Calling all audiophiles

I think I’ve found a new text to speech alternative.

I get it. Audio is a good thing. I love to listen to music and live with a family of musicians, so I appreciate the whole audiophile sound quality thing. It is helpful when words make sounds at all. Some folks just learn and retain information better from the spoken word. Some people have vision issues and rely on spoken word media. Some people just like to listen while they drive or do other things (that’s me – I listen to podcasts while I knit.) There are any number of reasons why it is a good idea to have an audio echo of this blog.

I get it about listening to spoken word content.

On the other hand, creating spoken word content isn’t my strong suit. Put me in front of a keyboard and I’ll write anything you want and imagine I’m giving Shakespeare a run for the money in the process. Put me in front of a microphone to speak and I’ll sound like drunk Yoda at best.

Spotify pooched the old podcast (with the Clairvoyant Confessional episodes) in the switch from Anchor Fm to Spotify for Podcasters and of course things are weirder still as WordPress integration ends. I’m closing the old feed.

If you are an audio person, please be sure to follow the “Sage Sips” feed that matches the free posts here, on ko-fi and on substack.

Right now, the podcast will consist of the Monday week-ahead pathway Tarot readings, but that can change – so this is your chance to influence what content goes into the podcast. Let me know in the comments below what else you want in the podcast and I’ll see what I can do.

Sorry this popped up just when I thought everything was consistent and settled. Ah well, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Life is nothing if not change.

See you tomorrow for the Path reading for the week of May 8-14!