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TaoCraft Short Sip is Tarot for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee which is good if that is all the attention span we have on a … what day is it?

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Today’s card is the Chariot in reverse.

This is one of those times where changing a card’s meaning into its opposite like the old school Tarot readers and taking the reversal to mean blocked, turbulent or complicated energy both take you to pretty much the same place. Both speak to having decreased attention. No insult to goldfish and hamsters, but they shouldn’t fly supersonic aircraft.

Neither should humans, metaphorically speaking, when they are tired, sick or otherwise have no attention span to speak of. I’m not a pilot or flight surgeon so I can’t really say what the parameters for safe flying really are. Again it’s a metaphor. It’s an interesting, attention-getting way to talk about knowing your boundaries, knowing your limits and working with them intelligently.

Brace yourself for all of the Tom Wolfe, Right stuff analogies that I love to bring to Chariot card readings. The difference is that today’s energy isn’t about being in the moment, focus, pushing the envelope or hauling it back in.

Today’s energy is about being in no fit mind space to do any of that stuff.

No one can be one hundred percent one hundred percent of the time. It’s just not how the human species is hard wired. If you look at it from the cosmic perspective it is a wonder we have any attention span at all. It is a huge wonder that we exist at all much less pay full attention to that existence.

Instead of pushing the envelope, sometimes you need to reinforce it.

Or at the very least know where your envelope is.

Socrates advised to “know thyself.” Part of knowing thyself is knowing thine limits.

It might be upside down, but it is, after all, still the Chariot card. Pay attention but this time pay attention to your fork limit. Know when you are done. Pay attention to where and when you need to hand the command seat off to a co-pilot. Know when to bring things in for a landing.

Know when to push the envelope and know when to turn tail and run from it.

You are doing everyone a favor when you do that, really. Not only do you keep yourself in good working order to fly another day, you spare other people from cleaning up the mess of your crash site.

Take care of yourself. We need you. Together we are stronger.

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