your permission to keep an open focus. Reiki is the same in that the connection is made through intent, and is not dependent on proximity or touch. Even during an in-person Reiki session, direct touch isn’t necessary. Hands can hover over the body without touching, and still be equally effective.

Sometimes in-person Reiki is called “Level 1” and distance “Level 2”. The levels reflect the order in which we learn the techniques, not anything to do with the quality or intensity of the session. The energy is the same no matter how it is sent and received. It takes a little more skill, practice and understanding to send at a distance than to send through direct touch, so we learn direct touch level 1 first. Neither level is better or worse. Like Tarot, the only real difference is the type of experience you want to have with your Tarot reading. The message is the same at distance as it is in person. In Reiki, the energy is the same either way as well.


With an in-person Reiki session we often add embellishments: Music, aromatherapy, incense or candles and the like. Of course, those things aren’t necessary for the Reiki to do it’s thing, but there is nothing wrong with it either. Those things have a benefit all on their own (especially in the case of aromatherapy) but they enhance the Reiki experience. These extras have their own benefits, they focus our attention, and they give us a tangible signal that something special is happening.

Crystals, minerals and stones have a long history of emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing lore.  Crystals are believed to work on an energy resonance sort of model. As one might expect, there is no hard evidence for physical benefits. Even if we understand it as a mind-body stress reducing effect, there is no harm in giving ourselves the small comfort of carrying a pretty stone or wearing a favorite crystal.

In Sending Stones Reiki, crystal lore enhances the level 2 distance experience the same way that music and aromatherapy enhances a level 1 direct session. The crystals have beneficial properties all their own, they give a mental framework to understand how distance Reiki works, plus gives us the tangible signal that something special is happening.

I’ve used this technique that I call “Sending Stones Reiki” for a while now, and have gotten some really nice feedback about it.

  • “Very soothing”
  • “I could almost hear your voice”
  • “I felt like I was being touched by a calming light”
  • “It felt like the stone was being filled up, like a gas tank”

Because it is something new, and because I would really, really like to hear your feedback, the Reiki session is no charge. I am grateful for this chance to learn more about Reiki and maybe give a little to the way of Reiki by growing the Sending Stones technique. I hope that by removing payment concerns, it gives you the freedom to say whatever you like about the session…just please say SOMETHING.

It does take time to answer emails and sit with the stones, however. I would be grateful for any donations you could give to support this Reiki effort for you and for others. You can donate here.

If you would be interested in giving a Sending Stones Reiki session a try, please contact me through the Reiki tab at the top of the page or with the contact form here


Introductions are in order: Reiki

Take a tour of the new concept.

The foundation is built of the ho-hum but practical, pragmatic and necessary business practices and policies. Everything is spelled out in detail and utterly transparent. Everything is heads up and eyes open, so you know exactly what to expect from working with me.

I want you to have the best Tarot reading experience that I can provide. That can only happen if you understand what that is. If I can provide the kind of reading you want and need – awesome. Let’s get started. If not, then no hard feelings. I’d rather see you find a reader that matches your personality and expectations. Being very clear about my style of Tarot and my business policies helps you to narrow your search for perfect reading. It frees us both to move on to more satisfying things. Clear, up-front rules and policies are nothing but good. The short version small print is at the bottom right corner of every web page. There is a tab to the full policies page at the top right of every page.

This is a safe space.

Closing the comments keeps out the words (and negative energies) of trolls and spammers. My email is over there –> for anyone who wants to give legit comments or feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

Tarot you know, or will. That is going to be the vast majority of the blog from here on.

We will come back to meditation soon. Today, let me introduce you to the other new service I’m integrating with Tarot on the TaoCraft site.



Reiki comes from Japan, and loosely translated it means “universal life energy.”

In the West, the early leaders of modern medicine like Galen and Paracelsus called this same thing “vital force.” Universal energy or vital force is that special something that makes us alive. It isn’t well defined by purely scientific terms as yet, but it is that something that makes a living creature different from an inanimate object. Western medicine has not studied subtle energy, life force or mind-body therapies until very recently. Often this type of natural, medication-free healing is still dismissed as pseudoscience or “faith healing.”

In recent decades, however, modern medicine has begun to accept the mind-body connection as proven fact. Psychoneuroimmunology has proven the effects of stress on the immune system, T cells in particular. The effect psychological stress has on a variety of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes is fairly well known. Reiki intersects with mainstream medicine through the way it quickly reduces stress. From a Western perspective, Reiki can improve health by removing stress and all the detrimental effects stress can create. Whether Reiki itself has a direct physical effect remains to be seen, but even if it only relieves stress, that alone is a proven health benefit, both physically and emotionally.

There is a long history of using universal, life or nerve energy for healing in Asian cultures. Energy, the ‘Ki’ in Reiki means energy. So does the Chinese word chi or qi (like Tai Chi) which is used in accupuncture and accupressure. Prana is a kind of energy from India, Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. Energy medicine is ancient, common and accepted there. . Over time, energy healing has become a rich, and anecdotally proven tradition.


Reiki in particular was developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui. Reiki is now taught around the world. Different styles that have developed over the years with slightly different practices and differing histories of how Reiki developed. Despite these variations, the core concepts of Reiki are very much the same. For my part,  I studied Traditional Usui style under Reiki Master Tom Beardshaw. As for the history of Reiki I recommend the books by Frank Arjeva Petter.

The common ground among Reiki practitioners is much larger than our differences. Here are some examples:

  • The life force is the source of all healing, the body heals itself. Nothing can heal FOR it, but we can help that inner process work better through healthy lifestyle, medication, herbs diet, and of course, Reiki.
  • Universal Life or Vital Force energy is everywhere, throughout all space and time. It is neither good, nor bad. Like sunshine or moonlight, it is a simple fact of nature.
  • Reiki practitioners do not add any of their own energy to the process. They do not change or manipulate the recipients energy or body in any way. A session simply adds a little more natural life energy to the recipient and makes their connection to life energy clearer and stronger.
  • In my tradition, energy is treated respectfully and only given with a recipients full knowledge and consent. I treat my Tarot work as an energy practice, and follow that same consent guideline.

Computers are a good analogy. Barring genetic disease or birth injury, most people are born with a clear, vibrant connection to life energy. We start off with a cat 5 hardwired broadband connection. Over time, aging, illness, lifestyle all can slow the connection down. Reiki can help clear the connection and get you back from 80s dial up modem speed back up to at least 4g broadband, even if you never get back to your original high speed. The better connection and extra energy makes it easier for you to patch your software, so to speak.

more to follow….