Opportunity in Slow

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Today’s card is the Hanged Man from the major arcana.

It’s the day after a holiday here in the U.S. and like usual that makes today feel like a Monday even though it isn’t. There is a certain “pause and pirouette” feel to the energies today. We are just now moving into full cultural summertime even if there are a couple of weeks to astrological summer. We are moving from dark moon into a waxing moon. The weather is moving from a bit spring chill into full sunny stinking putrid humid hot weather. It feels like a larger, energy zeitgeist sort of shift too.

The Hanged Man often talks about being stuck or stagnant. I don’t think that is quite the message. The other threads of meaning for the card aren’t a perfect fit either. Diane Morgan’s “fearless sacrifice” isn’t it today. The notion of changing perspective to move forward is close, but not entirely right either. It is more a message of “pause and reflect” with greater force and authority and urgency than you would see when this same message comes through the seven of pentacles.

Now may not be the time to jump in with both feet. Now is not the day to engage frenetic summer mode. It feels like this energy might be trying to point to summer as a whole, actually. Despite its somber origins, here in the U.S. Memorial Day is the de facto kickoff to summer and its usual push to get in as much recreation as humanly possible. Most years the first half of summer usually feels like that old surf song from the 60s Wipe Out. Today’s advice from the card feels more like a slow R&B groove like “That’s the Way Love Goes” by Janet Jackson, or maybe “Summertime and the Living is Easy” from Porgie and Bess or “Humanz” by Gorillaz. Lyrically, the Gorillaz song makes the most sense, especially the line about “Calling the world from isolation.” We’ve all been through a thing or two the past couple of years. You don’t go straight from being in a coma to running a four minute mile. Yeah, be outside, do stuff, mask up when you need to and wash your dang hands but be chill and ease back into life with kindness. Slow forward progress is still progress. Cool your jets, move forward with kindness to yourself and everyone else too. Slow down and THINK. We are being a chance to savor and contemplate life a little bit. Today is an opportunity in slow.

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