TaoCraft Short Sip is Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. Today: add power to your words with the power of silence.

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Today’s card is the two of disks from the Alleyman’s Tarot originally from the Serravale-Sesia Tarot.

This is a presumably public domain card from 1880s Italy. It is an interesting contrast to the better known Waite Smith Tarot and shows the difference in working with a deck that has only pips and a deck with complex narrative images on the numbered minor arcana cards.

Image cards and pip cards function the same way within a reading. Both are two paths to the exact same destination. They both take us to the message for everyone’s day, for our client or for ourselves. The emphasis shifts a little bit between the two types of cards, however.

With images, as we see in the RWS cards, there is a rich supply of detail to prompt your intuition. Despite the many prompts, all of them are thematically tied to the overall image and card meaning. Picture cards can lend themselves to a little more specificity, clarity and context.

On the other hand, pip cards give your intuition free reign. Pip cards are not bound by details or images, although they retain the same general conceptual meaning as an image card. This two of disks talks about balance much the same as the RWS two of pentacles .

Coins, pentacles or disks all refer to the same suit of the deck and you will see the terms used interchangeably. I tend to say coins because that was the name used in one of my first decks and it’s an old habit by this point. Coins are associated with the element of earth and ideas about work, career and money. From a more contemporary perspective it helps to think of coins as our relationship with the physical world. The suit has a very practical down-to-earth vibe generally speaking, so it all fits.

More than the number two cards of the other suits, the two of coins symbolizes balance. Usually it’s a very dynamic balance, like a unicycle rider who constantly makes small corrections and movements in order to balance upright. The taijitu, the yin yang symbol, is another example. The black and white parts of the circle are comma shaped instead of q straight line half to show motion and a dynamic interplay of opposites.

Today, the balance is more akin to the unicycle example. The message has a subtle, nuanced quality to it. It isn’t black and white. It is dynamic and speaks to the way we move through life.

In a way, it is just how human brains are wired and how our brains deal with the onslaught of sensory input from our environment. You get used to things, and they don’t get the attention commanded when something is new or changes. It’s like a busy caretaker tuning out a chattering preschooler a little bit. The message for all of us adults is the same. If you want to be heard, if you want your words to carry power and command attention, use them sparingly. As Mahatma Ghandi said “speak only when it improves upon the silence.”

Outside of a Medieval monastery, it is hard to go through life not saying anything. Communication is essential. In our wired, cyberspace connected world, we often forget the necessity of silence. When TMI takes we are immersed in too much information the tune-out-the-toddler reflex kicks in. We become numb to the input.

It’s a balance between communication, self expression, and losing your words to the noise. Nothing makes your words more powerful than the silent spaces in between.

Thank you so much for reading and listening.

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Today’s Tarot: What it Doesn’t Mean

Wash: “This landing is going to be interesting”

Mal: “Define ‘interesting'”

Wash: “Oh god oh god we’re all going to die”

Firefly television series by Joss Whedon

The death card usually is an indicator that things are going to get interesting, if they aren’t already.

But, as with the Firefly crew, it might not be in the fiery crash sort of way that you were thinking. After all, it’s pretty bad story telling to kill off all of your main characters in the five minutes of a tv episode.

I remember watching totally enjoyable brain candy movie back in the late 80s where a Tarot reader pulls the death card just as The Warlock sneaks up from behind and murders her. Classic trope. That was before I learned to read Tarot much less read professionally. That classic trope has gone from fairly cheesy to downright laughable.

Everyone knows that the death card doesn’t mean actual death. So much so that revealing the actual meaning has become a trope in itself. The best example of that is Lisa Simpson and the Happy Squirrel card. Makes me giggle every time…

The Simpsons were created by Matt Groening and are the property of 20th century studios

For real, I’ve seen the death card more often at bachelorette parties than any other time. It makes sense. With a wedding, you have a whole group of people celebrating a transition and irrevocable change – a big happy one.

Even if that marriage later winds up in the messiest divorce ever, it still happened. It still changed people from who they were before the wedding. The event goes on their permanent record so to speak.

Transition and change as a death image is a common thing in both fact and fiction. To gain a butterfly, you lose a caterpillar. To gain a cupcake, you lose some flour, sugar and eggs. To gain wisdom blissful ignorance must vanish. Life altering change can be as terrifying as death itself even though change is the essence of life.

Change for the better is a grim reaper no one needs to fear.

Cue the cowbell.

Will let the video speak for itself today.

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YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Changing for Fall

The short summer hiatus is over.

YouChoose is back from a short summer hiatus with a slight tweek

The three card ‘pathway layout’ and the first three pathway related cards of the 5 and 7 card layouts have already shifted from a time focus (the old past-present-future related position meanings) to a more timeless energy focus.

I’m making the same shift in focus as I read the interactive cards, too.

We all know that the internet is forever. Instead of reading for a particular day or week, if I focus on right-here and right-now instead of a particular place in time, it might make the videos more time-less by focusing on the present moment.

I’m very thankful and glad that some readers have found and like some older posts. Thank you all. If someone comes across this post after the coming week. By focusing on the now takes this reading outside of linear time because now is the only time that there is.

The part where you choose is still the same. Pause the video if you need a moment, then choose a card. Then restart the video (or just let if go if you choose quickly) and listen to the reading. It still comes out a little time referenced, a little focused on ‘today’ but today could be…should be and will be…right for your day, whenever that day may be when you watch the video or read this post.

Part of the reasoning behind the podcast and partial youtube sabbatical was social media was getting a little noisy, energetically speaking. Too much horse puckey even for me.

Which is a good reason for NOT changing the choice / interactive component. Being able to choose your own card, even for a broad blog-post social media kind of reading, cuts through the noise. You know that the message is for you. The randomness surpasses the coincidences if that makes any weird sense. What are the chances of you choosing that video out the bazillions on the internet and choosing that one card of three on any given day? Sure, if you follow the blog and read new posts as they come out that reduces the random chance element, but hopefully it will have meaning or give a little inspiration just the same.

Please enjoy. I hope you like the little change. All comments and feedback are welcome. Happy Fall!

You Choose Tarot for 22 Jan 20

Right: 6 of wands. Sometimes you have to fight the war to find the peace on the other side. Protect your boundaries.

Left: 5 of Pentacles. No need to deny how difficult it is. If times are tough, face up to the fact that they are. That doesn’t mean you have given up hope. Admitting you are cold doesn’t stop the first spring flower from blooming through the snow.

Middle: 7 of Cups. A good time to choose. This present moment is the axel around which the wheel of the future spins. This is where you make the choices that steer your path where you want it to go.

You Choose Tarot (14 Jan 20)

Right: Ace of Cups. Indulge in some doing. Make. Energy is flowing toward payoffs for your effort. You’ll get something back, even if it is only a vague sense of self satisfaction.

Middle: Five of Wands. Life can’t be all rainbows and cupcakes. If you don’t get a few fire breathing dragons every now and then, how will you discover what a bad*ss you you really are?

Left: Five of Pentacles. Mind the budget and shift with the seasons. The lush holidays naturally give way to leaner times. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” As Ben Franklin said.

12 Second Tarot: Six of Pentacles (8 Jan 20)

Generosity takes many forms. Generosity with the gifts that money can not buy is the most valuable and yet most underestimated form. “The civility that money will purchase is rarely extended to those who have none.” – Charles Dickens

12 Second Tarot: Seven of Swords (23Dec 19)

Cunning and cleverness with a big dash of street smarts will serve you well. A day for agility and adapting. Enjoy the ride, resisting only makes it harder.

12 Second Tarot: The Shadow Side / The Devil (26 Nov 19)

There is both light and dark out in the world around us. We are in it, a part of it, and made of the same stuff as the rest of everything. If the universe is black, white, and every shade of grey, so are we. How you experience life depends on which of those many lenses you choose to view it through: light, dark, or some degree of both.