Reflections on reflection

I wonder what Yoda would say if you put him in a hall of mirrors.

I wonder what Yoda would say if you put him in a hall of mirrors.

Hello and welcome to Sage’s Short Sip: Tarot contemplation in the time it takes to sip your coffee.

Today’s card is from the Alleyman’s Tarot which, as you know, is hands down my favorite deck. The deck is a masterpiece of art and Tarot and experience. It is to a Tarot reader like a Stradivarius that pulls the best from a master violinist. It teaches you and I, both at once, which in itself is part of today’s message.

Let me ask you this: how comfortable are you looking in the mirror?

The narcissistic part of us stops at the surface. We look in the mirror to style our hair, shave, apply makeup, floss our teeth or what have you. But what would happen if you stopped for a minute and looked into your eyes.

Not AT your eyes. INTO them. Look at your own eyes like you would look at the eyes of a lover. Look into your eyes as if you were trying to read the soul of a stranger.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, despite our public facing face. A mirror is the window to your own eyes, your own soul.

What do you see there?

And why do you care.

Tarot is a lot of things. It’s a guide through confusion and uncertainty. It is a comfort during emotionally difficult times. But Tarot and all the woo woo is also all about self-knowledge, personal growth, just generally making a half decent effort to be a better person.

Try the mirror thing once. It can be a little intense depending on what kind of emotional or mental space you are in at the time.

Or not (for precisely the same reason.)

Any mirror can be a little like the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter. The mirror reflects the person with their most sincere desire, and that the “happiest man on earth could use it like a normal mirror.”

I wonder if that is why the lockdown times of the early covid pandemic were so difficult for some people. I wonder if it was less of a natural introvert vs extrovert thing as much as it was a time where we were forced to spend some quality time with ourselves and maybe not liking it so much.

Or discovering that we liked it quite a lot.

When you try to sense the soul behind the eyes you see in the mirror, I suspec the comfort level varies with the happiness and contentment of the person using the mirror, just as with the fictional Mirror of Erised.

For the person most comfortable in their own skin, the person most accepting of themselves, the eye gazing exercise is just like using a mirror normally.

In a hall of mirrors, you can’t escape yourself. I can imagine it forcing self reflection, both literally and figuratively. Bruce Lee is known for both his self-confidence and his wise life philosophies. In the hall of mirrors scene from the 1970s movie Enter the Dragon, Lee creates a character that is calm, poised, undisturbed by being confronted with himself. What would today’s self-help people on social media feel in that situation? What would they do? Think of anyone you consider wise or any sort of spiritual teacher. What would you guess they would do?

If you suddenly, unexpectedly found yourself in a hall of mirrors, how would you feel? What would you do?

What would Yoda do in a hall of mirrors?

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