It’s that time

The center of the busy sandwich is here with the 8 and 9 of pentacles

Monday, the current energy card was the 8 of pentacles (coins, disks – whatever name your deck uses.

Today is that day, the productive day sandwiched in between working to find and keep balance.

It’s not the productivity I expected

With the intent of one day, right here, right now, collective blog audience guidance the card is the 9 of coins.

The 9, like all of the coins cards is down to earth & practical. But in keeping with the nature of Tarot as a whole, the ideas are also esoteric. Tarot is more than mere predictions and more than pictures on a piece of cardstock paper. Like any fine art paintings, they represent ideas and emotions. Like the 10 of pentacles to come, the 9 of pentacles represents higher ideals and the most valuable things in life that money can never buy.

The nine re-states and re-emphasizes the maturity and the “apply lessons learned” message from the weekly reading . Like the 7 and 8 before it, there are shades of manifestation, where hard work pays off. The payoff in this case is more than monetary. It is about self-confidence, deep competence, and self-sufficiency. This card lets you know that you are enough. Which reminds me of Al Franken’s old Saturday Night Live character. I don’t mean to turn into some sort of Stuart Smalley parody, but your are good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like you.

Do what needs done in balance and in your own truth and good things will come of it.

But don’t forget to keep it in balance. Don’t forget that Temperance stands beside us and the two of pentacles is on the horizon.

This isn’t about frenetic activity or slavish goal orientation. It isn’t about single minded focus or work-a-holic-ness.

This is about doing something that touches your soul. This about action not waiting. This is about taking a step toward your dream.

There are reasons that a spell is called a magical working. There are reasons why dreams are chased and not just thought about. Actions speak louder than words. Actions are needed to speak your truth and chase your dreams too.

Yes, you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills and put food on the table. But if you can, today at least, spend a little time with your dreams, your hopes, your own inner authentic self and your truth as you know it.

Feed it. Nurture it. Most of all DO something for it, even if the only action that you can give your truth today is simply thinking about it. That attention and energy is something and something is better than nothing when it comes to giving thought, energy and action to your truth and to your dreams.

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See you at the next sip!

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