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I’m not a bot! All email readings are done with real world cards by a human Tarot Reader with 30 years of experience. Distance Tarot is my specialty! Meet your reader HERE

All readings include:

  • a photo of your real-world card layout
  • card-by-card interpretation
  • psychic summary with crystal energies and intuitive aromatherapy.
  • See an example email reading HERE.

Choose from:

  • Power of 3 (9 cards) Set of three yes/no questions for complex “this or that” questions but with the clarity of a simple yes/no answer. Question or topic required. If you describe what you need, I can adapt it to this unique yes/no format for you – $45 only available to ko-fi supporters
  • Extended TaoCraft (7 cards) The same layout used in live readings in-person and online. Shows the 3 card path you are on, advice, alternatives, helping energies and potential challenges – $40
  • TaoCraft Tarot (5 cards) Written by me and in use since 2003, this layout empowers you and your choices with the original five cards in the extended layout above – $30
  • Year Ahead (5 cards) Gives a theme for the four seasons coming up and a card to symbolize the entire year ahead. Great for New Year, birthdays and more – $25
  • TimeFlow (4 cards) the get-organized reading with “Let it rest, let go, que it up, and let it flow” cards – $20
  • Pathway (3 cards) A modernized version of the classic past-present-future layout with a focus on navigating your path, not predicting the future – $15
  • Zombie Cat’s Yes/No (3 cards) reads ANY questions with 100% guarantee to contain words, and at least a 50% chance of being dead wrong – $15
  • Short Sip Contemplation (1 card) – Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. General advice or a focused follow-up to a longer readings we’ve done together – $5

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I’m getting ruthless about keeping my costs low & exploring my Tarot card suit of Pentacles side.

I like food.

Food, clothing, shelter and indoor plumbing are definite personal favorites.

They probably rank pretty high on your list of favorites too.

All along, since starting professional readings in the early Y2K years, I’ve been absolutely ruthless in keeping my operating costs as low as possible. It makes Tarot as affordable and as accessible to as many people as possible.

The ruthless continues. I’m still doing all I can to keep costs down for you – all of the time, no cutesy pants promotions necessary.

Life happens to everyone regardless of bank accounts. We all have stress and times of uncertainty. It’s universal, and so is Tarot. Intuition, creative problem solving, facing difficult emotions can help all of us at one point or another.

Tarot and psychics live in a weird world. People either think we should give our skill and expertise away for free or they assume we are a money making scam. It’s a tightrope to walk. I keep my costs low to make it accessible. I tell you all of this so you see the business side of all of this. Transparency is key to showing legitimacy. So modesty be damned –

I’m a really good Tarot reader, my specialty is email Tarot, my prices are some of the most reasonable around, I’m 100% legit, and I’ve published my policies and disclaimers to prove it.

I hate filling out my taxes as much as you do. I want to earn money doing what I do just as much as you do. That’s why I’m right there with all the small and micro businesses who are taking a vacation from Etsy.

Instead of increasing my prices to cover the increased fees, I’ve moved my Tarot readings from Etsy to Ko-fi. You can order special layout Tarot readings by email on ko-fi through the custom commission menu starting at $5.

More options for purchasing readings through the ko-fi shop are on the way. My ebooks are already there waiting for you. All proceeds from the sale of PeaceTarot through the ko-fi shop in 2022 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. They are in Ukraine. They are in Syria and have been all along. They were in the United States indigenous and other communities of need during the height of the pre-vaccine pandemic.

You learn how to do DIY daily meditation Tarot readings, and Doctors Without Borders gets five bucks. Sounds like a win-win.

If this Ko-fi thing works out, I may make the migration permanent. PLEASE if you have a minute, check out this new, more affordable second home for TaoCraft Tarot email readings and special layouts. DOUBLE please let me know what you think and what YOU want to see from Tarot arts I create here.

OF COURSE the most popular layouts are right HERE on this website, available to order 24/7/365 no appointment needed through PayPal secured purchases.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, are willing to come to the beautiful South Hills, and want an in-person reading those are once again OPEN. Click HERE for more details.

Today’s Tarot: All in this together

Whenever I do readings, in the middle portion when we are going through the layout card-by-card, each card gives a different type or category or spin or ‘flavor’ of message. Some are advice (something to think about doing) others are cautions (something to think about avoiding) but they can also be validations & acknowledgements.

Today, the three of pentacles has elements of all of these. To me it looks like a tie-dye wavy gravy swirl of it all, which isn’t uncommon when you are doing a general audience, blog type reading.

As an aside, that’s probably why you see so many of those “I don’t know who needs to hear this but….” posts on social media. I stop reading the minute I see that, an more often choke back the urge to block them. It strikes me as arrogant and not an energy I want in my cyberspace. Of course you don’t know who needs to hear something. It could be that nobody needs to hear what you have to say. If you need to know that someone needs your advice, you aren’t in a good headspace to be giving advice. Just say it. Own it. Give the advice with no “need it” strings attached on either the giving or receiving end. Trust the universe to get the right message to the right person at the right time. If it is right for them, people will know and take it to heart. If it isn’t they’ll just keep scrolling.

Now back to the three of pentacles –

The caution thread here is to “watch out for falling down.” That can be construed two ways. One is to take care to do your part of a team effort. It feels like you’ll be called on it if you do and bad feelings could happen. It’s not talking about something accidental or truly inadvertent. It feels more like an act of anger, frustration, or deliberate negligence. Take care keep things in proper priority and try not to drop the ball when others rely on you if you can help it. It is also a caution against being a doormat in a team situation. Clearly communicated expectations feel important to any team situation today.

Validation feels like someone who has been a real mensch through it all. This feels like a validation and a thank you for all the times you have gone over and above the call of duty for the good of a team, of a project or generally in service to others. Logically, given the world situation, there are lots of you out there for whom this applies. Well done and profound thank yous.

The validation, interestingly enough, was for me. When you read for other people be on the lookout for messages for you that piggyback in on their message. That way you GET your intended message and you don’t accidentally muddle your message and theirs together. The validation here has to do with clairaudience. Music that you are not in the mood for is a nice validation. Music that is not to your taste is a good hint that it is genuinely from intuition and not just a random something you heard recently. I am NOT in the mood for a chipper little Disney tune, but seeing this card definitively brought through “We’re all in this together” from a movie my daughter used to like. High School Musical or something like that? I dunno.

As cute and happy and positive as the song might be, it IS right. We are all in this together. It is ok to expect others to do their part. It is important to set clear expectations as well as to do your part. Don’t drop the ball but don’t be a doormat. Ask for help. Delegate tasks. And if a bright chipper song comes at your intuition way too early in the morning, pay attention. Then go get that second cup of coffee and try to find a better earworm.

Here is a playlist for you if you are in the mood for something with a little more spark to it. I’ll leave it to you to get your musical on. Now, where’s that coffee?

Want a reading that is all for you and not a blog post written for planet earth? The NEW Distance Tarot format combines both print and video for an enriched Tarot experienced close to an in-person session but with the affordability and convenience of email. Order yours HERE.

At Least Equal

The ancestors connected at distance using the arcane device known as a “telephone.” Conversation is a minimal connection with our fellow human beings, especially during times like these when in-person companionship isn’t available. Connecting through communication is such a deep and primal need that we have put new technology to that use ever since new technology consisted of banging on a drum or lighting a fire.

Communication is not separate from intuition. If we can speak our insights and feelings across a table , we can bang them, flash them, write them, phone them, video them or email them. We have used intuition at a distance from the beginning. Think “sacred scrolls.” Scrolls are ancient communication at a distance. Intuition and spirit made them sacred.

I’m not saying an email Tarot reading is a sacred scroll, but it goes to show that Tarot at a distance is at least equal to an in-person reading. Arguably, in our time, distance readings have the advantage.

Before the pandemic we were busy, and distance tarot is convenient Tarot. You buy the thing whenever you want, and read the answer whenever you want. No appointment is needed. Distance readings flow seamlessly into your schedule, no matter what your schedule may be.

Because of the pandemic, distance Tarot is the safest Tarot. COVID can’t travel to you through the internet. (Wear your mask! Watch your distance! Wash your hands!)

Distance Tarot is authentic Tarot. You know that it is pure intuition, and not stage mentalism or a ‘cold reading’ based on body language or your answers to leading questions. Your questions are welcome before you order, in your order, and after the reading. Every email reading includes a follow up for any questions that come up during the reading.

Distance Tarot is affordable Tarot. I don’t maintain an office or rent space in a store so I can pass those savings on to you. All of my prices are flat rate, not per minute so you know your full cost up front. Compare my $40 seven card readings to other hour-long sessions.

Tarot, as a whole, has never been mainstream or like other so-called ‘normal’ businesses. That unconventional nature has always been and advantage, but never more so than now, during these unexpectedly stressful times. Distance Tarot readings are arguably better than in-person sessions. They are certainly, at the very least, equal.

Order distance Tarot 24/7, no appointment needed HERE