Yes/No Interactive Tarot: Don’t Throw Good After Bad


I admit it…I’ a writer not a YouTuber. If you let me know what kind of content you want to see on YouTube I can learn how to make it. Badly.

That’s on purpose, you know. You don’t get to edit in a live Tarot reading, so why should this be any different?

But like a rambled about in the video: Everybody and their monkey’s uncle are doing straight readings and pick-a-card videos, especially on YouTube and Instagram. I think I’ll stick with this for a little while, unless I hear differently from YOU. So wadda ya think? Helpful? Interesting? Mildly entertaining? Good enough to kill 5 minutes or so with it? Do you have any YES OR NO questions? If you email them to I might be able to convince Zombie Cat to hang out and do a few on YouTube just for fun and content creation if you are interested. If I have a real question to focus on, the video can give you a better taste of what live phone readings are like (or in-person ones if we ever get back to that point.)

When I pulled these cards I didn’t have any question in mind at all. I just did it with the usual ‘help somebody somewhere, hopefully as many as possible’ intent that I usually use here and on social media.

Here is the key to these readings going forward:

  • No aces = strong but changeable NO
  • One ace = maybe, but probably no
  • Two aces = maybe, but probably yes
  • Three aces = strong but changeable YES

In Taoist thought, anything in its extreme holds the seed of the other. As a not to I Ching wisdom, I read all-aces and no-aces like the “changing lines” in I Ching. It is like standing on your toes with you weight leaning forward. Those two results are SO yes or SO no that the answer can quite possibly, through decision and action, be pushed in the other direction.

There are lists, out there in the ethers, of single card yes/no meanings, where you can randomly draw a single card and ostensibly get your clear yes or no answer. I’ve tried that method, but I never connected with it very well. There didn’t seem to be any structure to why each card was given their meaning, either by logic or by energy.

This method connects in much the same way as any Tarot reading. There is a base structure, an underlying logic that acts as armature, a skeleton that helps us connect spirit and energy to the real world in a useful way.

These videos are one thing, blog posts are a better articulated thing, but getting a reading is a whole other thing. If you want to give yes/no a try, Zombie Cat is around for another week on the home page or distance tarot page in the menu above.

If you want a personalized free “digital mini inkmagic” one card Tarot reading by email (policies and disclaimers apply) then you have slightly more than 24 hours to get yours on the special offer page, also in the menu above.

Be Safe. Be Well. Thanks for reading.

YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Scout, Patrol, See

Choose a card, scroll down to get your reading.

Use the video to pick a card; left, center or right. Go on quick impulse, or if you need some time to think about it you can pause the video and restart it to see the reveal. Once you have your card, scroll down for the reading.

Looking at all three together doesn’t give much of a message this week. It is all kind of low key, and more individualized than usual. Your chosen card might resonate with you as an individual more than usual. Or not. You know how these general energy, general audience readings go sometimes.

Not much going on this week by way of announcements. The anniversary month give-away continues until October 31, 2020, so visit the special offers page if you would like a free one card handwritten “mini digital InkMagick Tarot reading” by email.

The interesting thing this week is the way all three cards are coming through as more verbal than feelings or mental images. In other words, I’d call it clairaudient rather than clairsentient or clairvoyant.

Left: Two of Wands. “Look to new horizons.” The energies this week suit pushing the envelope a little. If you are given the chance to try something new, been thinking about trying something new, or are being nudged outside of your comfort zone, not to worry. Scope it out, if it seems right, why not?

Center: Knight of Pentacles. “Patrol the perimeter.” Knights denote action. Although Pentacles are often associated with career or wealth, I get more of a grounded, centered, practical energy as one would expect from the earth element. I forget the source but I’ve seen the card associated with “active upkeep” and that kind of routine, proactive maintenance is very much the energy here for this week. This is a good week to keep to the schedule, patrol your fence, repair what needs repaired, and do other such mundane chores.

Right: Six of Cups. “See with the eyes of a child.” Disappointment and frustration come from reality being different from your hopes and expectations. If you don’t know (or care about) what to expect, like small children at play, you can take things as they come. No expectations, no disappointment. See things at they are, then you can use your imagination to invent a way to move a little closer to your dream.

Today’s Tarot: The Watcher

Apologies for the delay in posting, because, well, 2020.

On to the Three of Wands. Yes, again. Different deck, different day, same card. Cool thing happened; about an hour after I filmed the card draw above, I did a one card reading for an individual with a different deck (Steampunk, their favorite) and wouldn’t you know it – Three of Wands. This card is really trying to get our attention.

It also gives us a little insight into how Tarot can be such a broadly useful tool for something as subtle, complex and personal as spiritual guidance or personal growth. The math is pretty much un-do-able, but let’s just look at these one card daily meditation type of readings. You have one card position, with one position meaning, raised to the power of 78 possible cards, raised to the power of all the card keywords and meanings that have attached to each card over the years. Now, multiply all of that by multiple cards, various layout position meanings, different intuitive messages, different intents or flavors of each card’s message…try knitting all of that together into a coherent message that someone can actually understand and put to practical use. Now you know why we charge the rates that we do. The more cards in a reading, the more complex it becomes, and the more effort it takes to make sense of it all for a client.

The Three of Wands is often associated with things like watchfulness, active waiting, observation, proper timing, or vigilance.

Recently, the energy seemed to flow toward the watching for the right timing, watching for events to happen that would in turn prompt you to action.

Today, the energy is more toward the vigilance end of things. The watchfulness isn’t times to a particular action. It isn’t about timing your action just right. It has a more general sense. This is tied to the idea of healthy boundary setting that has been front of mind of late as well. Now that we know where the boundaries ARE, the Three of Wands is asking you to maintain them, patrol them, defend them. The words “perifory” and “vigilance” step forward. Now that we know, based on logic and historical fact, that more turbulent times are likely on the horizon, be politically or pandemic related, the card is further reminding us to guard our energy and mental health. It is always better to over-prepare than to under-react in such things, be it literal storms, public health, or your energetic and emotional well being.

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You Made It! Welcome!

You are in the right place! Welcome!

On October 31, 2018 Modern Oracle Tarot officially re-launched as TaoCraft Tarot, and I love every bit of this slightly witchy, Taoist influenced, unapologetically authentic aesthetic.

To celebrate and to share my gratitude for one year in my new place in cyberspace I have special offers and gifts for you. I am so thankful for old friends who have come along on the adventure and for new friends we’ve made along the way. Here is to many friendly years to come.

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Happy Weekend Everyone

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