About Sage Words Tarot

Sage Words Tarot is:

  • Inspired by Taoist simplicity, authenticity, honesty and kindness.
  • Transparent: Up front, flat rate pricing and clear business policies
  • Inclusive: You can be yourself with me
  • Safe Space: No spam, proselytizing, hate or bigotry is tolerated
  • Customized: The energy message adapts to your individual needs
  • Experienced: 30 years of Tarot in every reading
  • Dynamic: Always learning and updating to bring you the best reading possible
  • Authentic: No predictions, no stage mentalism
  • Comfortable: No drama, just advice, ideas, inspiration and encouragement
  • Affordable: priced per layout, not per minute.

I’m a writer, so email Tarot is my specialty. Email readings tend to be vivid and concise. Email Tarot is ideal for book lovers, introverts and anyone who wants maximum privacy. Email Tarot is a reader’s reading.

Order email readings HERE 24/7, no appointment needed

In-person or online readings are light, chatty, social and above all FUN! You get the exact same reading either way. Live readings are available by appointment.

Contact SageWordsTarot@gmail.com for more information or to schedule.

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