Anarchy Ducks

Cue the Sex Pistols.

It doesn’t always look like it, but I do try and keep my ducks in a row as the saying goes. My ducks, it seems, are a bunch of rampant anarchists on meth.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’m going to keep making announcement posts every now and then. It helps me get organized and keep track of those overly caffeinated metaphoric ducks. Although I have to admit, it is better than it used to be.

In any case, here is the latest. I hope something of it will catch your interest. You are welcome at TaoCraft Tarot and among the Anarchy Ducks. I’m glad you are here.

So are the ducks.

March 2022

  • THANK YOU to all new social media followers and especially to new Tarot Table members
  • E-mail Tarot is still the fastest way to get a reading that contains the exact SAME things I would say to you if we met in person. Order 24/7 NO APPIONTMENT NEEDED
  • TaoCraft Tarot Table membership tier on K0-fi is $5 per month and gives you members only content including a 3 card “pathway through the month” Tarot reading in the ko-fi blog, newsletter (mid-month) and random special offers and giveaways.
  • IN-PERSON individual readings are BACK!! Scheduling by email at is fastest contact. Get the details HERE
  • Party Tarot is back on a very limited basis. Appearances will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis with a much smaller service area. Email is best contact for that, too.
  • I’ll be wearing a face mask for in-person sessions indoors, at least until the summer months.
  • The Clairvoyant Confessional podcast is fully changed over to the TaoCraft Tarot format. It’s pretty much an audio version of the blog, but after listening to some podcasts during road trips lately….podcasts are a good thing.
  • “Short Sip” blog-cast episodes are Tarot guidance for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. Weekend Tarot Turnover episodes let you exercise and develop your own intuition, with YouChoose Interactive Tarot, behind the scenes, and Q&A randomly sprinkled in.
  • Spiffed up the home page. What do you think?
  • Comments are OPEN. Ask me anything for an answer in the blogcast! (It’s moderated and spam will still be obliterated in a flash of hellfire – so don’t worry. It’s all still good energies here.)

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