Spring Equinox 2023

The season and the energies with it are definitely shifting.

That is most likely a projection on my part. I’m torn between a sense of ease on the professional side of things and my annual spring annoyances on the private side (THAT rant is better suited for my Other Words blog.) But the good news is that the name change and chaos of remodeling is finally, by and large, done – just in time for the equinox.

In a sort ofTaoist style, I’m going to set something I want to do to be in alignment with the change of seasons.

I want to stay in touch with you all…I am truly grateful for everyone who reads this or likes the social media posts or listens to the podcast such as it is. I want to keep this real and human and warm and conversational. I’m so, so, SO done with the marketing hustle. If you want a reading with me – great. I’ll do my absolute best for you. If you don’t want to purchase a reading – welcome to the blog. You are more than welcome to browse the metric crap-ton of free content that has accumulated over the years. If you have any questions about any of it, please, by all means let me know. The blog comments are open (but moderated so behave yourself) or you can email the contact in the right hand column of the blog ->

I’m cautiously optimistic about the posting schedule from the March 8 post. So far it has survived the first few weeks of contact with reality. I’m hopeful that will hold steady for a good long while.

Cue the Death Cab for Cutie song “Meet Me on the Equinox”

In the hope of new people joining us over the six months I want to introduce myself in detail to new readers on the equinox – March and September. If you have heard all of this before you can skip it. I won’t be offended. The last thing I want to do is bore you to death. The whole point of Tarot is to inspire, to spark an idea, to hint at a solution, to give navigation help along life’s path.

Social media and marketing experts have always advised us blogger, social media and cyberspace types to introduce ourselves to new readers. I’m thrilled to bits to have any new readers and I want everyone old and new alike to feel at ease here. Transparency not only builds comfort, it builds trust.

Normal, everyday, ordinary, common courtesy and business practices are important to me and an essential part of you knowing that this isn’t a scam. I shouldn’t have to introduce myself by saying “Hi! I’m not a crook!” but that is what a sincere energy worker is forced to do because of the scams and misinformation that have abused genuine intuitive work over the decades – centuries really. But again, that’s a rant for the other blog.

This time, the whole introduction and up-front transparency thing is easy.

I wrote a whole booklet about it. And it’s FREE to download with the button at the top of the page. Here’s some of what you’ll get:

  • How to find a psychic you can trust
  • A short history of Tarot cards
  • glossary of Tarot terms
  • How a reading with me works
  • Explanation of the layouts I use (and wrote)
  • Example email reading (think of it as a written transcript of a spoken, live reading – they all work the same way and say the same things)
  • Distance vs in-person Q&A
  • About Relationship & Romance readings
  • Tarot and medical questions
  • My Tarot biography

Meet me on the equinoxes – or anytime through the free TaoCraft Portfolio download.

I want to show you the art of Tarot, and this is my portfolio.

On the blog

Author: SageWordsTarot

I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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