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Members only Tarot Turnover: She Sells Sanctuary


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Weekend (just barely) Tarot Turnover

TaoCraft Weekend Tarot Turnovers are an intuition building exercise. I sip the coffee and you practice the Tarot reading. This week compassionate insight with the Queen of Cups.

Welcome to the Weekend Tarot Turnover where we turn the weekday short sip Tarot readings upside down. I’ll sip the coffee and you interpret the card to practice and stretch your intuition.

I picked a card at random. The idea is that you choose the meaning from the list below that that you think is the best guidance or message for you just now. Instead of me looking outward to read the energy, it’s your turn to look inward to listen to what your bones, guts and intuition are telling you.

Today’s card is the Queen of Cups, which is a particularly good card for this exercise. The queen of cups is very much aligned with intuition.

Some meanings include:

  • Knowing without a clear logical reason
  • Inner wisdom
  • Understanding mysteries through study
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding people’s emotions
  • Kindness and compassion is needed
  • Pay attention to your dreams, learn to remember them

Comments are open, so feel free to let us know what if any of this resonates with you. Questions are always welcome, and will be answered in the blog.

Thanks so much for reading the blog and listening to the podcast. Next up is the unboxing-ish review of the Alleyman’s Tarot deck. Then back to short sip posts for the week. Your likes, subs, shares, and follows are always appreciated.

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See you at the next sip

Sunday Turnover: Tarot By Moonlight

Sunday Tarot Turnovers are a blog exclusive intuition building exercise for your weekend. Most Mondays I post “YouChoose” on YouTube where you choose when to watch the video, you choose how to use the reading (daily inspiration, answer to a top of mind question, etc) and you choose the card for the reading.

On Sunday, we flip the scrip. Instead of choosing a card, you choose an interpretation. I’ll list a variety of meanings that have come up for the card over the years either from the sources cited or from my own readings. If you use the search bar, you can see old posts about the card on this blog or visit my old Tarotbytes blog on the Modern Oracle Tarot archives which is searchable too. If you see “Quirk & Flotsam” my old two owl logo then you’ll know you are in the right place.

Anyway…let’s get to this.

Today’s card is….

  • Natural cycles, ebb and flow (Ted Andrews, Animal Wise Tarot)
  • Spiritual Journey (Diane Morgan, Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao)
  • yin energy, yin power, yin effectiveness
  • gentleness
  • intuition
  • manifestation (A.E. Waite, A Pictorial Key to the Tarot)

There is no answer to this. All of these interpretations are valid. You can’t deny the expertise of people like Ted Andrews and Edward Waite. Still, the only way to know the right meaning for the card for you today. Knowing and researching card meanings is the foundation, the beginnig. These Sunday Turnover exercises are a way to practice elevating your DIY Tarot a step further. This will help you use the cards and documented meanings to connect to your own intuition and decide which meaning is best for you right here, right now, today, whatever day you read this.

If that day happens to be today, I hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday. All the best to you!