Weekend Tarot Turnover: Love it

TaoCraft weekend Tarot Turnovers is an intuition building exercise that turns our usual Tarot readings upside down. I sip the coffee while you interpret the card. Learn Tarot with TaoCraft!

Today we are turning our usual Tarot posts upside down. I sip the coffee and you interpret the card. It’s not that I’m lazy. Well, actually, I kinda am. But that’s not the point. Reading Tarot is like any skill, it takes practice. It takes some time and slowly working it through for yourself. That’s what these Tarot Turnovers are intended to do. It gives you a chance to flex your intuitive muscles in a no-big-deal, safe, low key way. It’s hard to learn to read cards when you are upset or in the middle of a problem or need guidance for whatever reason.

That’s where a daily one card meditation practice like we do here on weekday or as they are described in my e-book PeaceTarot. The ebook teaches you how to do daily practice card readings plus provides peacefulness themed interpretations for all 78 RWS style Tarot cards. If you practice on days when you are calm and everything is normal, it is easy and natural to reach for your cards on the days when things are far from calm and normal.

Speaking of far from normal, prompted by world events, all proceeds from TaoCraft Tarot ko-fi shop sales of my ebook PeaceTarot will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, USA until the end of 2022. I’ve already donated myself, but with your help we can do more. Doctors Without Borders has a four star rating on charity navigator.

Back to the card. I drew a card from a random cut after shuffling three times. I’ll list a variety of possible interpretations for the card inspired by old blog posts and favorite references plus my card interpretation from PeaceTarot. Can you spot it in the list?

Take a deep breath. Read through the list of meanings below the card and see which one rings most true for you? Which one feels most right to you? Which one applies best to your individual context and situation? Does something else entirely spring to mind? If so – go with that. Your personal interpretation is the best one for you.

  • Fear and anger can come from frustrated desire. If you are afraid or angry, stop and think. What do you really want and is it really threatened?
  • Finding your true love in life – romantic or otherwise.
  • (if reversed) Your answer may lie in repressed desires.
  • Love lifts you up and heals many things, both in the receiving and the giving.
  • Love life and true love will find you.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Lust and sexuality.
  • “Even if you don’t want to desire, you still desire not to desire” – Alan Watts

So which one did you pick and why? Does the card raise any questions? Blog and and social media comments are open! Spotify and Anchor FM podcast listeners can submit questions and comments through the “ask a question” section. Podcast people – if it is hard to choose a meaning just by listening, drop by the print blog to see the bulleted list. That might make it easier to choose.

Thank you so much for reading and listening. The blogcast is not monetized and is entirely audience supported. Any likes, subs, shares, follows, tarot reading orders or Tarot Table Memberships you can spare are always appreciated!

Weekend Tarot Turnover intuition building exercises like this one typically post once per week, usually on Saturdays – hence the name. TaoCraft Short Sip Tarot nano episodes post most weekdays, usually mid morning eastern time. Short Sips are Tarot guidance for your day in the time it takes to sip from your coffee. YouChoose Interactive Tarot posts are totally random but post a few times per month. Question and answer posts or other topical episodes give you a behind the scenes look at my side of the Tarot Table. They are even more random. If you follow the blog you’ll all the TaoCraft Tarot content from every platform right in your inbox.

See you at the next sip!

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