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Left: Ten of Swords. Ok, now what? You gave it your best shot, went for the dream, and it all went precisely pear shaped. It sucks. Take a minute. Regroup. Look at what went wrong so you can not do THAT again. If going for your dream gets you this, it is OK to take the cosmic message and re-evaluate things, even if I means considering the dream really isn’t the right thing to do after all.

Middle: The Moon. Everything looks better in soft light. Not every minute is bright sunshine, the moon grows and wanes. Sometimes you chase, sometimes you sip wine in moonlight and dream.

Right: Queen of Coins. Emerson said the greatest gift we can give is a piece of ourselves. You can make it rain with the smallest of gestures: a smile, hold the door for someone, be a little more patient. Kindness is the Midas touch that turns everythign to gold.

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