Something wonderful this way came

Photo of my newest Tarot deck, and brief deck review. Rave review that is. It’s a modern day masterpiece for an ancient art.

If I were a violin player, this is like finding a discounted Stradivarius online and getting surprise bonus bows, rosin and music besides. This is a modern day masterpiece for an ancient art.

I felt a kinship on the first page. Years ago, I wrote on my decks as the alleyman claims to do with his in his notebook. Cards are just tools while the process and experience of getting and giving readings is almost a living, breathing, evolving thing.

Add favorite cards from my other decks – or take some out as the guide suggests? Change and collaborate both with an unknown to the creatore – “with the Alleyman’s blessing” – as part of the unspoken collective of Tarot readers and artists? Count me in. This is something special.

I don’t give cards away like the fictional Alleyman because I want – need – to protect and possess my tools, and build a relationship with them. This deck had my attention at first sight. The hood and fingerless gloves is a whole mood. The deck is easily coated with my energy. There is delicious mystique and aesthetic to be co-created here. This deck speaks succinct truths with many mouths. There is art and poetry afoot.

Rubber duckie Fool? There is joy in a good beginning.

There is probably more to say, but unboxing isn’t my jam. A thoughtful review is more up my alley. And this one requires some thinking.

Bravo, Seven Dane Asmund. Bravo.

Learn more about this artists’ work and the Alleyman’s Tarot at

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