Unreasonably Optimistic

It’s OK to be happy even if there is no good reason to be. You are allowed.

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Some days the morning card hits like that internet meme of Luke Skywalker accidentally stabbing himself in the eye with his own lightsaber.


Don’t want.

This was one of those days. First of all, I don’t like the color pink. I love me some Alleyman’s Tarot Deck but this Sun card is just way to cute and pink for one of these I overslept, haven’t brushed my hair, need more coffee and am hissing at the bright sunlight like a vampire movie refugee kind of mornings.

I’m tired. It’s been six weeks of extra hustle of one kind or another. The Supreme Court has set the world on a whole new kind of dumpster fire which in turn was the last straw that triggered my simmering plan to divorce my real world identity from a Tarot writing pen name. This is not the day for Happy the Alpaca to come hopping in.

Or is it?

Vacations need to be mental too.

Self-care is a big buzzword these days. It’s a good one as buzzwords go, because it is both a much needed and very effective idea. The Sun card is a reminder to take a break. It isn’t all spa days and mud masks.

Variety really is the spice of life. Doing something differently is important. If you are tired, rest. If you are stiff and sedentary, exercise. If you are hungry eat something nourishing. Or allow yourself a treat. Or both. If you are an extrovert, carve out some social time with your best besties. If you are an introvert, sleep in, drink coffee and hiss at the sunlight.

It is just as important to take time off from lines of thought, too. There is a certain value to twirling around in a snowbank singing a rousing chorus of “Let It Go.”

Yes, the world is on fire. Yes, we are morally compelled to do our part. No, the time off can’t last forever. But yes, absolutely, take a minute. Find something that makes you feel a little better for a little bit of time. Or a lot of time. If cute pink alpacas do that for you…fantastic! This pretty little card by Quynh Tran for the Alpaca Tarot and The Alleyman’s Tarot has you covered. Diversion of any kind disrupts the grind, shakes up the creative juices and freshens everything up for later on when you get back at it.

In other words, it ok to be optimistic, relaxed and happy for a little while for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

You, however, are my reason to be thankful. Thank you for reading and listening. I appreciate every read and listen. I appreciate every like, sub, follow, share, question or comment.

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See you at the next sip!

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