Oracle’s Toolkit: Pendulums

Learn to use a pendulum in this new TaoCraft Tarot series “Oracle’s Toolkit”

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This behind the scenes style post originally appeared in my old Tarotbytes blog on the Modern Oracle website in January of 2018. Caught up in re-branding everything from Modern Oracle to TaoCraft Tarot, the Oracle’s Toolkit series fell by the wayside. The series is returning with this edited reprise, but brand new posts will follow. I’m keeping the “Oracle’s Toolkit” title as a nod to the Modern Oracle days.

Working with oracle tools like Tarot cards or pendulums turns up the volume on your own intuition. Working with an oracle tool plus a professional who is an expert at using that tool turns the volume up to 11. Still, your energy, your message, and your knowing lies at the center of it all.

A client once asked “I’m thinking about X, should I do X or not?” This is the perfect kind of question for a psychic reading. Like I’ve said dozens of times, “Tarot doesn’t predict what will happen in life, it helps you to figure out what to do when life happens.” The same is true of any type of psychic reading or divination method.

As a professional reader, I always feel I’ve done my job well when a client sits back, their shoulders relax down a bit and they say “that’s what I thought.”

The tricky part of this particular reading was that their “X” involved something that really needed concrete logic, not intuition. It involved a subject that I don’t know at all and that a non-expert really shouldn’t spout off about. Fortunately, the client had already talked to someone and had qualified advice in hand. They were looking for inspiration and validation for a decision they had to make based on that advice.

Some decisions can’t be made for you, by expert advisors or spiritual advisors either one. My instinct at the time was to teach this person how to use a pendulum so they could apply their own intuition to a potentially life altering decision. This situation needed deep inner connection, not more outside input.

One of the arguments against pendulums is that they are actually controlled by small, subconscious “ideomotor” muscle movements. Skeptics object to pendulums because they aren’t any sort of outside guidance at all. Skeptics say that the person is simply projecting their subconscious desire onto the pendulum through the minute muscle movements.

EXACTLY! That’s the WHOLE POINT of it!

Using a pendulum cuts through self doubt and second guessing to get at an honest preference. The end result is functionally no different from someone who flat out makes the decision they want from the start. Using a pendulum may not change the end decision, but it can make a qualitative difference in the decision making process. Using an oracle tool can lead to a decision that is less impulsive and more thoughtful, made while engaging both logical and creative thinking. If using a pendulum adds an element of confidence to a difficult decision, then the pendulum has served a good purpose.

The same is true whatever kind of oracle tool a person might use. By oracle tool, I mean any physical object or method that helps us to access our innate wisdom with greater ease and clarity. These tools simply amplify our connection to the natural intuition that we all posses.

Think of actual sound amplifiers and microphones. Using an amplifier doesn’t have an outside influence or give any special outside information to the musician who is using it. Equally, pendulums don’t don’t have any influence or offer any special outside information. Both actual amplifiers and pendulums help bring something inside you out into the world in a more definitive way.

Using a pendulum is astonishingly simple.

First, get a pendulum.

I’ve noticed a lot of online how-to videos show people using beautiful crystal and gemstone pendulums. Crystals and gems enhance and beautify the experience. They are a welcome addition to any reading, but they are not by any means necessary. There is no reason to invest in a high end fancy pendulum until you work with the technique for a little while and see if it really is right for you or not. Any weight will do. I did my first pendulum work with a an old necklace. Now I use a purpose made metal pendulum but you could use a hex nut tied to a piece of twine for all that it matters.

The actual pendulum matters much less than your clarity of mind.

Probably the most important step in all of this is putting your concern into a single, concise, yes-or-no format. Pendulums are not chatty. They give you yes. They give you no. That’s it. That’s all there is. You can build more complex guidance with a series of questions, but each individual questions must be in a clear, specific yes-or-no form.

After you have your question clear in your mind, you have to be equally clear about how the yesses and nos are represented. Swing the pendulum on purpose and say firmly “this means yes”. Most people pick backward and forward (toward you and away from you) for this answer. Swing the pendulum on purpose and say firmly “this means no” Most people choose a left and right, side to side motion for this.

Once you’ve done the deliberate swings, dangle the pendulum in a way that lets the weight swing freely. Stop the pendulums movement with your free hand. Then just ask your question, wait watch to see what happens. If it starts to swing, there’s your answer. If the pendulum doesn’t move or goes in circles that means the answer is unknown, or hasn’t been decided. Try again later, as the pool ball toy says.

We will add details and expand on the whole process in the Oracle’s Toolkit ebook.

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TaoCraft Portfolio: Authenticity

Authenticity is the whole reason that I re-branded from Modern Oracle Tarot to TaoCraft Tarot. It is an unfortunate reality that psychics and Tarot readers can be a target for all sorts of biases. We are often caught in the crossfire between religious fundamentalists who are convinced we are all evil and pedantic would-be skeptics who think we are all criminal. When I began in-person work in 2003, I had a whole laundry list of reasons to do so with a low profile inoffensive public image.

By 2018 that list had changed. By then, Modern Oracle no longer reflected who I am or the kind of Tarot work I want to do. I still don’t intend to deliberately offend anyone, but I am no longer willing to dilute my work to spare other people’s exaggerated sensitivities. Some places still require us to use the “for entertainment only” disclaimer. Tarot is entertainment because it really is a lot of fun. It is also much more. Tarot is a genuine expression of spirituality and life philosophy. Being honest is more important than being inoffensive. Integrity is more important than expanding market appeal.

Authenticity circles right back to the core premise of TaoCraft Portfolio. How do you find the right Tarot reader for you?

Professionalism and transparent business practices is a good place to start. If you are looking for entertainment, then a good stage personality is all it takes. But if you want a reading because you need honest to goodness guidance, both professionalism and personality matter. You wouldn’t want to talk about sensitive emotional or spiritual issues with someone who holds ideals that you find repellent.

I am Taoist, Zen, and solitary eclectic all in one. I was raised evangelical, but I’ve been an atheist for decades now. Science works regardless of what we believe. I am a LGBTQIA+ ally. Black lives matter. There is a climate crisis caused by humans and we must do everything we can to live in balance with nature. Women’s rights are human rights, especially reproductive choice. Healthcare is a universal human right. Shit happens, but love is love, and compassion is the one measure of it all.

You may think it odd that I want to come out and say these things so explicitly. You may think it is odd that anyone would care about such things. Still, if we know there are no unexpected cultural or political landmines, then we can do the reading from safe, solid ground. Both of us can relax. If any of these things anger you or offend your religious sensibilities, then I’m not the right Tarot reader for you. If you don’t mind this worldview (or maybe even agree with it) great! Let’s get started!

The free download version of TaoCraft Portfolio explains all of the basics about TaoCraft Tarot: descriptions of a session, a sample reading, explanation of the layouts, policies and so on. The “About” page in the menu gives you the same information but also has background pages about philosophy. The full expanded version of TaoCraft Portfolio will be available in the Shop late 2020 and has all of the “about” information collected in one place but adds expanded essays about philosophy and the occasional peek behind the scenes of Tarot readings.

The One Big Same Thing

From what I’ve seen, universal life energy is all over the place.

It’s kind of like ports.

No matter whether you put your big boat in the water in New York or Charleston or Savannah or Buenos Aires or Capetown or Glasgow or Seville, you are still getting into the same great big Atlantic Ocean.

No matter whether you work with Tarot or Reiki or mediumship or magick or taijiquan or meditation or what have you, you are still touching that great big everywhere and everything of universal life energy.

“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.” as they say in Star Wars.

I’ve lost count of the Tarot readers I know who also do other energy work: Reiki, Yoga, Magick, you name it.

That is one big reason that I re-branded Modern Oracle back in 2018. The everywhere all of the time energy that we use in Natural Health (in Reiki, Tai Chi, aromatherapy and more) is the same energy that speaks through a Tarot reading. Benebel Wen connected exactly those dots in Holistic Tarot. Distance Tarot very much is a matter of working with qi (chi, ki, prana etc.) Mat Auryn makes the same connection in the first chapter of Psychic Witch. I’m paraphrasing, but basically magick uses the energy, and a psychic reads that same energy. It is two sides of the same coin, as he points out.

Since it is all different facets of the same diamond, or different sides of the same D&D dice or SOMEthing like that, it just didn’t make sense to try and keep them separate. It was time to open the door of authenticity wide and embrace the wholeness of it all. If you were interested in Natural Health but was frightened off by Tarot (or vice versa) then we likely weren’t going to be a good fit to work together anyway. There are lots of folks around who do the blissed out strictly positive rainbows and unicorns herbology, nutrition and the like so I stepped fully in to the energy side of things. And so, here we are.

Distance is my gig. My specialty within the world of Tarot is distance readings, and my interest within the world of Reiki is enhancing and deepening the distance treatment experience with another of my loves, rocks and crystals (sorry again, mom, for all those rocks I forgot in my pants pockets that pinged the inside of the washing machine when I was a kid)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Reiki and Meditation are permanent parts of TaoCraft Tarot. If you imagine the website as a brick and mortar place (it isn’t, really) think of one side of the room having shelves of crystals, plants, a water fountain, a statue of Quan Yin, incense and a table for Reiki sessions.

The middle third is the Etsy shop with meditation beads and ebooks. The other side of the room has a table and big cozy chairs for doing Tarot readings. If it is a chilly day or at at night, go ahead and imagine a fireplace and simmering teakettle just there.

In your minds eye, how does a space like that feel? It is all of a piece for me, flowing together, all the one same room with just slightly different things to do in the different parts of it. Energy is like that. Just different things to do in different areas of the one big same thing

Want to try a distance Reiki session using crystals? Get the details HERE. I don’t charge for the sessions but I do ask that you answer a few feedback questions as a fair energy exchange.

Still celebrating the two years since the big re-branding name change. Happy Birthday TaoCraft! But the present is for YOU. Visit the special offers page and use the contact form there to get a free one card handwritten Tarot reading by email to celebrate. Offer ends October 31, 2020. All policies and disclaimers apply.

Happy September!

Second Anniversary website-only free tarot reading offer ends October 31, 2020

It’s actually been two years.

In some ways it seems like two days, in others it seems like two decades, but a couple of years ago I began the process of re-branding Modern Oracle Tarot and the Quirk & Flotsam shop on Etsy under one new name. TaoCraft Tarot officially launched under the new identity on October 31, 2018.

If you have been with me since the before time, and made the trip over from Modern Oracle, thank you. I am well and truly grateful, old friends. I hope you’ll hang in there a little more over the next few posts without getting too awfully bored.

If you have arrived since the 2018 unveiling, welcome new friends. I am grateful for each of you too. There are enough of you that introductions are in order. Starting with “Which Layout Should I Get” some of the posts over the next couple of months will re-introduce the basics of what TaoCraft Tarot is all about. Of course, all of that stuff is always available under the “About” tab at top of the page or in the mobile drop-down menu. Even so, I like to dust it all off and post new, current versions as a pure vanity project. Happy Anniversary to me. I hope it makes you feel more comfortable in this cyberspace. As 2020 enters its final third and we all look forward to 2021 (may all your dumpster fires extinguish) there are two new features to the website compared to last Fall: Live phone readings are back and the website comments are open!

Open, but moderated. Please use the comments to ask anything you like. I’ll answer in the blog and/or social media. I’m still going to protect the energy of TaoCraft’s cyberspace. Any spam or inappropriate comments will be obliterated in a blinding flash of white hot hellfire…I mean….deleted before they appear.

Also, you might want to take a peek at the special offers page. I’d bake an anniversary cake for all of us, but maybe this will suffice instead. Because, you know, cyberspace.

Peace to all-R.

Best Contact

Over the next week or so, I won’t be available by telephone or voicemail. You are more than welcome to text, send email or contact me through social media.

There will probably be some delivery delays for email readings. I wish I could be more specific, but it all hinges on when mom’s lab tests come back and when she is discharged from the hospital again.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t work down there in that energy environment. I’ve tried before and it didn’t go well. This ties in with some of the upcoming posts that I have planned. Those might not happen until I get home either, so let’s just say I’ll explain everything later when I get home. It is all Tarot how-to, behind the scenes, my side of the reading table type stuff. It really does relate to intuition, Tarot, spirituality, all that sort of thing. I hope you’ll stay tuned and take a peek.

That being said, for the rest of January I’ll be posting Taraffirmations and quotes instead of 12 Second Tarot ot You Choose Tarot posts. Then starting Febrary 1st, look for a revival of the Modern Oracle / Tarotbytes blog series “My Tarot Valentine.”

I’m just deeply grateful for the internet connection down there. It’s not super serious, medically speaking, but a fragile elderly lady needs a little tlc, and that just happens to put me in an environment 1. Makes me a little nuts and 2. Makes it impossible for me to do any sort of Tarot or Reiki work.

I’m also deeply grateful for all of you reading this and following TaoCraft Tarot on the socials. Don’t forget the FREE digital ink magic email reading on the specials page. It might take a few days to get it to you but, I promise, it will get there eventually.

12 Second Tarot: Queen of Wands (6 Nov 19)

Just do it. Procrastination is a delicious, but today is not the day. Put the procrastination off for a day or so. Dreams and passions never make it from inside your mind to the outside world unless you do what needs to be done.

You Choose on YouTube

Tarot reading for today

Left: Eight of Pentacles – Almost there. Energies are right to see things through. Don’t sabotage yourself by giving up too soon.

Middle: Ten of Swords – Not everything is a big spiritual experience. Sometimes reality pins you down. Stare the dirt in the face and see reality as it is. THEN get up and make the most of the lemons life hands you.

Right: Eight of swords – Your creativity can save you. Close your eyes, be very quiet and physically still. Listen to the wind and hear the truth within.

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12 Second Tarot: Two of Wands (15 October 19)

Watch for opportunties. Use the now to prepare for the soon.

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