Today’s Tarot: Coffee and Contemplation

I’m so not a morning person.

One of my absolute favorite lines from any series ever was in Stranger Things when Sheriff Hopper said that “mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”

*raises mug of dark roast to THAT idea*

The Four of Cups has that sort of feel to it. Cups cards reflect close circle relationships. You can’t get any closer to you than you. Tarot is first and foremost an art form of personal development and personal internal spiritual practice. All that crime drama horror movie predict the future fix your love life nonsense is exactly that. Unsurprisingly, all of the cards have some aspect, even a minor one, that can help us to engage with life in a more satisfying way. You know, like the “personal enrichment” use in the small print disclaimer.

When I say satisfying I mean satisfying like a hot cuppa coffee on a day that starts just a little too early.

The Four of Cups has been read to mean all sorts of things: dissatisfaction, (look at the guy’s pouting toddler body language on the card) moping, abiding, meditation, abiding with emotional pain, thoughts or activity below the surface, serenity, meditation, contemplation.

The idea that steps most forward to my mind is the meditation and contemplation one.

I ‘hear’ (meaning that the intuition comes as mental words instead of mental images, so no, when I say that I’m not hearing things for goodness’ sake) – but “meet your meditation where it lives.”

And I do mean meditation.

For some a long run is meditative. Knitting is meditative. Braiding bullwhips is meditative. For others it is the classic cushin sitting zazen TM meditation style. As I understand it, there is a lot of overlap between zen, ch’an, taoist and transcendental meditation styles and it seems that everyone who tries it, loves it. Meditation is a pleasure. If not, I suspect you’ve been told something if not wrong, at least unhelpful.

But anyway, the point is you can sit under any tree to meditate. You don’t have to sit under a tree at all. Meditating is easy. Finding where and how it naturally, easily fits into your life is a good first step.

Even if your first meditative step of the day is contemplating a good mug of coffee.

12 Second Tarot: Nine of Pentacles (21 Jan 20)

Today’s Energy: Think money tree. Ground. Center. Literally touch the earth if you can. Go with what you know. Work from a place of balance. Reach for your roots (not necessarily your upbringing as much as the core and foundation of the things you value most now) to find a sucessful path.

12 Second Tarot: The Final Grind

Gather your strenghth for the final grind. Time for a data check.

At the end of a year we often look back to see how things have wrapped up. At New Year, the energy shifts to resolutions, goals and new beginnings. Now we are reminded to tend to the middle. How are things progressing? Where do we need to adapt or adjust? What do we need to bring things in mid-flight in for a good landing?

If you need a little guidance or food for thought about that kind of thing, email Tarot readings are available for you to order anytime, no appointment needed.

12 Second Tarot: Six of Pentacles (8 Jan 20)

Generosity takes many forms. Generosity with the gifts that money can not buy is the most valuable and yet most underestimated form. “The civility that money will purchase is rarely extended to those who have none.” – Charles Dickens

12 Second Tarot: King of Wands

Be the eye of the hurricane.

You are in charge of your inner world. The outer world may be chaos…or frustratingly slow. However the physical realm may incite your inner passions, your inner King can lead those intense emotions, focus them, inspire them to new directions and keep things cool.

12 Second Tarot: Seven of Swords (23Dec 19)

Cunning and cleverness with a big dash of street smarts will serve you well. A day for agility and adapting. Enjoy the ride, resisting only makes it harder.

12 Second Tarot: Seven of Wands (18 Dec 19)

Meaningful things are worth protecting. That includes you. Overcoming obstacles is worth the effort.

“The true [warrior] fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him” GK Chesterson