CrystalCast for 9 Jan 23

Echo and the Bunnyment were right: Bring on the Dancing Horses.

It’s weird, but it happens. I don’t think that’s what it is talking about, though.

Hi and welcome to Sage’s Short Sips podcast previously known as TaoCraft Tarot Podcast previously previously known as Clairvoyant Confessional podcast.

I know. I know. All the name changes are probably pretty kamakaze from a marketing and social media perspective, but I’m all about the Tarot and intuition. I’m letting go of the marketing part of all of this. Business, yes. Professional, yes. Crazy protective of our privacy, yes. Stressing over promotion? No thanks. You can read all about the name thing in the updated Meet Your Reader page on the website so I won’t get into that here.

Today is a Monday, and the start of the first full work week after the New Year’s Day observance last week. Instead of drawing a Tarot card, let’s work with a little pure intuition. I call this crystal casting. It is inspired by a combination of charm cast readings, rune stone readings and a video about reading crystal chips from one of my favorite online information sources,

As always when I say ‘hear’ it means that the intuitive hunch comes in the form of mental words, sounds or songs. When I say ‘see’ it means that hunch comes as a mental image.

Looking at the pattern of quartz chips, obsidian chips and lapis runestones, I ‘hear’ “the weight is in the future” which sounds like cryptic nonsense I’ll grant you. I think that is meant to point our attention to the future so we can be forward looking this week. That isn’t to say that this is predicting any doggone thing. We should always be rooted in the present moment. This is just letting us know that this is a good energy environment for planning, thinking, dreaming, creating, and planting seeds for the future.

The rune stones are to the left of most of the smaller stones. They are obviously the bigger, heavier stones as you can see in the video on the blog post and on the TaoCraft Tarot YouTube channel. (The Sage Words Tarot YouTube is coming soon.) That clustering of the heavier stones to the left, which I read as the path ahead of us. You can orient the scattering of stones in time any way you like – or not at all. I read Tarot spreads from right to left simply because that is the first Tarot layout I learned and how we were taught in an aura reading class that I took once. It seems right, and it stuck. But like I said, the orientation itself is arbitrary. The important thing is to have those sort of details clear in your mind and clear in your intention before you start any given intuitive reading. So for this week, the weight of the reading is forward facing.

The majority of the rune stones are blank, which always seems to be the case. I take that to symbolize the potential in the time ahead. There is always potential in the time ahead, so that fits.

The one rune we do see is Ehwaz. It can be associated with literal travel, but it is also associated with progress, moving forward. The rune is connected to horses. Horses typically move forward. They can move backward, but it isn’t natural or instinctive and they have to be deliberately trained and guided to do it. Dressage horses prance all over the place, but the fancy rich people dancing horses aren’t very common. Horses going backwards is unusual and kind of weird looking, but it happens. Horses move forward. Think Chariot Tarot card from the major arcana. The energy of this week is forward oriented. We should look forward, plan forward, & move forward.

Thank you so much for reading and listening. No matter what you title it, a blog and a podcast aren’t much without YOU, the audience. I appreciate you. Thank you for your support.

See you at the next sip!

The Lemonade

The hardest lemonade to make

And that’s how lemonade is done.

Hello and welcome to the TaoCraft Tarot blog and podcast. I’m glad you are here.

Before we get to the ten of swords, I want to give you a quick reminder about my winter Tarot reading schedule.

There is none.

It was a nice surprise to have a few minutes to write this. I’m expecting a jam packed schedule between now and January. I’m so, so, so thankful for the text to voice audio blogging that WordPress, Anchor FM and Spotify have available.

And I’m also grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for reading and listening despite the erratic, random posting non-schedule. I’m cautiously optimistic that I can get back to trying to follow social media best practices after the new year. I’m in awe of all of the wonderfully talented people who create “content” on a regular schedule. I have yet to make that work for Tarot. Energy, intuition and the ebb and flow of life doesn’t give a flying rat’s patootie about posting schedules. Intuition and creativity has its own agenda and I owe it to all of you to go where my real strength lies which is Tarot readings and blog writing, not social media presentation.

Speaking of which, the new “crystal cast” posts that I had planned for Mondays will have to wait until after Thanksgiving, possibly until after New Year, too.

But stay tuned. Right or wrong, accurate or not, Zombie Cat is going to try his paw at a fast and loose Tarot reading for 2023. That cat is a little unhinged (as zombies often are) so whatever predictions he makes – don’t blame me. Look for that in December.

All in all, I still like to think of this utter lack of a schedule gives the blog a little bit of an underground, renegade, pirate radio sort of vibe. I hope you’ll come along for the ride, such as it is.

On top of it all, Elf-con 1 has officially been declared at my house. I got knitting to do and stuff to bake.

So before I have to hop out to shop for flour, sugar and that one last skein of yarn, let’s take a look at the Ten of Swords.

Just to show that spirit and energy operates on its own schedule, here is some context for today’s card.

I had an appointment in the afternoon, so when the morning obligation rescheduled, I had every intention of indulging in a second cup of coffee and a leisurely scroll through Instagram. That’s when I stumbled across one of those social media talents we were talking about earlier. Digital creator Barry Brandon ( aka @queerindigo) posted a video about personal authenticity, the Colorado Springs shootings and a variety of other things. I can’t begin to capture it here, and urge you to watch it for yourself.

When he said “…it shouldn’t be this challenging to exist in one’s skin. It shouldn’t be this challenging to be oneself…” it made a solid landing right in my wheelhouse.

I’m an atheist, Taoist, solitary eclectic witch, Tarot reader and the hardcore evangelical christianity in my family has diminished if not outright severed most of those relationships. But that is nothing … NOTHING … compared to the level of hate and bigotry that the LGBTQIA+ community has to face every single day. As someone who cares very deeply for multiple people in the community, it is absolutely terrifying to even think about everything they face … and meet with such grace, courage and love.

When that ton of emotional bricks hit, I punted the leisurely scroll and followed the intuitive impulse to pull a card and see where that would lead. It led to the 10 of Swords card draw that you can see in the video above (the link is in the episode description as always for podcast listeners) and that led me here.

To my mind, that context and this card are all of the same collective energy in the context of the Club Q shooting this past weekend.

In these times, it is natural and so easy to be furious and terrified and just … done.

We all know the line from Yoda and Star Wars about “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Which, along with the ten of Swords, begs the question of how to deal with hate and anger and defeat and suffering.

There is no easy answer.

There may be no answer at all.

For me personally, the only answer I know is to be the best ally I know how to be, to advocate for gun control and equality legislation to the best of my ability and to urge those I love to be as careful and safe as it’s humanly possible to be while still living their happiest most authentic life.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

In lighter times and easier energy, the 10 of Swords is akin to that old adage of “fall down seven times, get up eight” or “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

To plan, to act, to be righteously angry, to rebound from defeat and to do so from a place of love is difficult, but it is the most potent lemonade we can make.

Thank you all for listening and reading.

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The whole of the moon

The moon has a dark side. That doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

It life as a human, just as it is life as a planet in a solar system. Not all is light. Not all is dark. Both are one. Even when the moon looks full to us, half of it faces away from the sun and is in shadow. Every day on earth has its night. And ever person has their shadow side too.

It takes a certain courage to acknowledge the dark side of the moon, the dark side of ourselves, and understand they are one. The shadow exists as certainly as the light. It is how you think about it, how you embrace the both-ness of our existence that matters.

Denying our shadow side, or striving to be “only the light” isn’t natural. Light and dark, yin and yang is our nature. Or to paraphrase the movie The Craft, Magick is both cruel and kind because nature is both. And such is human nature.

Some of the best of our nature is to fully acknowledge and accept our shadow side but still manage to shine.

The moon has a dark side, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. The whole of you is beautiful too. Go. Shine. You got this.


Two wands and a little foresight can work magic.

When past and future, logic and intuition, planning and action all meet it can seem like magic.

Few quick announcements:

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  • Happy Thanksgiving U.S. folks! Have a great weekend everyone!

CrystalCast for the week of 14 November ’22

CrystalCast reading for the week ahead,: vibe and chill.

I don’t know what I did, but I lost the video of this one. Backed it up with a static photo, so hopefully this will do.

Hi and welcome to the TaoCraft Tarot blog and audio blog, A.K.A. the podcast. I’m glad you are here.

Since it’s new, and since I screwed up the video anyway, I hope today’s reading will work as a super short nano-sip of a podcast, just to let you know that these crystal cast things exist. Between now and at least January, life here is an elfcon 1 squirrel rave at full volume, so I’m not promising to do anything blog, podcast or social media related at any given time on any given day. Still, it’s my intent to post these “crystal cast” readings on Monday mornings.



But don’t hold your breath. I don’t want to contribute to anyone dropping their oxygen levels.

My intent is also to film the crystals and runestones so you can see them as they fall. Seeing the actual cast might spark something within your own mind and intuition. Just like with a Tarot reading, your hunches and feelings about what something means takes precedence over anything I might say about it.

That’s what readings are about after all. As I see it, professional psychics with all of our woo woo cards, crystals, runes, tea leaves, star charts, chicken bones or what have you are all in service to one thing: the human experience. It isn’t about predicting the future. If that is what you want, then I’m not the reader for you. Buyer beware is all I’m saying about that kind of psychic sales pitch.

Intuitive readings aren’t about any external spirit or deity unless you want them to be. I don’t see it a reading as one bit supernatural. They are no more supernatural than an image in a mirror showing us a point of view we might not have otherwise seen. It is about emotion, perspective and our individual connection to the wholeness of everything. Are psychic readings subtle? Yes. Objectively measurable by science? No. Valid and valuable and enriching to the human experience? Absolutely.

I’m hoping that those of you listening today on the podcast will at some point visit the blog to see the card draw and crystal cast videos. The crystal cast posts will be a blog exclusive after today. There is a link to the blog website in the episode description. Some podcasting platforms allow for video podcasting. I tried a few test episodes, but it seemed to defeat the whole purpose of having an audio version of the blog in the first place. If you are in it to listen while you work or work out or drive or what have you, then for safety’s sake you shouldn’t be looking at a screen. If you want to see the visuals, please, by all means visit the blog or the youtube channel. But if you just want to listen, by all means, please, grab the podcast version and just listen. I value your attention and your thoughts no matter whether you are looking or listening or both.

But, as usual, I digress.

Back to this week and these crystals.

The first and obvious thing is the row of four touching runestones, like a literal wall across the path of the other crystals.

The clustering of clear chips under the wall of rune stones reminds me of last week’s reading. It isn’t a forever blockade. The energy here isn’t a NO – it’s a “slow down and cool your jets” kind of vibe. In my minds eye I see a school crossing guard telling everybody to slow down.

Last week’s reading had a lot of sparkle with an emphasis on productivity and progress. This isn’t a full stop to that previous message, but it is a little bit of fine tuning to the speed of it all. In a way, it is a validation of what you are doing. As dynamic as last week’s reading was and as often as the chaotic Tower Tarot card has shown up lately, this pattern is saying two things:

First, it is ok to cool it with big changes and the frenetic pace.

Second, all that stuff you started is good. Keep up the good work.

Here I get the mental image of that ridiculous looking shirt from the 70’s that said “keep on trucking.” I’m also reminded of Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol talking about singing “in the pocket” or being “in the groove” with the band or some such thing. Now I’m reminded of one of my favorite Twitter memes, your friend and mine, vibing cat.

Whatever you’ve been doing, if it’s working, keep doing it. To borrow some more cliches, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and just keep on keeping on. Stay in the groove. Vibe with things as they are for a little while.

Of the four rune stones, three are blank. I don’t get the sense of brimming “potential” that I did with last week’s blank stones. There is more of a “stay” or “hold” feel. That would go along with the one rune that is showing – Isa, symbolic of ice.

It doesn’t get much more to the point than that in the intuition and symbolism business.


Do, but don’t push. Continue, but at a relaxed pace. You are sliding along, not frozen solid in the ice.

Just to prove that a sense of humor exists in the world…as I write that I get the mental image of olympic curling, and the slow, smooth slide of the curling rocks.

The individual crystals in the top right hand corner of the photo remind me that there are always outliers. This reading doesn’t apply to every single person who hears it. This is a collective energy, general audience kind of reading that should never bear the burden of prediction, even if such a thing were possible. If this reading doesn’t resonate with you, that’s normal. No one reading can be everything to everyone. Keep listening and your perfect message will find you in time.

Thank you so much for reading and listening today. I welcome your questions and feedback through the comments below or the contact in the right hand column over there ->

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Thanks again. See you at the next sip!

Random and Strange

If you have already read about the utter lack of a schedule and going full wizzy wig – sorry for the repetition. This is more announcement-y and less rant-y, I promise.

I’m posting a few reminders on different days and different times of days to hopefully catch everyone, and hopefully entice a few new people to take a peek.

  • There is no schedule for blogs, podcasts or social media posts. They are random and in the moment. Random and strange tends to be the nature of Tarot and I’m all about that Taoist harmony with the nature of things. Like the song says, “everything I do gone be funky – from now on”
  • In-person readings are OPEN by appointment only.
  • Live online readings by appointment
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Long story short – it’s all pretty much the same as always except I’m giving up on schedule and joining the squirrel rave. Tarot’s random and strange is a lot more fun that way.

CrystalCast for the week of 11-6-22

Introducing CrystalCast look at the week ahead.

I want to know what you think.


I do.

Hello and welcome to the TaoCraft Tarot blog and podcast.

I don’t clutter up comments with a sales pitch and I never ever ever target an individual to offer a reading under any circumstances (if anyone does that to you…RUN AWAY!) so I expect the same courtesy, but other than that, I love hearing from you all. I want to know what you think of this fun little reading.

At its heart, this is a scrying type of psychic reading. Scrying just means gazing. Think of the Queen in Snow White gazing at a mirror or the classic trope of the fortune teller staring at a crystal ball. The famous astrologer Nostradamus is said to have used water scrying, gazing at a bowl of water and reading the ripples and reflections in order to write his famous quatrains. As best as I can tell, the practice of scrying takes the natural, innate human psychological trait of pareidolia … seeing meaningful patterns in randomness … and puts it to good psychological use for personal growth and enrichment.

Just like with a Tarot reading, your impulse and instinct about the images comes before all else. It is what YOU think it is. The reading refers to whatever YOU know it to mean. The best readings are the ones where you walk away with the feeling of confirmation, validation and empowerment. The best readings are the ones where you walk away saying I KNEW it!

These readings, when you watch the video, let’s you engage your inner knowing with the reading in the strongest possible way. All readings, Tarot included, are about amplifying, engaging and empowering your part in all of this.

That’s the up side

With a purely intuition driven scrying reading, there are no established, collective, accepted meanings for anything we see on the tabletop. It’s a big leap of faith. It’s a leap of faith for me to trust my intuition and to lay an advanced level of trusting claim on my intuitive ability and my years of psychic experience. It takes a much larger leap of faith from you to trust the reading’s validity, to trust me. It means a lot that you’ve read this far. I hope that the years of blogging have earned your trust. I’ve been doing this professionally since around 2003, so I hope by now everyone has figured out this is legit. It’s art, but with a heart. This stuff can help in a lot of ways that we’ll talk about on another day.

To start with, let’s keep this light. It is a small leap of faith to do a fun little look at the energies for the week ahead. Honestly, the vibe today reminds me of those old school newspaper horoscopes. That is pretty clost to what Crystal Cast readings will be here in the blog and podcast. The ones you order will, as always, be deeper, more detailed and personalized.

If you are listening on the podcast, I hope you’ll make time to use the link in the show description to come watch the video of the cast itself. Scrying is, by definition, visual.

Now that we’ve talked about gazing and scrying and crystal casting, there are a couple of other things I want to define before we talk about this weeks rocks.

Most of the time, the intuitive impressions come as mental images. That is true for me no matter what amplification tool I’m using be it Tarot cards or playing cards, or crystals or runestones or I ching coins or nothing at all. It all works pretty much the same on the mental and intuitive level. That’s why I originally called the podcast “Clairvoyant Confessional.” This kind of intuitive mental image is the kind of clear-seeing that the word clairvoyant means.

The thing that led me to using runestones in this reading is none other than Thom Pham’s Heart of Stars Tarot that you’ve seen me use here in the blog, with his permission of course. It’s one of my favorite decks because of its pop culture references. When I’m doing readings for individual private clients, my intuition loves pop culture references. It is a wonderful communication tool. A song or a movie or a TV show can communicate exactly what spirit, or energy or intuition (whatever you like to call it) is trying to say. Typically this kind of information comes as words or music. When that happens I’ll say “I hear.” And no, it doesn’t mean I’m hallucinating. Saying “hear” simply means the intuition is presenting as words or sounds instead of mental images.

I’ve worked with aromatherapy, so fragrance will chime in for me more often for me than for the majority of psychics. If I get anything like that it is always intended as a general room fragrance which can support emotional states. I never suggest physical applications. That is best left in the hands of an aromatherapist in a proper holistic health consult. That sort of thing does not belong in any psychic reading.

Other senses can pop up too, but that is fairly rare. If a taste comes through, it probably means I’m hungry or it’s something I like and enjoy too.

All of that being said, let’s kick off this new kind of reading post and take a look at these pretties.

As I scattered the crystals, I heard the word “busy” The clear pieces caught attention more than the obsidian. They seemed very sparkling and glittery despite the overcast skies and subdued light. The general impression is that this is going to be a busy and likely productive week. If this were Tarot cards, I would expect to see plenty of pentacle cards around with that kind of practical, productive, real-world vibe. These lapis runestones have really nice pyrite inclusions. The gold flecks are prominent on the backs of these particular stones, with resonate with a career and money pentacle-like energy. The rune stones fell blank side up. As I learned it, that is called “Odin’s stones” Whatever that may traditionally mean, I ‘hear’ “blank slate” which hints at a lot of potential here. This week is a blank canvas eager for you to paint. I also hear “lay a foundation” looking at these stones. This week is a blank slate for you to start laying a foundation for future plans.

hmmm, interesting.

That word & hearing thing is called Clairaudience like the mental images are called clairvoyance. If this reading is any indication, crystals are going to be as chatty and mental word hearing as Tarot cards are mental image inducing. Cards show, crystals talk if this is any indication of the direction this is heading.

This is going to be fun.

There you have the short and sweet of it. I hope you enjoy your productive, busy, foundation-laying week.

Thank you so much for reading and listening! I appreciate your thoughts about this new reading. Actually I appreciate any questions, comments or feedback about any of the readings we do together.

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Thanks again see you at the next sip!

Tarot Turnover 11-6-2022

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Craving for Sameness

TaoCraft Short Sip blog & podcast episodes are Tarot readings for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee

I get it.

I kind of feel the same way myself.

Welcome to the TaoCraft Tarot blog and podcast. I’m glad you are here.

The Tower card is about chaos, suddenness and the unexpected. It sums up the past several years of politics and pandemics better than any other card I can think of at the moment. Today the Tower is reversed, which begs the question of what do you get when you turn chaos on its head?


Sudden change and chaos has its benefits, believe it or not. There are reasons for that proverb that there is opportunity in chaos. There has to be a bolt of lightning before you can catch it in a bottle. Chaos often forces us to the top of the tower to gain perspective and get above the fracas. Chaos can force us to be mentally and emotionally agile. Change forces adaptability which is in turn a path of evolution and survival.

No energy is – or should be – forever.

Change is part of the fabric of the universe. The universe is expanding. Stars go nova. Mountains weather. Tectonic plates shift.

But sometimes enough is freaking enough.

Too much change for too long can take a toll on the human psyche. Just as bodies need rest, mind and emotion needs respite before change turns into chaos turns into full on stress.

It is normal and natural to crave sameness after a time of stress and upheaval. That is a warrior, protective energy. “Protective” is the key word here. Craving sameness and a respite from stress is a matter of protecting the good parts of reality and right now. It is a matter of protecting peace and quiet but NOT a matter of regressing to an imaginary past dreamed through rose colored glasses.

And of course, the other extreme is not a good thing either. Too much sameness breeds stagnation and decay.

Here again we see the mind-bending, paradoxical but repeatedly repeatedly proven true interplay of opposites from the philosophy side of Taoism. Anything in its extreme fosters the seed of its opposite. Too much stress and change fosters a craving for sameness. Too much sameness fosters a craving to shake things up with a little chaos. Chaos which, in due time, gets turned on its head back into sameness.

Thank you for reading the blog and listening to the audio version aka podcast. I appreciate it. I also appreciate any likes, subs, follows, shares, questions or comments that you can spare.

See you at the next sip.

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Q&A: Light Housekeeping

Q: Do you do house cleansing or clearing? I will be moving into a new house, and I was told a man had been murdered there. I want someone to come to the house and take a reading of it and to respectfully help him or anyone move on. To answer your question, no, nothing has happened to make me think he or any other spirits may be stuck there, but there is one area that has a strong feeling of sadness. I did burn some sage, but it didn’t seems to help. Is there anything you can do?

A: That isn’t my area of expertise. I deal with spiritual guidance for living folks, not so much the not living ones. The one person I knew who did do this sort of work has moved away from our area. Since you want someone to come to the location, unfortunately all I can do is suggest that you continue your google search.

In the meantime, I do know some basics that you can do for yourself that might help. I’ve used them in the past for different applications, not this particular kind of clearing, so I can’t make any promises. They worked so well for other energy clearing, since you don’t think you have a full on haunting, it might be all  you need to settle in to a new space and make that new house a home.

That was a great idea to start with sage. It is, in my experience, very calming, soothing, grounding, centering, balancing, comforting and protective. Whether it did anything for the sad feeling energy or not, at the very least it would help you to feel calm and protected as you do your clearing work.

Sage, black salt, ground eggshells and all of that are helpful for protection, yes, but it seems you need something to clear first…then you can move back to the protective measures.

Think of it this way, putting a doormat outside of your door will help keep new mud from being tracked into the house, but it won’t do anything about the footprints already on the floor.

My intuition is that you need something brighter, expansive, clearing and dispelling. My hunch is salt, sound and lemon. In aromatherapy, citrus scents are believe to be clearing, cleansing, energizing and very high vibration. Any residual energy of the sad, tragic kind you describe is low vibration and would need that extra boost in order to clear, to move out. High vibration measures is like mopping the old footprints off the floor after you put the doormat out.

I suggest a three step treatment for the whole house if you can manage it…or the area where you sense the sadness at the very least.

First do normal, ordinary, mundane cleaning. Just like ordinary spring cleaning as anyone would before moving in. Second, mist all the rooms, especially around windows and all doorways, corners too if you feel they need it. Make a lemon salt water mist with filtered or spring water, a pinch of salt, and either some lemon essential oil or a little lemon juice. The scent doesn’t have to be strong and just a pinch of salt will do when you are doing energy-level work like this. After you clean and mist, ring a small bell or chime in each room or use one of those “singing bowls” if you prefer.

Once you have done the energy-raising cleansing, then you can protect with sage or a sprinkle of salt/black salt/ground eggshell powder at the entry doorways to help keep the energy clear.

After all of that, you could really put the frosting on the cake and have someone bless or dedicate the home. A good old fashioned housewarming party might help too…housewarming really is a good name for it. Friends and family having a pleasant time together truly can raise the energy of a space and make it feel like home. f

If you would like to go more in depth, I suggest reading Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews. It is an excellent resource.

Like I said, I’m no expert in this particular topic. If I learn anything new, I’ll post it here in the blog for you. Don’t forget to subscribe by email so you don’t miss new posts or the special offers coming later in the year.

Thanks for the great question! Sorry I couldn’t be more help. I’d be interested to know if you try this and how it works for you. I hope it works as well for you.

All Best Wishes