Tarot Turnover: Happy September ’22

Learn to read Tarot intuition building exercise now up on the members-only ko-fi blog. This week: The Hermit

Intuition practice “Tarot Turnover” exercise is now available on the ko-fi members only blog.

Tarot Table: $5 / month

  • Exclusive content on the members-only ko-fi blog posts
  • Monthly blog Pathway Tarot: gives three card energy guidance for the month ahead
  • Automatic 5% discount on all TaoCraft Tarot shop purchases
  • Exclusive mid-month newsletter or bts post
  • weekly “Tarot Turnover” intuition practice

Patron of the Tarot Arts: $10 / month

  • All of the Tarot Table benefits
  • TaoCraft Tarot shop discount is 10%
  • Free, no appointment needed, available-on-request, private, email, one card Tarot readings (one per calendar month.)

Author: SageWordsTarot

I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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