Saturday Stuff with Sage

I’m taking Saturdays for personal blogging and not Tarot stuff. Like family, coffee, knitting, being happy about rain and clouds, contemplating a snack.

Today: Fall schedule plans for TaoCraft Tarot(as it stands now, before the squirrels start raving again) and plastic-free July for the SHARKS!

The content is different, so you are welcome to follow “Sage & Stuff” too.

Happy Saturday!

Back for a few days

TaoCraft Short Sip is Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. See the real world card draw that inspires the day’s blog & podcast on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram reels before you see it here.

Links to or echos of blog posts are also available on Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Short Sip posts and pods are most workdays, Monday through Friday.

Blog, pod and socials will be on short summer hiatus July 1-6, 2022.

Meatspace Sabbatical June ’22

Email readings are OPEN now and for the July 4th US holiday weekend.

I’m bailing out on short sips, social media, the Etsy shop and the podcast today through the 27, and again over the 4th of July (US) holiday long weekend.

If things go the way I think they will I will be doing some work to ‘red up’ the website and Ko-fi shop and get some new stuff ready for fall- not to mention clean up some of the fallout from all the squirrel rave adaptations and rolling with it that’s happened over the past several months.

Going with the flow has its chaotic aspects. Sometimes even Zen be like that.

Email readings are OPEN throughout the next two weeks including the 4th holiday, although delivery times will be a little longer than usual. Thanks for your patience!

See you at the next sip (aka June 27)

Short Summer Hiatus

Summer hours update, link to newest blog/pod with the Two of Swords

The most recent (posted late-ish last night) blog & podcast is up…“Inescapable Unity (both edges apply)” with the two of swords.

I need a little extra time in meatspace. Blog/Pod and social media will be on hiatus June 23-27 and July 1-5.

BUT – Email readings will stay OPEN throughout. Order email readings anytime 24/7 no appointment needed.

Happy Father’s Day ’22

Happy Father’s day to anyone who has ever mowed a lawn, fixed a thing, led by example, or grilled outside for another human being.

The members-only Tarot Turnover intuition building exercise and mid month newsletter is up on the ko-fi blog

NEW member benefits!

Tarot Table members ($5 monthly)

  • Pathway Tarot every month
  • Unique content: Tarot Turnover (behind the scenes, tarot how-to, intuition building exercises, newsletter
  • By request, single-card meditation private Tarot reading by email (one per calendar month)

Patron of the Tarot Arts ($10 monthly)

  • All Tarot Table benefits
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Go all Kylo

Today’s “Tarot Turnover” learn to read Tarot / intuition exercise is now up for members. Join today and Go all Kylo with the Eight of Cups.

Three membership tiers available: click HERE to join.

Tarot Table members: monthly pathway Tarot reading, newsletter, and Tarot Turnover intuition exercises through the ko-fi members-only blog – $5

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Squirrel Rave Playlist May 28 – June 4

  • Today (Saturday): members only Tarot Turnover intuition builder
  • Sunday & Monday: Social Media & in-person closed for the U.S. Memorial Day weekend. Email Tarot is OPEN all weekend, order anytime 24/7 no appointment needed.
  • Tuesday-Friday: Short Sip Tarot blogcast

Card for the week

Be a rock. Be a mensch. Just do it, to borrow a phrase. Somebody’s gotta.

Thanks for reading, watching, listening, liking, subscribing, following, & sharing. You all rock. Out loud. In stereo.

Comments are OPEN and your questions and comments are welcome.*

Here is an actual playlist for your squirrel rave and holiday weekend listening pleasure:

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Announcements: MSTBT

spring/summer 2022 schecule, announcements and MSTBT (meat space throw back Thursdays)

Spring and summer are starting to take shape.

It is looking like Thursdays and Sundays are the days where meatspace has my attention and the blog/socials will be mostly if not totally quiet. When time allows, I’d like to do MSTBT…MeatSpaceThrowBackThursdays. I’ll pull something out of the TaoCraft archives to post here on the blog. Modern Oracle archives are going to close on April 30. That’s the plan, anyway, but you know how THOSE go around here.

The podcast definitely won’t be happening Thursdays and Sundays unless it is some sort of extra special bonus episode.

That being said:

EMAIL READINGS NEVER CLOSE! Order 24/7/365 no appointment needed. Delivery times are less than 12 hours on a typical business day, but may take a few days if you order during nights, weekends, US holidays, or announced vacations etc.

The NEW Ko-fi shop never closes! Ebook are always available for instant download. All proceeds from the sale of PeaceTarot through the k0-fi shop in 2022 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, USA

The OLD Etsy shop never closes! Meditation beads and bead jewelry designed and handmade by me is still there and will be for the foreseeable future.

Scheduling by email never closes! In-person Tarot for both individual and parties require advance appointments (sorry – no same day appointments) BUT you can schedule any time by sending an email to

The phone number never answers! Due to changes in the voip service I use, the phone number on the contact page only accepts voicemail and text messages. If you schedule an in-person reading or party, I will provide a number where you can call me the day of the appointment if needed. Call it more cost cutting so I don’t have to raise prices.

Meanwhile, I got meatspace stuff I gotta do so here is a YouTube video. See you at the next sip!


I’m getting ruthless about keeping my costs low & exploring my Tarot card suit of Pentacles side.

I like food.

Food, clothing, shelter and indoor plumbing are definite personal favorites.

They probably rank pretty high on your list of favorites too.

All along, since starting professional readings in the early Y2K years, I’ve been absolutely ruthless in keeping my operating costs as low as possible. It makes Tarot as affordable and as accessible to as many people as possible.

The ruthless continues. I’m still doing all I can to keep costs down for you – all of the time, no cutesy pants promotions necessary.

Life happens to everyone regardless of bank accounts. We all have stress and times of uncertainty. It’s universal, and so is Tarot. Intuition, creative problem solving, facing difficult emotions can help all of us at one point or another.

Tarot and psychics live in a weird world. People either think we should give our skill and expertise away for free or they assume we are a money making scam. It’s a tightrope to walk. I keep my costs low to make it accessible. I tell you all of this so you see the business side of all of this. Transparency is key to showing legitimacy. So modesty be damned –

I’m a really good Tarot reader, my specialty is email Tarot, my prices are some of the most reasonable around, I’m 100% legit, and I’ve published my policies and disclaimers to prove it.

I hate filling out my taxes as much as you do. I want to earn money doing what I do just as much as you do. That’s why I’m right there with all the small and micro businesses who are taking a vacation from Etsy.

Instead of increasing my prices to cover the increased fees, I’ve moved my Tarot readings from Etsy to Ko-fi. You can order special layout Tarot readings by email on ko-fi through the custom commission menu starting at $5.

More options for purchasing readings through the ko-fi shop are on the way. My ebooks are already there waiting for you. All proceeds from the sale of PeaceTarot through the ko-fi shop in 2022 will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. They are in Ukraine. They are in Syria and have been all along. They were in the United States indigenous and other communities of need during the height of the pre-vaccine pandemic.

You learn how to do DIY daily meditation Tarot readings, and Doctors Without Borders gets five bucks. Sounds like a win-win.

If this Ko-fi thing works out, I may make the migration permanent. PLEASE if you have a minute, check out this new, more affordable second home for TaoCraft Tarot email readings and special layouts. DOUBLE please let me know what you think and what YOU want to see from Tarot arts I create here.

OF COURSE the most popular layouts are right HERE on this website, available to order 24/7/365 no appointment needed through PayPal secured purchases.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, are willing to come to the beautiful South Hills, and want an in-person reading those are once again OPEN. Click HERE for more details.

Path Through April Tarot Reading

Members only “path through April” Tarot reading is available.

Members Only:

Path Through April Tarot reading for the upcoming month is now available on the ko-fi blog.

Tarot Table memberships are $5 per month and includes an exclusive members only 3 card pathway reading each month, newsletter, random special offers and giveaways, and one private email ‘path through the year’ Tarot readings when you join.

Look for a new membership tier coming soon

All memberships and ‘buy me a coffee’ contributions support producing the blog and podcast.

Any social media likes, subs, reviews, stars, shares and follows are always appreciated.

Your questions and comments are welcome.