You Choose Interactive Tarot 17 March 20



Left: The Empress. Breathe. Get in the literal outside if you can (viruses don’t like sunlight as I understand it). When are you going to get another chance like this to give yourself some judgement-free alone time to really, deeply connect with nature? That includes your own inner nature which is vitally important too.

Middle: Trapped at home with your family? Good! Pretend it’s Thanksgiving and e ither enjoy each other’s company or try to not get too much blood on the carpet as your individual situation may be. Either way apply shared pleasures and noise cancelling headphones liberally.

Right: Page of Swords. All the page cards reflect learning. Swords resonate with air and intellect as well as action. Long story short, read a book. Catch up on those podcasts. Fire up those Ted Talks you’ve been meaning to watch. Learn something. Learn anything. Things will change, they always do. Embrace your intellect and time on your hans becomes your friend.