The How of Choosing: 3 hours later

*French accented Spongebob scuba diver voice*

I swear …honest…I was right exactly now years old when I learned that today, Imbolc, is associated with seed planting.

So all the stuff in that reading earlier today about the six of pentacles and planting seeds is….

…pure coincidence.

But it’s still fun when those little coincidences happen. I don’t know if the day is validating the card’s message for any of the Tarot Table members (it was part of the ‘path through the month’ reading) Or if the card was validating my little discovery about Imbolc.

Growing up in the river valley with the evangelicals, February 1 was pretty much just two days before groundhog day.

My Grandmother from the other side of the family lived in the mountains and was the closest thing to witchy in our family until my black sheep-ness came along. She was Methodist, and February 1 = candlemas = candles. Nobody was seeding or planting anything where she lived yet. It’s colder, and the growing season is more like someplace farther north because of the elevation. (TRIVIA TIME! Did you know that one of the most southern places that you can find Canadian tundra species like teaberries is in Dolly Sods WV?) I don’t even remember her starting indoor seeds for transplanting outdoors until mid February. So yeah, I really didn’t know about seeds and Imbolc/Candlemas until *checks watch* ….right now.

Imma take a hint just the same. Maybe this is the year to start some seeds for those back yard flower planters I’ve been ignoring…or at least sprinkle some sesame seeds on those noodles I was thinking about having for supper.

Happy Candlemas, Imbolc, Lunar New Year or just plain two days before Groundhog Day!

meh, close enough (public domain)

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