Tarot Turnover for 4-2-22

Learn to read Tarot and build your intuition with a Tarot Table membership from TaoCraft Tarot on ko-fi

I’m putting some sauce on the Tarot Turnover and moving it to the members-only blog: it’s a lesson / tutorial instead of just a fun little exercise on the blog.

Tarot Turnovers are a mini-class with me any week you want to participate.

Here is how it works:

I’ll post a randomly selected card and it’s classic RWS (public domain) image along with a list of meanings, just like before BUT with the added feature of Q&A access for your intuition exercise. If you have any questions about what the card may mean for you or the process of reading it – just ask!

I called this tier of memberships the “Tarot Table” for a reason. The new “Turnover” feature lets us talk about the card around the table. I’ll give you the best guidance I have from 30 years experience reading Tarot cards.

The Tarot Table gives you a members-only three card “Path Through the Month” reading through ko-fi blog, a mid-month newsletter, members-only random special offers, plus a one-time private individual “Path Through the Year” Tarot reading by email when you join.

Join the discussion, build your intuition: this week’s Tarot Turnover is available now

Author: SageWordsTarot

I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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