Slow progress is still progress

Energy is energy, movement is movement, progress is progress.

Lately I feel pulled to use Wednesdays to take a second look at the “current energy” card from Monday’s week-ahead pathway reading. That will let us take a little deeper look at the card, and do a mid-week mid-card check-in to see how that “current energy” is actually unfolding.

As much as I love the Alleyman’s Tarot that we used for the full reading on monday and as much as I like the Marigold Tarot deck when it has crossed my path, the Waite Smith is still my favorite version of the knight of Pentacles for the sole reason it was a meme for a while. I don’t know who did it, but imagine the card (above) captioned with “Behold! The field where I grow my f*cks! Lift up thine eyes and you will see that it is barren!”

The farther into my genX INTP middle age, the more I appreciate the validity and value of that little sentiment.

The Knight is an action card. Pentacles are both the earth element suit and the suit representing the physical realm, the career and wealth part of life.

Earth moves at a different pace.

This is turning out to be a very earth element kind of week, with the fire and fury of the knight of wands moving away more quickly than I gave it credit for.

Pentacle knights are still knights, and action is still action. Even when it is at the pace of tectonic plates shifting. Even if it is on a geologic time scale, change is change, action is action. On the surface it might seem like not giving a f*ck, but that’s not really what is going on. Energy is never destroyed, it only changes form. A slow grind can reduce obstacles to dust just as much as an explosion can. The secret for that is to let your f*ckfield be barren when it comes to time.

The advice from this card is to persist, but let go of your expectations about how fast things happen. A horse, a bicycle and a motorcycle can all move you the same distance down the same road perfectly fine.

Don’t discount any slow or small progress you’ve made this week. It counts.

Moving in a direction you didn’t expect is still movement.

Unplugging is still doing something.

“Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time”

John Lennon

Thanks for reading! See you at the next sip!

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