It’s Own Magic

If everything changes in time, doesn’t that mean time is magic?

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Today’s card is the Magician. It’s nice to see some major arcana cards showing up lately. That in itself is a nice little validation for me, that some of the energy and effort that I’ve been investing into refreshing the website and migrating the shop to a different platform in an effort to keep prices down on readings just might pay off.

It’s also an interesting compliment to the summer energy that’s out there. As a whole, the major arcana has so called “higher energy” That’s kind of a confusing way to say it. Sometimes higher vs lower energy is used qualitatively. Higher connotes something more esoteric, more spiritual, somehow “good” or virtuous while lower is sometimes used to connote something more banal and mundane, perhaps lesser quality or even malicious.

When I think of major arcana cards as having higher energy, it is a quantitative thing. Electromagnetic waves that have more cycles per unit of distance are said to have higher frequencies. There are just plain more waves in the wavelength not that they are any better or worse – unless of course you are talking about radiation and living tissue but that’s another story that we’ll ignore for now, since we are talking about Tarot card symbolism, not hard science & physics.

What I’m trying to say is that major arcana cards aren’t any better or any worse than the minor arcana. There is a surprising amount of overlap between some minor arcana cards and the majors. The minor cards have a gentler touch with the advice. They hand you a cookie and tell you that by the time you are done it will all be right as rain. Major arcana cards are more ka-pow. They are Oda Mae looking you straight in the eye and telling you that you in danger, girl.

I’ve been told by my Lenormand Tarot reading friends that the whole Lenormand deck is a little like that, all no holds barred frying pan to the face type stuff. It’s on my list of stuff to check out, but I have some other oracle exploration to get out of my system first. I’ll tell you more about that when it’s closer to ready for cyberspace.

Meanwhile, back at the Magician, this is fairly blunt. It reminds me of those internet memes from around the time when the movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” was released where Wong would portal in, throw down some random weird statement and portal back out again. Today’s card is a little like that. There aren’t any circles here. No sneaking up and nabbing the point from behind like with the Turn Around or Tools of the Inner Trade post / episodes.

source: @imgur

The Magician card symbolizes transformation as much as it does manifestation. The only difference between life and magic is our preconceived expectations. The flow of time and life change and transform everything. If you are still alive, you are still magic.

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Sip of Tarot: Flow by Moonlight

Change is afoot. Everything ebbs and flows like the tides. The moon reminds us to use our intuition to sense those cycles and flow with them. You can’t fight the whole ocean alone. Flow with the energy, allow yourself to sense it, and you are not alone. The whole of the ocean and the whole of the cosmos is with you.

It’s not forever. Good times will come again and again like waves on the shore.

Today’s Tarot: Inner Fire, Outer Flow

To have the flow, you gotta have the fire

Today’s card connects with yesterday’s post, but as much to the “why bother” thread of it as the part about clarity. Even though we are looking at single cards on separate days, it gives you a glimpse of how it works for multiple cards in a single layout. These kinds of connections between cards is where rubber meets the road when it comes to larger Tarot readings. You can memorize individual cards all day long, but when you do a multiple card layout unless you can knit them all together into a coherent message, you are missing a big part of the reading’s value. That’s where experience and a professional reading can come in handy.

Today’s card has a very active, additive sort of energy because of that connection. That’s how it works, in my style of Tarot reading. We start with a foundation and build. Sometimes, there is a yin, inward energy and reading will peel off layers to get to the heart of the message. Even though it is a single card, today has a yang, outward sort of message where layers build to find the totality of the message, a little like the related post “Growing Ogres.”

At the base we have the page of wands. Pages are about learning, a very growth energy in and of itself. Wands has to do with inner fire. Add to that the thread from yesterday. Why bother? Why not languish and float and experience and be? No reason, except that it isn’t our nature. The universe is put together in a slightly different way.

To have flow, you mush have fire.

If there is no energy, molecules don’t move. Absolute zero temperature is defined as the point where all atom lose all physical movement. There are quantum physics things going on, but I don’t pretend to understand any of that. But the high school take away is that for molecules to move, there has to be some degree of heat. For that tiniest bit of flow there has to be that tiniest bit of heat/fire. It is in the fabric of the universe for fire and flow to go together.

Flow is an interesting idea. On one hand it is yang…moving not still, outward, not inward. On the other hand it is yin in that “going with the flow” is passive and takes a certain inner peace to not fight the current – both literally and figuratively. Hence my admiration for surfers and surf culture despite being a land locked suburbanite. Flow is a very Taoist thing, encompassing both yin and yang. Flow is in our nature, so having direction and energy is part of our nature.

So yes, bother. That’s what the quote from FL Lucas yesterday meant by “take trouble.” Take the time and go to the trouble and bother to find your clarity, go in your direction, walk your talk, grow, flow.

Learn your direction. Gain your clarity. But the other half our nature is to follow the flow that clarity and understanding dictates.

Life and movement go hand in hand. It is our nature to have inner fire and outer flow.

Today’s Tarot: Dam it

Or more accurately, don’t.

Accidents happen. Poor choices are made, more often than not unintentionally. We wouldn’t set out to hurt anyone, but sometimes we are less careful with ourselves than with others.

There are some times, hopefully minor ones, where we are our own worst enemy and our self sabotage is our own damn fault. I have a theory that is the precise time when obstacles are a potent spirit message and life lesson.

When the challenge comes from things outside of us, all of the adages and advice about persistence come into play. When the obstacle is our own doing, then it is more a matter of beating our own head against our own wall until we get our own clue.

The feeling with the card today is not really preventative. It feels like the message is about something now, something in progress, something where the cosmos is telling us to knock it off already. Where are you putting on the brakes (or building a dam) when you need to go with the flow?

I’ve discovered that I like making playlists. Not going to put the brakes on that just yet. Here is another one for your enjoyment:

Today’s Tarot: Perspective and Flow

Today’s Tarot with the 6 of Swords: Flow and perspective.

I haven’t canoed much.

I grew up in a very rural, mountainous place. It was great for outdoor things, known for rock climbing and white water kayaking. Not a lot of paddling across a placid lake going on there. But, like surfers, kayak enthusiasts know a fair bit about going with the flow, navigating the fast currents and avoiding the kill-you-dead rocks.

I don’t kayak either, but I appreciate the flow thing. When I first read about yielding, go with the flow interpretations for the six of swords, it made immediate, innate sense. That’s kind of how canoes and kayaks work.

Often there are minor arcana cards that echo a major arcana card only with lesser intensity and sometimes a bit more optimism. I see two connections between the six of swords and the major arcana. It is an antidote to the Hanged Man. Flow is forward movement.

Sometimes the card has a perspective, broad view, gestalt feel to it, like a lesser known interpretation of the Tower card. Here that connection to perspective and the big picture is unlocked in the artwork on the card. Think of the view for the person paddling and steering the canoe. The close and narrow view is filled with obstacles, sharp swords. The larger view, where the figure is looking, is open, smooth, obstacle free water. In short, use the larger to steer by, while giving an occasional glance to the near obstacles and issues. It always amazes me that there is never any leaks or breaks around the swords. But let’s not be pedantic. The artist might just be showing the card suit and number. It feels like an important aside: Keep an eye on near terms obstacles and potential problems, but steer according to the larger view. Look to the wider horizon then flow toward the good parts.

Today’s Tarot: Cup of Contemplation


The Four of Cups in the Witches Tarot (by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans, all rights reserved, used here with the permissions granted on is my favorite of all of the Four of Cups that I’ve seen.

It reminds me of the word abide.

If this present moment is one of contemplation, of introspection, of moodiness, or melancholy. Abide with it. Sit with it. Allow the mood to be in its fullness without judgement, action or reaction. 

The stream is key. Let the mood flow. Don’t keep it. Don’t deny or bury it. Moments and moods pass. 

YouChoose Interactive Tarot: know, share, flow

Left: The Lovers. Know your real desires, and prioritize them. Some days living your dream and working toward long term goals is the place to put your energy. Other days, the priority is just to make it through the day. Not every day has to be spent chasing lofty goals. Some days are best spent on the basics like food and sleep. I helps to know what your heartfelt desires really are and where you are in the hierarchy of those desires.

Center: Ten of Coins. Even though coins / Pentacles are associated with the element of earth, and the practical physical realm…typically things like career and money / wealth….the ten reminds us that money can’t buy happiness. There a treasures beyond coins. Happiness is a treasure trove that can never be spent…the more you give, the more you have.

Right: Six of Swords. Go with the flow to see where obstacles really exist…and where they are illusions. Swords have to do with air, intellect and mind. Things that seem in front of us (like the swords stuck in the canoe) may not be as much of an obstruction as it seems. In astronomy and science they can infer information from other direct observations. Newton figured out gravity from seeing an apple fall from a tree. Astronomers can get proof of Einstein’s theory by observing the way starlight bends around the sun during an eclipse. They can discover other planets by observing the way other stars appear to dim and brighten. You can do the same. By watching the natural flow of life, you can see where there are really rocks in the stream ahead, and what is just something in your boat blocking your view. Remember Bruce Lee and “Be water my friend.”


12 Second Tarot: 2 of Swords (17 September 19)

Difficult situations require that we look with our heart as much as our with our eyes.

The two of swords is often read as being “of two minds” about something….a choice between two things of such equality that it is almost impossible, or maybe pointless, to decide.

Often, though, there is a little more to it than that.

Diane Morgan gives a unique reading of the card in her book “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” which for all the obvious reasons is far and away one of my favorite Tarot book. She reads it as a ‘mystical unity’. Instead of indecision between two things, she saw it as profound, etheric, or sublte connection between two things. That is the energy that is stepping forward today.

Today, the two connected things are nothing less than you and the universe.

Which is just how you can decide between two things and make a difficult choice. See with your heart. Before you can make the compassionate choice, or take the higher road, you have to figure out what that is. The idealistic…or even the ideal choice isn’t always obvious. The two of swords is your permission to follow the energy, follow the spiritual choice even if it isn’t obvious to other people. You may the one seeing with more than your eyes.