You Choose Tarot (14 Nov 19)

Left: Seven of Wands. Success after struggle, but only if the ground you stake, the stand you means something imortant. Your stance, your tribe, your allies show your true self.

Middle: The Star. Navigate by stars, not by clouds. Look to your spiritual north star, a philosophy that is always reliable, something that always shines in your darkest night.

Right: Eight of Pentacles. Execute. Make. Practice. Do. Plans are one thing, doing it for real is quite another. This is where things get real.

12 Second Tarot: Ten of Swords

It happens. Take a minute. Gather your thoughts. Gather your resouces. When you are ready, grab those lemons and go make some meringue pie.

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12 Second Tarot: King of Wands (12 October 19)

Let your passions light the way. Follow your interest, curiosity and enthusiasm. Not feeling interested or curious or passionate about anything? That is your cue to wait for the right spark before you act.

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12 Second Tarot: Two of Wands

We are standing on the edge of seasonal change. Look ahead. Make a dream clear in your mind.

Then prepare to laugh when real life turns out to be entirely different. Making a plan B might not be a bad idea while you are at it.

Be happy. Be well. R.