Elfcon 2021

Holiday Elf-ing around here is about to hit def-con 1. Truth be told, I love all the baking and making and knitting and cinnamon everything.

E-mail readings will be OPEN all season long. It might take me a little longer to get the reading to you depending on what’s in the oven and what the fam needs.

Social media will be taking a back seat however. Call it a meatspace sabbatical. The general plan is to do blog-exclusive “Sunday Turnover” intuition exercise Tarot readings on Sundays, YouChoose Interactive Tarot on Monday’s (if you follow the blog, it works great as a week-ahead reading when you read it same-day) then have Short Sip Tarot post the rest of the time. I also plan to have more blog-only content during the holidays. I’m reviving my personal blog “Stuff” and will re-post some of that here as an act of elf care and elf preservation as I try to get this stuff knit on time.

Email is still the best and quickest way to contact me to get more information and check scheduling for live online readings.

PLEASE feel free to comment or send questions for the podcast. Even though it is mostly the Short Sip Tarot readings, I’ll still be doing confessional episodes and will do Q&A episodes IF you all submit a question, that is.

.Too late to knit something? Gift Certificates for an email Tarot Reading are available HERE

Happy Thanksgiving to USA folks celebrating this week. Merry Happy everything to all!

Elfcon 1 – engage

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