Cycles and Randomness

Welcome to TaoCraft Short Sip Tarot. I’m glad you are here. Take a sip of your favorite beverage and rest for a moment while we contemplate today’s Tarot card

Every Short Sip blog post has a video of the real world card draw for the day at the top. Cutting the deck before a Tarot reading is sort of traditional, so most days I’ll shuffle the deck three times then cut it randomly to get the card for these posts. Why three times? No reason. I’m just partial to 3 probably because of the School House Rock “Three is a Magic Number” back in the day. I don’t show the shuffle because YouTube shorts and Instagram reels are only a few seconds long. Plus shuffling off camera lets me film one handed which saves a ton of set up time. If you want polished professional media, I can’t help. If you want raw unedited real-world Tarot, then you are in the right place.

Today’s card is the Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel card has two threads of meaning. It can point to the cycles of life, the normal ebbs and flows like the tide. Or it can speak to the utter randomness life can have, like the game show or the trial scene from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The two can connect, as paradoxical as that seems.

This card … and sometimes the Tower card …. can point to perspective as an answer to a dilemma. What seems like a random bolt from the blue can start to make sense if you look at it with a larger perspective and as a piece of bigger puzzle.

Or in this case, the seemingly random things might be part of a much larger cycle. It’s akin to comets. They used to be seen as random harbingers of doom. But now we understand that they are ice chunks that are sometimes one time fly-bys, and sometimes have such large orbits that their cycles near the sun were beyond human notice.

Some things are just random. Cycles and patterns, when we can find them, are comforting. Maybe that is why our brains are hard wired to find them. Those tendencies are a part of us, so why not use them if it can help us learn, grow and cope? What patterns and cycles have you been seeing? If a seemingly random problem has crossed your path, maybe it would help solve it if you widen your perspective and look to larger, longer cycles in life.

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