*slides into chair with second cup of coffee*

Hello Sitters

We need to think of an insider nickname for y’all. My inner 12 year old still gets a kick out of that sort of thing. I’m a Browncoat, a Whovian and more recently a card carrying, fan-pack downloading Space Monkey (fan of the Oz 9 podcast, my friend David Dear is a cast member) What do you think? Sitters? Sippers? Think about it and let me know and we’ll all try to forget about the bubble gum pop stars that do the same thing – swifty bieberheads or whatever the kids call it nowadays.


I just wanted to slide back in and see what you thought about the turnover this weekend. How do you like the exercise so far?

I thought it might be fun to touch base with you a day or two later, give you any brainwaves that might have popped up when I saw the card and see what you think.

WordPress energy is way more of a publishing platform. There is a definite shift in tone towards a formal, professional, public presentation which is great. I want that for Tarot. I want it to have a full professional trustworthiness about it. 

But for us – you, me, the membership part of it all – I want this to be cozy and informal and a conversation. I want the ko-fi members blog to be a permanent AMAA – Ask Me Anything Anytime. If I don’t have a legit answer, I’ll happily spout a half-baked opinion for you instead….

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