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Why do I still do Tarot readings?

I’m really good at it.

Plus it gives me pleasure to write about the deep spirituality and unending fascination that Tarot provides.

I like to think my readings help the people who get them.

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The day job* is the main focus today, but I’ll be back on the blogs tomorrow with a “Learn With Me” post and another Oracle Dice throw.

Thank you so much for reading and following along with this all. See you at the next sip!

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Judgement and Action

Learn how to learn an oracle method along with me as I explore the new Publishing Goblin Oracle Dice

Hi and welcome to Sage Sips: a contemplation for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. Thanks for being here. This free content is fueled by your private reading purchases, paid subscriptions and virtual ko-fi coffees and plenty of real coffee too.


Second roll of the dice and I get my old nemesis, Judgement.

I have to admit, I like this one a lot better than the religion influenced Judgment card from Tarot major arcana. Almost giggled when I saw it, because for a split second I thought it was a muppet face.

Luckily the energy today is on the “use good judgement” side of things and not the Judgey McHubrispants side that pushes my religious trauma buttons.

Off the cuff intuition is on the order of … once you make a reasoned decision, it is pretty worthless without some sort of action. It might be one task, or a million little nuanced lifestyle decisions, but good judgement is tied to action nonetheless.

Quick note before we move on with this post – or this series of posts, actually. I know the singular of dice is die. But this is cyberspace and America in 2023. There is a pretty good chance that something automated is going to confuse the singular-dice word with the become un-alive word. Grammar be damned, I’m calling them all dice. I’m out here trying to help (and hopefully entice you to get a private reading) I can’t do that shadow banned. Talk about your Judgy McHubrispants.

Now – back to the Judgement symbol.

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It’s Sunday, time for a turnover

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Go all Kylo

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Extra layer Tarot Turnover

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Tidal Flow

TaoCraft Short Sip is Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. Today: The Moon and psychic tidal flow.

Welcome to TaoCraft Tarot blogcast. I’m glad you are here.

Today’s card is the Moon from the major arcana.

Major arcana cards, being what they are, have more threads of meaning and are often a balance of heavier opposites than we see in the minor arcana.

The moon is associated with spiritual journeying, wisdom, intuition, psychic ability, dreams. Ted Andrews, in his Animal Wise Tarot deck, also ties in changing, communication and guidance. The point about change captures my attention today.

The Moon card is very much tied to the element of water and its connotations and its ties with the suit of cups. I feel like the Moon is connecting with the Queen of Cups card a little bit. The literal moon’s gravity reaches into the depths of the ocean and pulls it all into high tide. The Queen of Cups is said to be looking into her cup of water to pull spiritual knowledge from the depths of the human psyche.

There are psychic tides as much as there are literal ones. Our intuitive energies ebb and flow as much as physical ones. Self care extends to the spirit as much as to the physical. Sometimes tides surgh and we are called to speak our truths from rooftops. Sometimes they ebb and time comes for us to take in rest and comfort in the truths of ritual and shouted ideas of others.

Listen to your inner spiritual tides as well as the demands of corporal being. The Moon card is a call to your spiritual tidal flow the care and attention that it needs today.

Thank you so much for listening.

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Tarot Turnover for 4-2-22

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I’m putting some sauce on the Tarot Turnover and moving it to the members-only blog: it’s a lesson / tutorial instead of just a fun little exercise on the blog.

Tarot Turnovers are a mini-class with me any week you want to participate.

Here is how it works:

I’ll post a randomly selected card and it’s classic RWS (public domain) image along with a list of meanings, just like before BUT with the added feature of Q&A access for your intuition exercise. If you have any questions about what the card may mean for you or the process of reading it – just ask!

I called this tier of memberships the “Tarot Table” for a reason. The new “Turnover” feature lets us talk about the card around the table. I’ll give you the best guidance I have from 30 years experience reading Tarot cards.

The Tarot Table gives you a members-only three card “Path Through the Month” reading through ko-fi blog, a mid-month newsletter, members-only random special offers, plus a one-time private individual “Path Through the Year” Tarot reading by email when you join.

Join the discussion, build your intuition: this week’s Tarot Turnover is available now

Weekend Tarot Turnover: Stable

TaoCraft Tarot Weekend Tarot Turnovers are a unique intuition building exercise that can help you learn to read Tarot cards with more depth and meaning than a “little white book”

public domain

Hi and welcome to the weekend Tarot turnover. This is a fun little intuition building exercise where we turn our usual weekday Short Sip Tarot readings upside down. This time, I sip the coffee and you read the Tarot card.

It works just like a “YouChoose Interactive Tarot Reading” that we usually do on Sundays or Mondays. It’ll be Monday this week by the way. But in any case, read or listen to the list of potential interpretations to the card and use your pure, raw intuition to pick the one that is right for you. There is nothing else for it. Muscles only get stronger when you use them. Same for neurons, brain elasticity and all of that. I count intuition as one of those use responsive varieties of brain function, but that’s just me.

So follow your gut. Go with the meaning you know in your bones to be the right one. But more importantly, if the card sparks a different idea – go with that. If it brings a personal experience or memory to mind, pay attention to that. If it triggers the memory of a song or movie or tv show, that its a legit meaning too. Use the ideas and memories the card triggers to find a message or meaning unique to you. You are welcome to use the best of both. Combine old accepted meanings along with your own spontaneous brainwaves to find your meditation message for today.

Today’s Card is the Four of Pentacles. Different decks have different names for this suit. Pentacles, coins, disks, orbs, it all has the same root meanings and associations. As far as elements go, these cards are associated with the classical element of earth. As far as how they relate to life as a whole, I think of them as connecting to our relationship to the physical world – or more traditionally as symbolizing wealth, money and career. Four has a variety of meanings. My attention is drawn to numerology and also Chinese superstitions about the number four being bad luck because it sounds like…but HA! I’m going to let YOU research it if that idea is talking to you because this is supposed to exercise your intuition while I stand over here drinking coffee like baby Yoda sipping soupy soup out of his cuppy cup. Here we go. Four of Pentacles:

  • Stability
  • protecting something
  • secret treasure
  • hoarding or being a miser
  • careful saving
  • setting and enforcing boundaries
  • stubbornness
  • self reliance

What do you think? Feel free to comment about the meaning you chose or ask any questions about the card or meanings. Have fun!

Thanks for reading and listening! Your likes, subs, shares, follows, buy me a coffee donations, Tarot Table memberships and email Tarot readings purchased through this website purchases all support this unique Tarot learning content.

See you at the next sip…or in this case, the next YouChoose Tarot reading.

Weekend Tarot Turnover: Two of Wands

Turn Tarot on its head while you practice your intuitive and card reading skills.I sip the coffee, you read the card. Today’s card is the Two of Wands

Hello and welcome to the Weekend Tarot Turnover. I’m glad you are here.

Let’s turn the Tarot reading process on its head. I’ll sip the coffee while you contemplate and interpret the card. For those of you reading the blog or getting here through the YouTube channel, you can see the real-world, authentic card draw on video. Those of you listening on the blogcast will just have to take my word for it or check it out later. A link to the blog is always in the episode description, at least on Spotify and Anchor FM it is.

Today’s card is the Two of Wands.

Read or listen to this list of possible card meanings, as use your intuition to see which one fits you or feels right to you. Or better still, use your own intuition to make your own meaning. Honing in on the right meaning provided in the references and resources direct inspirations you have on hand is integral to reading Tarot for yourself. I don’t certify or teach anyone to read for other people but I can teach you to read Tarot for yourself really, really well. Watch this space for more on that.

But back to the Two of Wands. Two cards in general deal with balances.

  1. Balance your inner world with the outer world. Don’t get so caught up in the physical that you forget to care for your emotional and spiritual side. And vice versa – don’t live in your head so much that you neglect the practical side of life.
  2. Balance your attention to time. If you allow your thoughts to dwell too much in the future, anxiety or unhappiness can come.
  3. Look to the future sometimes. Hopes and plans are important too. Tomorrow has to start somewhere.
  4. Reassurance or validation that you are on the path to success, watching the horizon for your ship to come in

So, what do you think? Feel free to drop your card interpretation or thoughts about the weeknd turnover exercise in the comments. Questions are welcome and answered in the blogcast. Will trade my opinion and expertise for some of that sweet, sweet content. Let’s talk!

Thanks for listening! I’ll see you at the next sip.

None of the authentic TaoCraft Tarot content is monetized. Any ads you see benefit the hosting platform, which means the Tarot part of the content is 100% listener supported. The blogcast and YouTube channel depends on email Tarot readings purchased through the blogcast website and Tarot Table memberships on ko-fi. I always appreciate your support as well as any likes, subs, shares and follows you can spare. Thank you.

Weekend Tarot Turnover: Knight of Wands

Weekend Tarot Turnovers on TaoCraft Tarot by Ronda Snow flips the script on a typical Tarot reading to let you stretch your intuition and learn to read single Tarot cards.

Hi and welcome to this special weekend evening edition of I’m going to try something new with this text to speech thing. I’m glad you are here.

My cyberpunk self is loving this whole concept. In my overly robust imagination, I can conjure up getting an award for my Tarot brilliance and giving a thank you speech with the AI voice dubbed over it as if that was my actual speaking voice so we can all pretend that I actually sound like this. Big spontaneous not-sponsored, unpaid thank you to Anchor FM, WordPress and Siri’s second cousin Remy for making this whole construct possible. And thank you to William Gibson for writing Neuromancer and sparking off the whole cyberpunk analogy in my mind. I love that book.

But anyway, these “Tarot Turnover” exercises are just that. We flip the script on one card Tarot readings like the ones in the weekday short sip episodes. Except today I sip the coffee and YOU contemplate the card. I’ll pull a card and list some interpretations for the card either from old blog posts or partially inspired by some of the books on the suggested reading list here on the website.

Speaking of references, I get the feeling that one authors is a little extra sensitive about citations so I’ll remind everyone that every deck that I show in the blog, on the YouTube channel or in social media has permission for use granted by the author, artist or publisher. In the case of Animal Wise Tarot, I was kindly given direct permission from DragonHawk Publishing. I’ve been a huge Ted Andrews fan since the early 1990s, so I was pretty geeked over that one. Tham Pham, the brilliant artist behind the Heart of Stars Tarot deck and the Runes of Mannaz card deck, kindly granted permission directly to me for its use. Once it arrives, I also have permission via a kickstarter conversation from Dane Asmund and Seven Thirteen Books to use the Alleyman’s Tarot. I can’t wait to get my mitts on that one. But rest assured that if you see a deck here, I bought it, paid for it, evaluated it, used it, and deemed it one of the best within reach. It wouldn’t be in the blog otherwise. I’ve been using a Waite Smith public domain deck a lot lately just because it is easier to type “public domain” than it is to type a full deck information. After dissertation, the academic in me won’t let citation discipline go. I have to give SOME level of citation because I can’t not. Besides, my luck with citations is that if I get tired and forget ONE FRIGGEN TIME, in ONE FRIGGEN instagram post, complaints ensue. That being said, the deck pictured today is The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans used with permission granted by Llwellyn Publishing via

But again…..back to the turnover

There are a huge number of interpretations for any card. You can use your intuition to choose the meaning that fits you the best from this short list OR -even better – create your own direct understanding of the card. Your direct intuitive understanding doesn’t even have to be put into words. No one needs to know your message from the card except you. It can be a feeling, mental image, or physical sensation. But if you have any questions about your interpretation feel free to ask in the comments or contact the email in the right hand website column for a response in the blogcast, identifying information withheld of course.

Knight cards are associated with action and chivalry. Wands have to do with fire, passions, your inner world and your relationship with yourself. The vibe I get today is an advice type message to act on your personal spirituality with integrity.

Other possible meanings might include:

  • Calm self-assurance, comfortable within your own skin
  • Adventure, travel
  • new job or new house
  • survival instincts / acts of self preservation

Look for an updated blog post or in the podcast episode description for a list of helpful Tarot references. There is nothing wrong for looking to books for inspiration about a card interpretation. Bibliomancy is using a book for intuitive guidance. Both the books and the cards are all just inspiration. They are the spark and the amplifier. You and your intuition is really the thing at work here.

What does your intuition tell you about the knight of wands this evening?

Thank you for reading, watching and listening. The blog cast and YouTube channel are not monetized in any way so they depend on your support. Email Tarot reading purchases, Tarot Table memberships and “Buy me a coffee” donations all contribute to creating this Tarot Content for everyone to read or hear.

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Thanks again. See you at the next sip!