Mirrors don’t cling

Mirrors don’t cling to the past. Do you?

Look in a mirror. What you see doesn’t stay, Moment by moment by moment, a brand new you comes into play. Mirrors don’t cling to the past.

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Today’s card is from the Alleyman’s Tarot Deck. The five of mirrors was made for the deck by the artist Hexed Boy.

Seven Dane Asmund’s interpretation for the card has to do with hidden secrets and keeping up appearances. True to form, my mind goes straight to the Tao Te Ching comparing a wise person to a mirror.

This is yet another of those many life-nuggets I’ve read in the past that got stuck in my brain without a source reference because at the time I had no intention of using it in writing, but here we are again.

Essentially, the author was saying that a wise person doesn’t judge, a wise person doesn’t hold a grudge, a wise person doesn’t strive to give advice, but merely reflects life and people as they are and let’s nature take its course.

A mirror doesn’t care if we think what we see in it is beautiful or ugly. A mirror doesn’t care if the face you see in it is big or little, happy or sad, clean or dirty, wearing makeup or not. It. Just. Doesn’t. Care.

No matter what Bloody Mary or haunted object legends you may have heard, when you get down to the bald faced physics of it, a mirror cannot retain an image. Especially with modern manufacturing and materials.

A mirror is window into the present moment, and the present moment alone.

Go to a mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and thus look at yourself in the soul. Whatever you see there is coming from you. Whatever you FEEL about what you see there is coming from you too.

You might try to drag old regrets or future worries into that image that you see, but it doesn’t work. The mirror shows you the you of right now. And right now. And right now again.

Alan Watts famously said that “you are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.

Just look into a mirror. You are under no obligation to the mirror to be the same person you were one split moment ago. The person you see in the mirror in the next moment is up to you.

Mirrors don’t judge and mirrors don’t cling. Why should you?

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