Confession #8: It’s October


 Confession #8: It’s October

I’m a clairvoyant and I have a confession: It’s October


My name is Ronda. I read Tarot, write stuff and make things.

It’s October, 2021 right now. Count me among the zillion and one witchy tarot readers who love this time of year, cinnamon spice and all. 

This October is the third anniversary of rebranding my work from Modern Oracle Tarot to TaoCraft Tarot. It seems like this is the time of year for re-naming things. 

You can talk about thinning veils and shifting energies all you want. All I know is that October has always been a creative inspiration for me. This year, autumn and the internet has treated me to a whole basket full of new tools. This year, instead of one big name change, I have a little one and a whole grocery list of small tweeks and innovations.

Have you ever heard of wabi sabi or kintsuki? I hope I’m pronouncing those correctly – I don’t speak Japanese. As I understand it, wabi sabi is a way of looking at life that accepts or even celebrates imperfection and impermanence. Part of that is the art of kintsuki. Instead of making something “good as new” it elevates the act of repair and the process of preservation and accents the broken places with precious metals. In this episode, I’m splashing some gold on cracks in the confessional walls. There is wonderful freedom that comes from accepting  imperfections yourself – and everyone else too. 


I know I’m not technically proficient as a podcaster. As a point of unpaid admiration, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the fact that anchor fm is incredibly easy to use and has seamless text to speech conversion from wordpress. Even with tools like these, I knew coming into it that this podcast wasn’t going to be perfect.  

What I didn’t know was how much work the vocal performance was going to be. And yes, as if you couldn’t tell, this is a scripted performance. Dammit jim, I’m a writer not an improve actor. If I don’t get my thoughts organized before recording, I would sound like a babbling idiot instead of the pirate radio dj  persona I’d hoped to create.

BUT  I am just evil-villain enough to not give up on the idea quite yet. 

Instead, I’m changing up the format a little bit. Not the name, because I’m still hoping you all will finally confess that you like psychics and will send me some questions for Tarot readings. Those episodes will always be personally recorded, no script, no plan, just me and my cards and a microphone recording a Tarot reading for you. 

In those episodes that you would hear if you were sitting across the table from me. So be brave! Send some questions, let’s make some magic together.

The thing that’s changing is I’m not going to do very many of these monolog episodes 

Cheer effect

Instead, I’ll be posting a metric ton of what I’m calling “nano-episodes” under the episode title “A Sip of Tarot.”  These will be one card meditation readings the same as I’ve always done on the blog and have recently added to youtube shorts. I expect they will last a minute or so…juuuuust long enough to take a slow, thoughtful sip of your morning coffee. These meditation style readings are just that…a thought to ponder for your day, your night, your weekend – whenever you happen to listen to podcasts. 

For example….

Hear that? That’s me actually shuffling actual Tarot cards as I record this. THAT’s what a question episode will sound like.

Now let’s cut the cards at random and grab a card from the middle-ish somewhere of the deck. 

Today we have….

One card reading (please listen to the episode to hear the card reading)

That’s what the sip of tarot episodes will generally be like, except they will be automated text to voice because dammit jim, i’m a writer not a voice actor 

For the record, I’m leaving voice acting to the real talent in this world, you know, like David Dear of Ninth World Journal – 

Why YES, yes I am shamelessly fangirling for one of my favorite podcasts  – outside of this one. 

I have lots of other things up my sleeve for October, but they are all blog related. 

If you like to listen to things, you are in the right place because most of the blog content will be echoed here.  If you like to read too, come over to the print side sometime. We have Zombie Cats!

Stay tuned. We start sipping some Tarot tomorrow. 

Short dimension

The music you hear is Dimension by the Pittsburgh band Dinosoul, all copyrights reserved, used here with permission. The applause sound effect is courtesy of free stock music .com

 See you next time in the Clairvoyant’s Confessional

Long dimension

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