Clairvoyant Confessional Season 2 starts soon


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I’m Ronda. I read Tarot, write stuff and make things.

I’m also a clairvoyant, and I have a confession.

I didn’t learn a darn thing about making podcasts over the break.

So you are stuck with the super villain style monologue unless and until you send in some questions or comments. The contact information is in all of the episode descriptions. Ask anything. Who knows? You might get a Zombie Cat Tarot Reading in an upcoming episode. What is Zombie Cat Tarot you ask? Stay tuned to the Clairvoyant Confessional podcast to hear more. Send your questions for the Clairvoyant to

Take a listen to season one on Spotify, Anchor FM, sketcher and googlepodcasts

Author: SageWordsTarot

I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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