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Learn to read Tarot and other member benefits

The latest members-only “Tarot Turnover” post is up.

In these weekly learn-tarot, intuition building practice cards, we turn things around from the weekday Short Sip posts that everyone can see here on the main blog. I post the card and some classic key words to go with it. Then I sip my coffee and let you read the card BUT I’m always available on ko-fi (or through the email over there in the right column ->

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There are two membership tiers who can access the Turnover posts

The Tarot Table memberships are $5 per month and include a monthly Pathway 3 card Tarot reading on the ko-fi members only blog, monthly newsletter (in a slow month this sometimes combines with the Sunday Turnover posts) AND the weekly “Tarot Turnover” for learn-to-read-Tarot practice cards, behind the scenes reading tips AND I’m available to coach you through your weekly one card you have about your interaction with the weekly card

Well, actually, I’m here for any Tarot questions from anybody … just be warned that any questions asked outside of paid private readings or paid memberships are treated as a public question will be answered in the main blog. Your courage in asking the question might just help someone else.

The Patron of the Tarot Arts is $8 per month and includes all of the same features as the Tarot Table members plus one private email one card reading upon request per calendar month. You can ask for one reading each month, but I only send it when you ask for it. I never, ever approach anyone about doing a reading for them. It’s creepy and spammy and intrusive – my advice is to never trust anyone who contacts you individually saying they “feel connected” or “feel drawn” or “feel led by spirit” to give you a reading.

Offering readings up to whoever wants one is one thing. It’s general advertising just like every other business on the face of the earth does. Targeting individuals is something else entirely, I consider it unethical and will never ever ever do that to you.

I go into it in more detail on the oh-so-creatively named page “How to Find a Psychic You Can Trust.”

Please visit the TaoCraft Tarot page on Ko-fi.com where your purchases, memberships and virtual coffees all support the creation of this free blog and its free audio edition (podcast)

Thank you!

*image: J. W. Waterhouse The Sorceress (excerpt) 1915, public domain

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