Spring ’22

Spring Schedule: no appointment needed Tarot readings by email are open! Online video call Tarot readings available by appointment only. Email to schedule.

The nice thing about short-term planning is that the plan doesn’t have to stick together for very long.

Here is what I have in mind for Spring. No promises that it will actually turn out this way, but it’s what I’m aiming for:

  • Short sip posts most weekday mornings
  • Weekend Tarot Turnover posts on the …. ah…..weekend. Prolly Saturdays
  • YouChoose Interactive Tarot once each week. Maybe.
  • Random other posts like Oracle’s Toolkit will be … ah …random
  • Closed Sundays and U.S. holidays. If the Fed is closed, so am I ’cause I’ll be with hubster on his days off.
  • In-person and party Tarot will remain closed until Allegheny county covid transmission rates return to low (as reported by the CDC)
  • Online Zoom readings are OPEN with appointment – email to schedule
  • Still lots of different email layouts available with prices $5 – $40
  • More new stuff on the horizon. Keep a weather eye, matey. I’m hoping you’ll think it is really cool.
  • Distance Tarot is still my specialty
  • I still have – gasp – 30 years experience with reading cards.

Psychic schmicic, I’m sciencing this one

Here is the Tarot part: 7 card readings by email are $30 (instead of the usual $40) These 7 card readings are $1 for every year of card reading experience that I put into each and every session, regardless of whether it is in-person or distance. Email and phone readings are EXACTLY the same information that you’d get in-person. You get it FASTER with email, too. No appointment is needed, you can order distance readings any time, 24/7. The reading is usually in your inbox within 24 hours although nights, weekends and holidays can slow things down a little bit. This reduced price ends on the equinox…September 20, 2021 so get ’em while they’re hot.

Here is the science part: Starting now, I’m using the CDC reported community transmission rates for Allegheny County as the determining factor whether in-person / party readings are available or not, because reasons and logic and an abundance of caution. If you want the details, or want to know the current status of in-person readings please don’t hesitate to email TaoCraftTarot@gmail.com or text me at the contact number listed.

Vaccination rates have stalled, and community transmission rates have increased back into the moderate range. Since in-person readings use public venues and parties are typically indoor groups, rather than risk exposing my clients or their contacts to this crazy contagious new varient in-person services are back on hold until community transmission rates return to the low range.

Who am I to second guess the AMA for goodness’ sake?




Summer update

  • New episodes are up on Clairvoyant Confessional podcast! Some episodes are recorded, some auto-converted from blog posts, but all are available on Anchor fm, Spotify, Googlepodcasts, Stitcher and more.
  • The YouTube Channel has easier access to the Today’s Tarot and YouChoose Interactive Tarot Playlists. Check it out here
  • OR…. Subscribe to the blog and get EVERYTHING in your inbox: blog posts, podcasts, youtube videos, unabashed self promotion, the whole enchilada. Which is good, because enchiladas are pretty darn tasty.
  • $1 Tarot Sale: yeah, yeah, I know. I said no more cutesy pants promotions. But it’s my mind and I’ll change it if I want to. To commemorate 30 years of assorted card slinging, 7 card Tarot readings by email are ON SALE ($10 off) that’s $30…$1 for each year of cartomancy experience that I bring to your Tarot reading. Offer ends September 20, 2021. Applies to website orders only.
  • Individual / Party in-person Tarot returns in the fall. Masking may be required. Stay tuned for updates as we see how the Delta variant thing evolves.
  • Phone readings are available and scheduling HERE
  • ALL of the blog, podcast and yourtube content is FREE, non-monetized and AUDIENCE supported by Tarot enthusiasts like YOU. Buy your friendly neighborhood clairvoyant a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/taocrafttarot

It’s my mind, and I’ll change it if I want to

I know, I know…I said no more cutesy pants promotions

But thirty years of card reading is something. And I wanted to do something to commemorate it. Get ’em while you can. It’s prolly going to be the last cutesy pants promotion for the next thirty years.

Offer good for website purchases only. Poloicies and disclaimers apply.