Today is a new opportunity. Drink deeply.

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Water is life.


Today’s card is the Ace of Cups. Aces are said to hold the essence of their suit. In this case, it is closely tied to water, intuition, romantic relationships, or all close relationships, really. I can’t say there are uncountable metaphors for cups and water, but there are a lot of them.

Sometimes ace cards, being the first card of the suit, carry a little bit of new-beginning energy. It isn’t the full new start, the very beginning of the beginning that you would see with the Fool card from the major arcana, but aces can be symbolic of a new beginning or a fresh start within an established project or ongoing process or stage of life. That is the energy that is coming with the card today.

Every day is a fresh start. Heck, every moment can be a fresh start if you need it to be.

Have you ever had a big drink of water? I’m not talking about a tall glass of ice water that you sip with a meal, I’m talking about a big, deep, fill-your-belly big drink of water. Like a kid in the summer drinking from the garden hose drink of water. It’s a satisfying kind of experience. Try it sometime if you don’t remember the sensation. Nothing extreme, just … satisfying.

It’s harmless enough of a thing. We all can use with a little extra hydration sometimes.

Tarot cards are literally just pieces of paper. There isn’t hard science behind it, but besides the famous Bruce Lee interview, there is an esoteric connection between water and subtle energy. A big drink of room temperature spring or filtered water is essential for both clients and practitioners after a Reiki session. Kneipp water therapy evolved as an extant healing system in late nineteenth century Europe. In addition to similar spas and soaks, Japanese custom and traditional medicine uses water drinking on an empty stomach and timed eating to help digestion, with a variety of unproven health benefits.

Taking a deep drink has literal and symbolic benefit.

Today is a new day, a new opportunity. Quaff it. Drink deeply from this opportunity. What you drink of? What is it that you drink in deeply? Water? Wine? Your own happiness.

Today is an opportunity. Today is an opportunity to drink deeply of health and happiness.


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See you at the next sip!

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