I’d like to announce -it’s October.

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I’m saving the best – or what I think is the best – tidbit for Halloween. But for now, here is a few other era-of-the-equinox, slow-roll-out things I’d like to share.

This month is the third anniversary of re-branding from Modern Oracle to TaoCraft Tarot. It seems to be the time of year to rename things. October always has been a magickal, creative, energetic time of year here. Over time I’ve learned not to question why, but just roll with it. It is a good time of year for things to change: leaves, postings, podcasts – you name it.

Three things:

The “Today’s Tarot” short format daily one card readings are re-titled “A Sip of Tarot” because that is about all they are, a little sip of tea (or coffee) sized touch of Tarot to start your day.

I’m spilling that tea (or coffee) all over the place. After being on Menage A Tarot with David and Kate, following a variety of podcasts over the past couple of years (Ninth World Journal is still top of my list) and creating Clairvoyant Confessional solo – I’ve come to appreciate audio communication more than ever before. “A Sip of Tarot” will be here on the blog, on YouTube Shorts, on the Clarivoyant Confessional podcast, and on the ko-fi public blog.

Speaking of ko-fi, THAT is the biggie announcement for tonight. “A Seat at the Tarot Table” Memebership is now open. Members on Ko-fi get a “seat at the tarot table” which includes a members-only monthly tarot reading (similar to the year-ahead layout only focused on a single month) AND a private year-ahead reading by email at no extra charge when you join. I’ve packed up all the cutesy pants special offers and moved them over there. From now on any special offers and giveaways are off of social medial and only on the tarot table in ko-fi memeberships.

It may be October but one thing is NOT changing: You are already at THE place to get it all. Follow this blog and you’ll get it all of the free Tarot that you get now: Sip of Tarot, YouChoose Interactive Tarot, plus print-only posts that won’t appear anywhere else. Links to new membership posts will be here too along with all of the podcast transcripts.

OK – business is out of the way. Now go enjoy your October Friday.

Here is some thing to get the party started: updated the TaoCraft Halloween playlist on Spotify for 2021. Enjoy!

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