The Times in a Tarot Card



I don’t claim to have prescient vision, but I have been reading a lot of Dune lately (the whole enchilada, actually, including the Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson prequels, in chronological order) This card draw reminds me a little of that scene in the original Dune novel where Paul first sees the future in the desert after the large intake of spice, and describes it at waves. Some parts clear, some parts hidden, like the peaks and valleys of the sand dunes. 

The big, cultural, gestalt, zeitgeist energy in 2020 has been like that too. It is so strong, that I see that general energy (what I look to see when I write these general audience blog posts) echoed in individual energies more than ever before. 

I associate the Justice card with the second wave of the 2020 zeitgeist. I’m really starting to like that word zeitgeist. It has a nice ring for this ghastly year in American public life. Happy 4th of July btw. Although in my mind, this year it feels more like the U-day episode of Firefly, but that is another unrelated story. 

First, it was the unease, worry, physical realm focus and hatch-battening energy of stay at home orders and the early days of the pandemic. The Justice card turned up before and again now in the context of the second wave, the black lives matter, George Floyd, anti-racism, anti-brutality protests. The justice card is just as obvious and face-value as it seems in this context. It is the right energy time for speech and action for justice, as if there was a a collective intuition that outdoor, spread-out, majority mask wearing protests were relatively safe, especially when compared to crowded, unmasked indoor political rallies.

Justice is giving both a validation and advice message. There is that sense of validation that the energies are right, this is the time for these protests. The advice is don’t stop. I can attest that the so-called maga movement has been simmering for 50 years under various names – tea party, silent majority, moral majority and a disturbingly large number of others. They won’t give up…they haven’t stopped, ever. The injustice, racism and hatreds were always there, the only thing that has changed is how well camouflaged or how open and overt those sentiments have been. They haven’t stopped so neither can we. Whether it is actively marching or simply taking a moment to spare a compassionate thought for your fellow man, don’t give up and never stop. Injustice never sleeps, so justice can not slumber. People of compassion and decency can’t slow up or give up. The racists and facists won’t. Over two hundred years of American history has proven that.

Reason with heart, impassioned wisdom, and fierce compassion must lead the way.


Forget Tarot, Follow Science for This One

Just saw this….seems relavent in light of that 7 of pentacles reading earlier this morning.

Tarot can help cope with the stress of the pandemic, especially if your role is to simply stay the heck at home. For the rest of it, forget Tarot and follow science. Now go wash your hands.

Phone a Friend

Thank you, thank you.

I SO appreciate everyone who reads this, follows on the socials, trusts me to do readings for you…you all are unfailingly awesome!

I had a really enjoyable phone reading this afternoon. (Thank you so much you-know-who-you-are!) Shout out to WordPress for the PayPal buttons that are making phone readings work out this time. In the past, payment and scheduling were so confusing for clients and there was such low demand that I mothballed phone readings ages ago.

But (insert Poltergeist move voice) they’re baaa-aaack!

Due to the Pandemic and my desire to oh, I dunno, stay alive,  in-person readings are closed until a vaccine comes along. Phone sessions are the only real-time reading I can offer right now. I have to admit, it is kind of nostalgic and fun. We are talking old school friendly psychic phone readings, only without the triple digit surprises on your phone bill, high per-minute charges or sneaky connection fees.

Interested? It’s easy. Just go to the PHONE READINGS page in the menu.  Buy the session (5 or 7 cards) using the PayPal button – just like you would order anything you buy online. Then use the contact form provided to schedule your reading. Call me at the scheduled time and POOF! Live Tarot happens.

So stay home! Phone readings are available now, and the discounted prices on email readings have been extended to May 8 to match the local stay at home orders.

Now go wash your hands and stop touching your face!

YouChoose: free Tarot reading four ways

This pandemic is a thing, isn’t it?

Like we talked about last time in “I kinda like it in here. It’s private” the general energies out there have just been buzzing. There is real things to be anxious worried and fearful about, so no surprise the feeling of the time is enough to set nerves on edge in addition to everything else. It is OK if things are pushing your buttons a little bit. Time alone can be maddening or it can be a spiritual retreat, a Tarot reading can be an epiphany or it can be a few minutes of diversion. It is all your choice. You have to do what is right for you. It’s easier to love others when you can love yourself too.

Speaking of which, I loooove doing written email Tarot readings. Always have. I’m perfectly content to sit here in my comfy chair with a cuppa joe and my fuzzy bunny slippers and read Tarot all day long. Now it has the added benefit of being virus fee and stay at home compliant.

It is a tough time for everyone. I don’t have much to offer except this:

Free One card readings HERE. Take your pick between handwritten, typed and video. No appointment needed but only available through the contact form on the special offers page.

Also on the special offers page: Zombie Cat is back with his usual snark, lame humor and a HUGE price reduction. Get three cards for the price of one.

Free Reiki HERE.

All distance email readings have been price reduced until the end of April.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay home. (and wash your hands)