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Am taking it easy on socials and podcast for a little while – family taking up most of my mental bandwidth at the moment BUT I would be more than happy to do a private email reading just for YOU. (Honestly, it’d be a nice little respite from the pagan squirrel rave we call life – for both of us)

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Just sayin’

Even when socials and podcast go a little quiet I’m always here for you with no-appointment-needed email readings (depending on the squirrel rave, the time it takes to get it to you might vary a little bit.) and here on the blog.

YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Look

Time and space isn’t such a big deal in Tarot. Viruses be damned, we can read Tarot together any time, anywhere. You may be reading this years after it was posted – thank you! If I just smashed the old publish button and you are reading this – Wow! Thank you! You may be watching this for the fourth time…it still has some message for you, even if it isn’t the week in the video or the interpretation that is stepping forward right now. Follow your intuition.

Choose a card at random, left, middle or right. Choose on impulse, or if you want to think about it, pause the video and then restart it to see the reveal.

The video get things started, then here in the blog we take all three cards together for a theme too. For this week’s theme, I get a sense of “look.”

Left: Seven of Swords. Look around. Watch your back. Mischief is afoot. It is NOT a prediction. This isn’t to say anything bad will happen. The energy feels like a minor heads up, think critically, question things. It could be as innocent as a prank by kid, or it could be more adult office politics. Use your head, don’t be taken in by social media hysteria or a deep fake. This is a good week to question everything. But then, aren’t they all?

Center: Knight of Wands. Look inward, then DO something about it. Whatever your spiritual tradition, spiritual leaning or life philosophy might be, this is a good week to DO it. LIVE it a little bit. For me, that is in the realm of lighting a stick of incense or meditating with a mala. Or it may be to do nothing at all. Celebrate your nonbelief by celebrating SOMEthing you love. I mean, they are going to fly a drone on Mars soon – go Percy & Ingenuity!

Right: Ten of Wands. Look inward, and persist. The Ten of Wands is about slowed or blocked energy, a strong sign of obstacles, more than simply a reversed card would be. It is a spiritual time and energy, but chances are you just aren’t feeling it….which is perfectly OK. If all the peace, love and positivety is more annoying than not, it is fine to find your vibe. Don’t force yourself to listen to new age harp music when you really want to crank up the thrash metal. Acknowledge your true mood, and keep one eye on the spiritual stuff. Time will work it’s magick and your moment of peace and Zen will come in its own time.

My Tarot Valentine: Mischief

Bawdy is a fun word. So is burlesque. And unabashed.

The Seven of Swords usually reminds me of the Mundungus character from the Harry Potter movies. He’s a criminal, certainly not trustworthy, greedy, but not pure evil. A sort of nonviolent offender with money on his mind.

The Valentine-context Seven of Swords is a totally different feel. It’s very different energy from the cards so far this season. It is exactly opposite to the innocence we saw in the six of cups.

It brings to mind the “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” quote, but for a whole different reason.

Not every moment is super spiritual and essential to personal growth and development. Spirituality is dour or miserable. Sometimes you have to just live your life. If there is a message here, it feels more like “F*ck it, do what you have to do to make it through.” I’m not suggesting a crime spree for goodness sake…but on the other hand, why not shock polite society a little and do the unthinkable – be happy, be sensual, be human.

YouChoose Interactive Tarot 25 July – 1Aug. 2020

Take your week, and the Tarot guidance for it into your own hands. Pick a card, right, center or left. Take your time, pause the video then restart for the reveal…or pick which ever card feels right on an impulse. Both ways work just fine.

Left: Seven of Swords. Mischief is afoot. Stay on your toes. Watch out for pranks, be kind to unintended mistakes

Center: The Magician. Create your world. Like attracts like. A shift in perception and point of view can change the world like magic

Right: King of Pentacles. Focus on the practical. Generally, energies are turning toward the spiritual and esoteric, but this week still needs a grounded and practical approach. Don’t let your head get stuck in the clouds.

12 Second Tarot: Seven of Swords (23Dec 19)

Cunning and cleverness with a big dash of street smarts will serve you well. A day for agility and adapting. Enjoy the ride, resisting only makes it harder.

You Choose on YouTube (12 Nov 19)

Left: Judgement. If it is a new day, it’s a new chance. If it is a new moment of life it is a new chance. Who is judging you besides you, and so what if they are? “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Middle: Seven of Swords. Mischief is afoot. Is it you? If not, why not? A little charm and some street smarts go a long way.

Right: Ten of Pentacles. There are lots of things in this world money can never buy. If you have something of them, cherish it. If you have none, seek it out or call it to you. But don’t focus on one of those many things or other riches could slip through your fingers.