New Year, New Stuff

Happy Year of the Tiger & Happy new podcast!

Happy year of the tiger 2022!

The year is full of new ones, depending on which calendar you use. I like the lunar one because fish and noodles and sticky rice balls oh my!

As I understand it, one of the many marvelous traditions surrounding the lunar new year (in addition to the food) is that you clean the house before the new year to symbolically sweep out old negativity and misfortune After that, you don’t sweep or clean for the first days of the new year so you don’t accidentally brush away any new and good luck coming in. Any excuse to skip housework for a few days is good fortune in my book. It’s out with the old, in the new. I wonder if it works for podcasts.

I loved doing the Menage A Tarot podcast with David and Kate. After its seemingly permanent hiatus and my rebranding from Modern Oracle to TaoCraft Tarot was finally done, “Clairvoyant Confessional” dropped into my lap as an idea for a new podcast. I don’t have the skill or the software to do it myself, so when the WordPress & Anchor FM connection launched, I jumped at the chance to bring “Confessional” into reality.

But, as it turned out, making a good monologue driven podcast with a pirate radio, Delilah after dark sort of feel was harder than I thought it would be, even with these super easy to use tools. And, as it also turns out, monologuing like a super villain isn’t as much fun as you might think. It gets really old really fast.

In keeping with lunar new year, I’m sweeping out the old style podcast once and for all. Yesterday was one last confessional pirate radio monologue before going full cyberpunk and letting Siri’s second cousin Remy do the talking because dammit Jim, I’m a writer not a narrator and can make very long complex sentences like this one.

Rather than chasing a nifty idea with mediocre execution, I want to give you the best of me and my actual clairvoyance by changing – not ending – the podcast. The podcast will be the audio edition of the blog, which includes short sip (almost) daily Tarot, You Choose Interactive Tarot, and bigger reads like the upcoming Oracle’s Toolkit series. And, if any of you can work up the courage to submit a question through the blog comments or social media, I’ll answer your question in the blog and podcast. Instead of “I have a confession” this could be a “Real Tarot for Real People” kind of blog and podcast. Ask me anything. I’ll post some sort of answer, maybe even one with a Tarot card or two or a few.

You can listen to the final confession HERE

Thank you to everyone reading or listening. I appreciate you and I’m glad you are here.

I also appreciate any likes, subs, shares, follows, or Tarot Table memberships you can spare. Your support through the purchase of private Tarot readings and the “buy me a coffee link” goes toward the creation of this free-for-everyone Tarot content.

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