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TaoCraft Tarot Weekend Tarot Turnovers are a unique intuition building exercise that can help you learn to read Tarot cards with more depth and meaning than a “little white book”

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Hi and welcome to the weekend Tarot turnover. This is a fun little intuition building exercise where we turn our usual weekday Short Sip Tarot readings upside down. This time, I sip the coffee and you read the Tarot card.

It works just like a “YouChoose Interactive Tarot Reading” that we usually do on Sundays or Mondays. It’ll be Monday this week by the way. But in any case, read or listen to the list of potential interpretations to the card and use your pure, raw intuition to pick the one that is right for you. There is nothing else for it. Muscles only get stronger when you use them. Same for neurons, brain elasticity and all of that. I count intuition as one of those use responsive varieties of brain function, but that’s just me.

So follow your gut. Go with the meaning you know in your bones to be the right one. But more importantly, if the card sparks a different idea – go with that. If it brings a personal experience or memory to mind, pay attention to that. If it triggers the memory of a song or movie or tv show, that its a legit meaning too. Use the ideas and memories the card triggers to find a message or meaning unique to you. You are welcome to use the best of both. Combine old accepted meanings along with your own spontaneous brainwaves to find your meditation message for today.

Today’s Card is the Four of Pentacles. Different decks have different names for this suit. Pentacles, coins, disks, orbs, it all has the same root meanings and associations. As far as elements go, these cards are associated with the classical element of earth. As far as how they relate to life as a whole, I think of them as connecting to our relationship to the physical world – or more traditionally as symbolizing wealth, money and career. Four has a variety of meanings. My attention is drawn to numerology and also Chinese superstitions about the number four being bad luck because it sounds like…but HA! I’m going to let YOU research it if that idea is talking to you because this is supposed to exercise your intuition while I stand over here drinking coffee like baby Yoda sipping soupy soup out of his cuppy cup. Here we go. Four of Pentacles:

  • Stability
  • protecting something
  • secret treasure
  • hoarding or being a miser
  • careful saving
  • setting and enforcing boundaries
  • stubbornness
  • self reliance

What do you think? Feel free to comment about the meaning you chose or ask any questions about the card or meanings. Have fun!

Thanks for reading and listening! Your likes, subs, shares, follows, buy me a coffee donations, Tarot Table memberships and email Tarot readings purchased through this website purchases all support this unique Tarot learning content.

See you at the next sip…or in this case, the next YouChoose Tarot reading.

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