CrystalCast 16-23 January ’23

The adage “you never know until you try” is scientific experimentation in a nutshell. Don’t forget what Adam Savage said “Remember kids, the only between screwing around and science is writing it down.”

Hi and welcome to Sage’s Short Sip Tarot. This isn’t Tarot, and it isn’t exactly science, but this is me trying something new and this blog is me writing it down so it counts.

It is a bit of an experiment in progress, but CrystalCasts are back. CrystalCasts are pretty basic and simple. It’s based on a combination of scrying, old school charm casting psychic readings, Crystal Vaults style crystal chip readings, rune stones (I’m particularly inspired by Thom Pham‘s Rune Cards of Mannaz) and some good old fashioned pareidolia. I’ve put together a bag of crystals and rune stones, grab a handful at random, chuck them on my favorite Tarot reading cloth and see what happens.

I wanted to show you the part where I mix the bag to show that it is random. Didn’t expect the reading to spew out of the top like this, but I’m thinking it might be an improvement to keep doing it this way. That removes any unconscious psychomotor element from scattering the things by hand. You don’t know until you try, so let’s try. We’ll certainly be writing it down.

A picture is worth a thousand words of writing down, so if you are listening on the podcast, you might want to check out the photo of the crystals for this week over on the blog. If you put in your email, you’ll get all of the crystalcast post – all of the any kind of posts really – in your email inbox to make it easy for you to see.

The large rectangle thing in the middle is a rough cut, largely raw and uncut, clear quartz bead. As I’ve done more of these readings, that bead is taking on the role of significator, a stand in for self. It’s you. It’s me. It’s the anyone who is reading or listening to this if the reading resonates with you at all.

The dark crystal chips are obsidian, and carry a protective energy. See how they circle the big quartz significator? That gives me a “relax, the universe has your back” feeling. What you focus on is what you draw in. You know how when you are learning to drive they tell you to keep your eyes on the road because where you look is where you go? The same is true for esoteric energies and this is something to pay attention to this week. What you energize is what you call to you. Thinking about something energizes it. Worrying about something can energize it. Don’t call your fears to you. Energize the idea that your protective energies are high this week.

It is a good week for qigong and Reiki and other energy boosting practices if you are into that.

By the same token, see how many of the clear quartz chips are outside of the circle of obsidian chips but – importantly – the clear ones also spiral in toward the large significator bead? This is the opposite side of the same coin. If you can beware of energizing your fears and worries, by the same token you can be aware of energizing positive energies and drawing beneficial things toward you.

In short, this week the energies are protective with an influx of good things if you let it. You go where you look, just like driving a car.

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Thanks again! See you at the next sip!

12 Second Tarot: King of Wands

Be the eye of the hurricane.

You are in charge of your inner world. The outer world may be chaos…or frustratingly slow. However the physical realm may incite your inner passions, your inner King can lead those intense emotions, focus them, inspire them to new directions and keep things cool.

Tarot Without a Net: The Chariot

I feel a movie mistake coming on, but I can make up for it with a double pop culture reference.

I’m guessing this is Ben Hur, with what I’ve heard is the most epic chariot scene ever filmed. Again, I haven’t seen it, except the chariot clip on award shows and such.

At first glance, it gives all the classic impressions associated with The Chariot: the need to focus, to be in the moment, give your full attention to something.

The gladiator image really catches my attention though. It expands my thinking about the card, actually. I see the gladiator presentation in terms of a warrior. As a martial artist (a little Kung Fu back in the day, now it is very casual, occasional Taijiquan and Qi gong) I’ve always kind of wondered which Tarot card would be the best “warrior” card. I don’t think you can narrow it down to one card, really. The whole concept is complex, and takes several cards to touch on all the philosophical facets of “warrior” especially in the honor/busidho sense of things. This comes very close, however.

Martial artists and warriors often meditate. According to Navy Seals do breathing patterns akin to yogic and meditation practices to enhance calm.

Calm, focused, in the moment, paying full attention to the task at hand…all traits that warriors and chariot drivers share (chariots were, after all, used in battle too)

Now for the artist’s guide…I’m curious to see if it really is Ben Hur.;;;\

LOL nope….Achellies in the movie Troy. Ah well. Haven’t seen that one either. But that is fine by me….I still like the artwork, color, composition of the cards even if I don’t get the exact movie reference

WHICH, by the way, is an excellent insight into how Tarot works overall. Spirit/energy/intuition might not give us the EXACT information of the message, the reading might not predict your true love’s hair color…but the essence of the message always somehow makes it through.

Oops…oh well. Puts me in the mood for that other pop culture reference. I liked the cartoon “Jimmy Neutron” as much or more than my daughter did. In one episode, Jimmy and Hugh go camping leaving Mrs. Neutron alone for the weekend. Her response? Gather up the dog and break out the cookie dough and gladiator movies. That sounds pretty in the moment…as in ENJOYING the moment….to me.

Wishing you a wonderful moment right here, right now.